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A Quote!

~Nellie, Beyond The Grave

The Ships That Never Sailed

Well, this is the last day of February, which means that my series on the different ships is coming to a close. I've really enjoyed writing about them this month. :)I've done the four that are the most common (Amian, Jamy, Evamy, and Carian), but I also wanted to spend a few minutes talking about the ships that never actually happened, but I always thought were cute. :)

Irina + Alistair = ?? Irinastair? I don't know! XD

This never really happened, but I always kind of thought it would be cute. These two people who had experienced so much tragedy in their lives, but yet still had that kindness, even if it was pretty deep down. They both really did care for Amy and Dan. They both also lost their lives just because they were Cahills, which I find exceptionally depressing. I loved both of these characters so much. I also think that they both had a respect for each other, because they had experienced so many of the same things. I don't know. I just always kind of liked it. :)

Pony + April May = ?? PonyMay?

Oh gosh, I LOVED this. Not going to lie, I shipped this so hard. I loved their little conversations together. Why did Natalie Standiford have to kill Pony? Why?? Agh. That made me so mad.. But really! The two most brilliant hackers in the world, they would have been really sweet together. *sigh*

Jonah (or Hamilton!)  + ?

I don't know, I always thought that Jonah and/or Hamilton should find girls. I want to ship them with someone! Then again, I'm EXTREMELY protective of these two, so if it's the wrong help me...

Amy + Kurt = IDK, Kamy?

Haha, I'm including this for my sister's benefit. After book seven, she loved these two together! I've got to admit, I wouldn't mind if they brought Kurt back, they were kind of cute together.

Sinead + Evan = ...not even trying I have no idea on a name for this one :P

I never like, LOVED this ship, just because Evan wasn't a favorite character of mine, and I mean, Sinead was a Vesper, soooooo. (Although don't get me wrong, I adore Sinead!) I just kind of thought that it might could work. (Y'know, if they hadn't KILLED Evan. -_-) I mean, the two super smart kids, it could be cute!

Nellie + Pony = ...again not even gonna try

Okay, this one wouldn't have worked, just because Nellie never liked Pony. But Pony REALLY seemed to like Nellie, and that was adorable, okay? Okay. Ah! I just realized that I never did Nellie and Sammy during Shipping Month! Y'all are going to have to forgive me, that post is going to happen in March. I just can't NOT cover them! They're adorable!!!

So, these are just a few random ships that I've thought of. Opinions? Who have you shipped?

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Mission Titanic Clues!

Hi everyone! This afternoon, I went on the 39 Clues website to see the mission for Mission Titanic. Instead of being a game, we were shown different documents. I screenshot them to share here.
In this letter, Bae was threatening Grace. The code in the corner reads "We must protect Hope."

This is a telegraph from Nathaniel to Grace. Sound like...the Outcast, perhaps?
A letter from someone to Grace. What stuck out to me was the phrase "She will also know what it's like to be an orphan." Also? Grace wasn't an orphan until her late teens. Was this person talking about himself?
A letter to Nathaniel from Grace when they were in college. The code reads "beware." Beware who? The Lucians? Or her?
Nathaniel's obituary. We don't know what branch he's in, but in this obituary it sounds like he was a Lucian. Ekat?

So, what do you think of these images? Comment below!

A Quote!

~Mission Titanic

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A Quote from Mission Titanic!

~Mission Titanic

Hahaha, this quote made me laugh really hard. :'D The Fiske/Beatrice relationship is just really funny. You've got to feel bad for Fiske, with his awful childhood. And Beatrice is just so insane, that you can't help but laugh. It's hilarious.


Well, it's here.

My post on Carian.

I'm going to be completely honest with you guys here. I haven't been looking forward to writing this post. You know how I get upset about Jamy? Well, Carian is just like that, except x1000. Since I'm a huge Amian, it really kind of just depresses me. BUT, I have to post on it. I can't cover all of the ships and not cover this one, too. SO, please excuse me as I go into an emotional turmoil.

