Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fan Thoughts

Hey everyone! So, I was looking through the screenshots on my tablet, and I found a bunch of fan posts that I saved but never shared with you all. (If I already posted something before, please forgive me. I kind of have a horrible memory. ;) )

Disclaimer- None of these theories/posts are mine, they're just things I found that I liked or wanted to share.

Okay, first off, Jamys, sorry about this. I know that this is a bit offensive to anyone who ships Jamy. But I just thought that the crazy fangirl's idea of the author's thought process was kind of funny. Sorry Jamys!

Now, I'm an Amian, but I disagree with the thought process in this post. First off, I mean, first come first serve? No. I'm sorry, but she's a human being. This isn't finders keepers. Ditto to the second point.
Point 3, I agree that he has been a jerk for quite a few of the books. But he also does seem to care about Amy.
Point 4, I agree, but I wouldn't have exactly worded it like that. I actually have a post coming later about why he didn't actually betray her in the cave, so stay tuned for that post.
Point 5, yes, he did fly the ocean to help Amy. And yeah, I liked that. But it really wasn't for Amy. It was for Natalie. That really bugs me about Amians. Amy wasn't the most important person in Ian's life, Natalie was. (click here for more on that.)
Point 6, I really find to be irrelevant. I mean yeah, he's not like his mom, but does that really have any bearing on the shipping argument? No.
Point 7 is, in my opinion, the most valid. That will always bother me.

First off, EVAN WAS NOT A VESPER! Ugh. I admit at the time, the thought that he could be a Vesper did cross my mind, but I never thought it to be a reason for Amian.
I do agree that Ian had a major crush on Amy. I don't think he feels that way anymore though. :( That is what I loved about Amian though- Ian was his good self when he was crushing on her.
As far as the Jake/Amy age thing, I really don't know. Is he too old, in your opinion?

I feel like I might have posted this one before, but oh well. I'm going to post it again. :P 
One of my pet peeves is when people blame Ian for the demise of Amian. He tried. He tried so hard. and she just rejected him time and time again. That scene in Breakaway killed me. But at the same time, I felt like it really showed how much he understood her, more than most people. He knows what it's like to have loved ones die. He knew how much stress she was under. And so he tried to help. so I really loved that scene.
And when she sent him away, he went. He was very upset by it, but he did what she asked, because he respected her. That is one of my biggest problems with Jake. I don't feel like he has enough respect for Amy. And I'm not just saying that because I'm an Amian. If Jake was a great guy who really respected Amy, then I would be okay with it. But I just don't feel like he does. It's really not so much that I'm dead-set on Amy and Ian being together. I just want them to be with someone who's right for them, and I don't feel like Amy and Jake are right.

So yeah, I just found these and wanted to share. Thanks for reading, and if you have something to say, comment below! :)


  1. My opinions:

    1. I've seen this one before and while I don't really agree with them I like the way they write too. Its funny, and its actually not as bad as some posts in the way that they're bashing on Jamy. Some people need some serious filters…

    2. This one bugs me. A lot. People talk about how they want people to respect Amy but then they say "First come, first serve." What? And the way they worded the last one bugged me too. Jake and Amy got off to a bad start, so I think its okay for Jake to try to make up for that. Making someone laugh isn't a crime. I don't know, maybe its just the way it was written.

    3. Yeah, I never thought Evan was a Vesper either. He just didn't seem to fit the description. I personally don't mind that Jake is older than Amy (well, I am a little biased, but it never bothered me, even when I wasn't a jamy). I think a four year difference is the limit.

    4. I don't blame Ian, I don't blame Amy. Mostly because I honestly don't think Ian cares about Amy the same way anymore (sorry! Just my opinion). There's a two year gap between the hunt and the CvV. In that amount of time, most of their feelings for each other have probably decreased to just being really close friends.

    I get what you're saying about Jake and respecting Amy. He wants to help them, yeah, but he could try to sympathize with her a little more. But in Breakaway he tells Amy he's not doing what he's doing for her. He probably said that because he knew Amy felt guilty about Evan and what might happen to Jake or Atticus. I mean, he HAD to have noticed how guilty she felt. She freakin' shattered a TV screen. So even though he wanted to protect her, he wanted her to know that so she wouldn't feel guilty if something happened to him.

    I try to keep my comments short, but I don't have anyone to talk to about 39C stuff, so I kind of spew opinions on the series here… Sorry this is so long.

  2. 1. Haha yeah, that one cracks me up...

    2. This one bugs me, too. It may just be the wording, but UGH. I'm not Jamy and I still hate it.

    3. No, he really didn't. I think the age difference is kind of borderline...

    4. Yeah, a lot of the feelings are gone by now, unfortunately. I blame Amy a *teensy* bit, but at the same time I understand why she made the decisions that she did.

    Yeah, I totally get that. I just really like relationships where the guys is very sweet/respectful of the girl and I feel like Jamy kind of lacks that.

    Haha, it's fine! I love seeing comments:)

    1. 2. The whole thing just makes me angry… Like Amy meets this one kid in first grade and he gives her a flower or something. If we're looking at this through the author's perspective, now this one nameless kid is the only one thats allowed to date Amy. Sorry Jake and Ian! You guys are a few years too late!

      3. It depends on their maturity level, I guess. Amy acts more mature than other six/seventeen-year-old girls, so I don't think its a big deal.

      I think Amy and Jake have made their relationship better after Flashpoint now that they *trust each other* (*Amy's words, not mine*). It didn't say how they got back together, but I'm thinking that Jake respects her more now.

    2. 2. And they called the hunt a "game". I'm sorry but I don't think racing from country to country solving crazy codes and evading cheating relatives who could very well kill you is a very fun game. That got under my skin...

    3. 2. Yes. Just yes.

      3. Yeah, that's a good point..

      Hmm, that's true. I sure hope so.

      YES! UGH! It. Is. Not. A. Game.

  3. I totally agree! With one small thing to add: I believe it is also Amy's fault that Ian and she are not making any progress. I mean, okay, Jake helps too, but we have saw what Amy does to guys (cough-EVAN-cough). I believe that, no matter what Jake said or did, if Amy had any sense inside her, she'd do something with Ian. I mean, Jake's certainly the jerkest jerk, but he doesn't keep Amy in a cage...

    I like Carian though XD

    1. Amy and Ian aren't making progress because she's dating Jake. She's dating Jake because she likes him, not Ian. I don't think its anyones "fault" because they aren't a legitimate thing.

      Sorry. Had to get that out there.

    2. I guess you've got a point^^; (I never liked Amian in the first place... don't kill me! XD) I still dislike Amy though, because of what happened with Evan.

      It's OK:)

    3. I still dislike Baldacci, because of what he did to Evan, Natalie, Isabel's "evil" character, Amy's hormones, Jake's respect, Sinead's kick-butt attitude, my MIND, the fan's dignity and Amy's view of the afterlife.

      Yeah, not Amian anymore, but Amy is still Amy to me.

    4. Baldacci is horrible. End of story.

      Katja- I agree, I partially blame Amy. I see what Abby means though.