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Daily Quote

~The Viper's Nest



(credit to whoever made this, it wasn't me)

This...just... XD I was laughing so hard. I love it. "I will sink your ships and make you cry." 

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Quote Time!




(not my post)


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~The Black Circle

Jonah Logic..


This is basically first-series Jonah in a nutshell. Found this online and just had to share!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Time For A Quote!

~Irina Spasky, Beyond The Grave

I love this quote. Irina is such a great character. Jude Watson developed her so beautifully.

Also, I just have to say- in Mission Titanic, everyone is saying how Grace was really evil. If Grace were evil, surely Irina wouldn't think of her as being so kind? If she were evil, she wouldn't have been kind to Irina, would she?

Amian Fans


I found this online and thought that it was perfect!!! Whoever made this, I love you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

For The Jamys...

~The Dead of Night

I figured since I posted an Amian quote yesterday, that I'd do a Jamy quote today. :) Hope that you Jamys enjoy!


(From Pinterest)

..this is so true

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Quote of The Day!!

~The Sword Thief

I had to post this. It's one of my favorite passages of the series. *sigh* I'm sorry, but I really miss Amian. :/

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A Daily Quote!

~The Outcast, Mission Titanic

This is one of the pieces of evidence I have that Nathaniel Hartford is The Outcast. "So I proved that I was. I had to wait until you were dead to prove it again." The first time could have been when Nathaniel filed for divorce. Just a theory, but it's what I think happened. What do you think?

By the way, I feel horrible that my MT post hasn't come out yet. It's seriously the longest post I have ever written for this blog, it's crazy. And my life is also crazy right now, so I have no idea when it will be out. I'm so sorry. I will continue to try!

Grace Anne


(Found on Pinterest)

HECK TO THE NO!!! YOU DO NOT GO THERE!!! THIS IS HORRIBLE!!!! YOU MONSTER!!! My sister actually said something along these lines once, and I just glared at her.....YOU DON'T DO THAT

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Cahills Watching Television

So, if you read my other blog, then you know that I really love Dancing With The Stars. And I was thinking about how the Cahill's would react to seeing it....

Amy (Old Amy, at least): "Oh my gosh, that waltz is so beautiful! Dan, stop shouting and watch this!"

Dan: "Booooooring. It's just a bunch of old people dancing around the room." "Dan, they're like, twenty five!" "Exactly!"

Ian: Would pretend not to be interested, but then soon would become engrossed in it. "These Americans are ridiculous, but I do like that judge chap Len Goodman. Now HE is the only sane one on this show." ......."Straighten your legs!! Man, hold your bloody frame!! No, not like THAT!" *grabs Amy and starts waltzing her around with 'proper frame'. Realizes what he did and promptly stops and sits back down hurriedly.*

Natalie: "Goodness! LOOK at her outfit! It's frightful! Darling, that is not your color."

Jonah: "These dudes got swag! Da Wiz could show them a few moves though. I think I'll talk to those producers. We'll do lunch."

Nellie: *sigh* "This is what happens when we lose cable. Food Network, come back to me!"

Hamilton: "Hey, those lifts are cool.." *grabs Natalie* "Hey Nat, let's try this!" "AGH!!!" *throws Natalie into the ceiling*

Sinead: "I'm sure that I could make this show ten times more energy efficient. Jonah, get them on the phone for me!"

Cara: "I bet that they rig the voting systems. There is NO. WAY. that they should have been eliminated!!!"

Fiske: "These people need lives." -_-

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I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!

(Got this from Pinterest)

AGH!!! THIS JUST MADE MY LIFE!! I KNEW IT!!!! I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!!!!! I KNEW HE DIDN'T TRY TO KILL HER!!!! Everyone is always like, "oh, but he tried to kill her, that's awful." BUT HE DIDN'T!!!!! HE DIDN'T TRY TO KILL HER!!! :D :D :D :D :D

A Quote!

~Isabel Kabra, In Too Deep

Hahaha, that's an understatement...

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Love it...

(The wonderful things I find on Pinterest)

(Doing this instead of a quote today)

A million times YES. This is so funny! I really ship him with happiness though. Although Amy and happiness go together for him ;)

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Story Time...

Come on everyone, gather round. It's story time!

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Grace Anne. And Grace Anne was an insane fangirl who ran a blog. But she was also...dun dun dun. A theatre kid.

And everyone knows that theatre kids have no spare time. Spare time? What's that? So, since Grace Anne ran a blog but had no time, she thought, "I know! I'll schedule these posts waaaaay ahead of time, and then I won't have to stress! I won't even have to log onto Blogger for these next few busy days."

Theatre kids obviously don't think about the fact that they are technologically challenged.

So, Grace Anne innocently scheduled her posts, and then went on with her busy life. What she didn't realize was that the evil Technology Demons stopped her posts from going out. And so one day, she logs back on and sees that she hasn't done a quote in four days.

Grace Anne was none too pleased.

So, she then wrote a post explaining all of this to her lovely blog readers, and promised that her quotes would resume the next day, after she had regained a tiny bit of sanity.

And she lived happily ever after! (Until the next tech issue).