There really isn't a TON of Carian material to talk about. I mean, Cara only entered the picture at the beginning of series one, and she and Ian only got together in Flashpoint. So we don't have a ton to go on. Still, you know me, I'm always full of opinions! ;)

So, I guess the beginning of Carian would have to be in Nowhere to Run. There was the TINY scene with them, when Cara posed as the Irish girl, and Ian found her attractive. I'm not going to lie, I just felt a teensy bit worried there. I don't know why, I really didn't expect that character to reappear. Still, I just felt this tiny seed of worry there. I guess I had reason to.

Then in Flashpoint, in Chapter Nine, (yep, I memorized the exact chapter that crushed my soul) Ian meets Cara, who has been posing as April May this entire time. Oh my goodness, this chapter. This. Chapter. To pull out my inner fangirl, I CAN'T EVEN. It really just broke my heart, page by page. I actually had to put the book down at the end of it.

Ian and Cara talked, and Ian sees a lot of himself in Cara. And he slowly begins to think that because of this, she's perfect for him. Now, let's back up for a second. Cara really isn't a HORRIBLE character. (Although I'm perfectly cool with her being killed off in Doublecross.) But I just don't see them as a romance. If you read the Mission: Titanic sneak peek, she didn't really seem that interested in him, and they seem quite different. I can really see Ian and Cara as great FRIENDS, because they do have a ton in common. I just don't see them in a relationship. It's kind of like how I was talking about in my Evamy post how Amy and Evan would make great friends, but I don't see them as a couple.

As the book progressed, the two just kept having this little moments that just made me really sad. It's not so much that it made me angry, just sad. I honestly can't blame Ian. Amy blew him off over and over and over again. The guy has to have his pride! So I can't blame him. I just find it so sad that he and Amy were so cute, and Amy ruined it.

So yeah. Carian just honestly depresses me. Who knows, maybe series four will change that. I doubt it.

What are your opinions on Carian? Comment below!


*cue funeral march*

Guys. Guys. GUYS! I GOT MISSION TITANIC YESTERDAY!!! It came in the mail, and I actually got it a day earlier than I expected to! I'll probably read it all today. I can't believe I've waited so long, and it's finally here. Isn't it beautiful???

I've got to be honest, I'm pretty nervous. I don't know what to expect! And I have so many questions! Who is the Outcast? Based on the previews, I have to guess that it's an old flame of Grace's. Maybe her ex-husband? I know that Isabel supposedly killed him, but what if that's a cover story, and Grace actually got rid of him?

How is Ian going to handle being the leader of the family? I feel like he could go totally power crazy. I also worry about how Amy is going to handle it. She's not exactly...submissive.

On the back of the book, it talks about an 'impossible sacrifice' on Ian's part. What does that mean? An impossible sacrifice? What else could the poor guy sacrifice? He has no family left. Wealth? Cara? *crosses fingers* 

I also really feel like since this is the last series, a lot of people are going to die. Current main characters are - Amy, Dan, Ian, Hamilton, Jonah, Atticus, Jake, Fiske, Nellie, Sammy, and Cara. That's eleven characters. Just a prediction, but I wouldn't be surprised if, say, four or five of them don't make it out alive. I'm particularly worried about Fiske, as he's getting old. He's such an extension of Grace though, I'm praying he stays alive. I also am worried about Sammy, since he's a newer character. They like to kill new characters. Erasmus, Evan, Pony. Etc. I wouldn't be exactly heartbroken if Cara were to die though. Anyways. So yeah, needless to say though, I'm stressed. I feel like I'll be heartbroken.

Speaking of heartbroken, what's going to happen as far as romance in this series? I really don't have any idea at this point. Of course, I'm praying that Amian prevails in the end, but who knows?

