Saturday, January 17, 2015

...So I'm Freaking Out

So, the last 39 Clues book, EVER (*cries for ten years*) is being written by Sarwat Chaddah. And I'm terrified. I just found this blog post written by him online.

Guys. Someone is going to die. Probably more than one someone. Honestly, I think that out of the main five characters, (Amy, Dan, Ian, Hamilton, and Jonah) we'll be lucky to have two or three survive. I can't handle that!!! Okay, I honestly don't care about Dan too much. And Amy isn't my favorite, although I don't want her to die because of the emotional havoc that it would wreak on Ian. (Plus, I want them together DESPERATELY!) But I love my three boys!! Ian, Hamilton, and Jonah are my three favorite characters. I love them so much, each in their own individual way. If they die, I just don't know what I'm going to do.

I'm also worried about Fiske, Nellie, and Sammy. I was honestly shocked that Fiske made it through series three, so I think we're going to lose him this series. I also think that something is going to happen with Nellie and Sammy. Either Sammy will be working with the Outcast, since the Outcast is an Ekat, or one (or both) of them will die.

I'm just really worried about this last series. I feel like it has really evolved from a children's series to a YA series, and we all know how those go down. I kind of wish that the final book was being written by someone that we're more familiar with, who's written for the 39C before. It would be a bit less scary.

 I just think everyone is going to die, and I don't know how I can handle it.


  1. Don't let the Starlings die pleeeeease! Or Jake and Atticus I love them both so much :(
    As brothers I think they're adorable together.
    And not Hamilton. I've always loved the Holts.
    And Amy! Don't let Amy die!!!

    I kind of want a new girl to come in for Ian, and then Cara will die. That sounds really Dod, but if someone has to die it just can't be any of my characters above.

    1. I know! I don't want any of them to die!

      That works fine for me. Ian just needs to be happy. AND ALIVE

    2. I honestly don't think they'd kill Ian because Isabel and Natalie have both died and they need a Lucian somewhere in the mix. And besides, I rarely come across Ian-haters.

      I think the people that are in the most jeopardy are:

      Atticus: because everyone loves him and lets face it, he isn't all that tough physically speaking.

      Jake: he's Amy's boyfriend, and those tend to kind of die… Plus, I'm one of the only ones who likes him.

      Fiske: it would be pretty heart-breaking for Grace's brother to die, and he is pretty old as you mentioned in your other post.

      A Starling brother: if they come back they might kill them off because there are two of them and that would wreak emotional havoc on Sinead (that would wreak emotional havoc on me too, but the authors don't really seem to care about that)

      Saladin: he's in so much DANGER!

      Dan??: Amy has been inches from death too many times at this point. I don't know if they'd do something that dramatic, but if it was one out of the two I think it'd be Dan.

      Who do you think it might be?

    3. They'd better not. I. Would. Die.

      I'm VERY worried about Att...

      Jake is also probable. How to solve a love triangle- kill off a guy! Brilliant! -_-


      I hadn't thought about it, but now I really wouldn't be surprised if a Starling dies. There goes my heart...


      Dan also is very probable. Gosh, so many possibilities,

      I'm really not sure. I agree with all of your options, and I would also add Jonah or Ham. I feel like they won't both make it out...

    4. Yeah I thought that about Jonah and Ham too I just don't know which one it'll be ):

      Every time I hear someone wanting Jake to die I'm like, "No! Shhhh! Don't let the authors hear you!"

      So sad to think that they might kill a Starling brother just because there are two of them… Or Sinead!! I would die.

    5. That kills me...

      Haha! Don't speak!!

      Gosh, that is depressing...