The End

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fan Thoughts

Hey everyone! So, I was looking through the screenshots on my tablet, and I found a bunch of fan posts that I saved but never shared with you all. (If I already posted something before, please forgive me. I kind of have a horrible memory. ;) )

Disclaimer- None of these theories/posts are mine, they're just things I found that I liked or wanted to share.

Okay, first off, Jamys, sorry about this. I know that this is a bit offensive to anyone who ships Jamy. But I just thought that the crazy fangirl's idea of the author's thought process was kind of funny. Sorry Jamys!

Now, I'm an Amian, but I disagree with the thought process in this post. First off, I mean, first come first serve? No. I'm sorry, but she's a human being. This isn't finders keepers. Ditto to the second point.
Point 3, I agree that he has been a jerk for quite a few of the books. But he also does seem to care about Amy.
Point 4, I agree, but I wouldn't have exactly worded it like that. I actually have a post coming later about why he didn't actually betray her in the cave, so stay tuned for that post.
Point 5, yes, he did fly the ocean to help Amy. And yeah, I liked that. But it really wasn't for Amy. It was for Natalie. That really bugs me about Amians. Amy wasn't the most important person in Ian's life, Natalie was. (click here for more on that.)
Point 6, I really find to be irrelevant. I mean yeah, he's not like his mom, but does that really have any bearing on the shipping argument? No.
Point 7 is, in my opinion, the most valid. That will always bother me.

First off, EVAN WAS NOT A VESPER! Ugh. I admit at the time, the thought that he could be a Vesper did cross my mind, but I never thought it to be a reason for Amian.
I do agree that Ian had a major crush on Amy. I don't think he feels that way anymore though. :( That is what I loved about Amian though- Ian was his good self when he was crushing on her.
As far as the Jake/Amy age thing, I really don't know. Is he too old, in your opinion?

I feel like I might have posted this one before, but oh well. I'm going to post it again. :P 
One of my pet peeves is when people blame Ian for the demise of Amian. He tried. He tried so hard. and she just rejected him time and time again. That scene in Breakaway killed me. But at the same time, I felt like it really showed how much he understood her, more than most people. He knows what it's like to have loved ones die. He knew how much stress she was under. And so he tried to help. so I really loved that scene.
And when she sent him away, he went. He was very upset by it, but he did what she asked, because he respected her. That is one of my biggest problems with Jake. I don't feel like he has enough respect for Amy. And I'm not just saying that because I'm an Amian. If Jake was a great guy who really respected Amy, then I would be okay with it. But I just don't feel like he does. It's really not so much that I'm dead-set on Amy and Ian being together. I just want them to be with someone who's right for them, and I don't feel like Amy and Jake are right.

So yeah, I just found these and wanted to share. Thanks for reading, and if you have something to say, comment below! :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Quote A Day!

~Fiske Cahill, Day of Doom

Ian...Not The Brightest Star In The Sky

(Got this from Pinterest...)

Haha, YES! This is so funny. Ian, you're just NOW realizing this?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Instead of a Quote..

Hey everyone! Happy Easter! Instead of a quote today, I wanted to show you something. :)


 I had to. I. Had. To.

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~Into The Gauntlet

Ah, classic Holt...

A Funny Amian

(Not my image or post)

Hahahaha, yes!!! It's so funny. I love his denial at the beginning when he realized that he liked her. So cute!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Today's Quote- With Yet Another Parallel

~Mission Titanic

But Wait!!!!!

Did anyone else notice that that sounds.....familiar? Like something else we've heard before? Book 6, perhaps? Which, coincidentally, is another Jude Watson book?

*flips to page 38 in In Too Deep*

 ~Irina Spasky

Jude Watson, I love you.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Why I Hate DOD

(Not my image)

This makes me so mad....It's just horrible. How could Amy DO that to him? He just tried to help her, and she cheated on him and didn't seem to really care when he died. Sure, there were some moments when she became emotional about it, but overall? She didn't show nearly enough emotion for a girl who just watched her first boyfriend die. It makes me so mad....

Time For A Quote!

~The Sword Thief

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Quote For Today

~Storm Warning

April Fool's!

Really though, just imagine the Cahills on April Fool's Day. I feel like Dan and Hamilton would be going around pranking everyone possible, especially Ian.

Just think about it-

  • Dan telling Ian that tea is no longer being sold in America, and watching Ian lose it, then frantically search the internet for bulk tea shipments.
  • Dan and Hamilton convincing an entire group of people to pretend they have no idea who Jonah is, and Jonah doing everything he can to try and get the people to recognize him.
  • Hamilton mixing up Nellie's cooking supplies and laughing at her panic after he swaps the baking powder with baking soda and the sugar with the salt.
  • Dan switching Ian and Jake's contacts in Amy's phone, and watching the chaos ensue.
  • The boys using a voice-changing app to call Ian pretending to be Cara
  • Ian deciding that he wants to get in on this "bloody fooling business" and creating huge, complex maps and charts to decide the best prank to do to Jake. Because a Kabra never does things the simple way.
  • Hamilton re-covering all of Amy's favorite books so that it takes her ages to find the right one.
  • Cara thinking that it would be fun to prank Ian, but actually driving him to the brink of insanity.
  • Everyone trying to play pranks on Sinead, but always failing because she figured them out ahead of time. 

But really. You know it would happen.