OH! I also recall reading something that said the Cahill kids would face "a betrayal they never saw coming." Who is that going to be?? That really terrifies me. They trust so few people, I'm really worried about who's going to betray them. Since the Outcast is supposed to be an Ekat, I'm kind of thinking the betrayal could be Cara or Sammy. Oh gosh, please don't be Sammy! He makes Nellie so happy, and she's sacrificed so much for the Cahills over the past years, she deserves some happiness. Please don't make Sammy evil!

So..what do you think will happen? I honestly have no idea. I'll be posting reviews of it as soon as I read it though!

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Quote of the Day

~Dan, A King's Ransom

I really love Dan's character development from Series 1-Series 2. It was really fascinating to watch. It was really sad, but it was great writing. More kudos to Jude Watson!

Mission: Titanic Release!!

Hey guys! This is it-the day we've been waiting for! The Mission: Titanic release!!! Agh, I can't believe it! You can now buy this book in most stores, or, if you're like me, you've already had it pre-ordered. ;) I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my copy!!! When I get it, I'll be sure to post. Gosh, I'm nervous about this series.....

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Today's Quote

~The Black Book of Buried Secrets

This section was just so sad....

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A Daily Quote

~The Medusa Plot

Haha, this quote is really funny. I love how he always makes some comment when calling Amy's boyfriends by name. "That Evan character" "What's his name-Joke?"

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~Storm Warning

*sigh* Oh, how I miss you, Nat.


Well, I promised that I'd do all of the ships, and now it's Jamy's turn. *deep breath in* okay. Now, you all know that Jamy isn't exactly my favorite ship, but I'm going to try not to be absolutely awful about it. ;) I will admit, once or twice, there HAVE been some cute moments. Overall though, it's just not exactly my favorite thing in the world.

I mean, you've got to admit, they didn't get off to the best start. When they first met the Cahills, Jake was a flat-out arrogant jerk. Even if you're a Jamy, you've got to admit. He was just plain rude. I think I cheered when Amy finally kicked him! So they really didn't get off to the best start. "Oh yeah kids, the day I met your mother, I tried to send her to jail. Romance at its finest."

In the second book, he learns about the Cahill's family, and what exactly is going on. Again, in my opinion, he was still a jerk. He's still constantly on Amy's case, and that REALLY isn't what she needs right now. I just wish that he had left the series right then.

He continues the whole "I think I'm better than you and so I'm going to be a jerk" routine throughout book three as well. Really, Jake?

Book four really makes me mad. Jake and Amy kissed. For heaven's sake, Amy already has a boyfriend!!!!! That just made me really mad. Jake totally pressured Amy to get into a relationship with him, when he's fully aware of the fact that she has a boyfriend. He didn't respect that at all, and that bothers me. I can't STAND guys like that. I also think it's just bizarre that Amy and Jake go from loathing each other to kissing. What on earth?! No!

In the next book, Evan and Jake meet, and Jake makes it very clear his feelings for Amy. I'm sorry, but that is just so rude. You just don't do that!! That's why I can't quite understand why people like Jamy so much. Jake does so many things, I just don't see how you can like him.

And then there's Day of Doom. UGH. Okay, so I admit, this is partially Baldacci's writing, but really? The closet scene? They're teenagers for heaven's sake. They don't need to be kissing in some storage closet! Again, this is partially Baldacci's fault, but I just don't think that's how the storyline should have gone. It was kind of sweet how he carried her our of the mountain, but that doesn't NEARLY make up for all his jerkiness in the past. I would have much preferred Hamilton to carry her out. -_-

So then Nowhere to Run opens. Amy has serious issues from all of the stress of the past years, and she's trying to push everyone away. Jake is her official boyfriend now, with Evan dead. I feel like she got over Evan awfully quickly, although at the same time she hasn't gotten over him at all. At this point, Jake really should have given her some space. With all of the stress, it's what she needed. He just doesn't understand the Cahill lifestyle, in my opinion. I've said this multiple times, and I'm going to say it again. I do not approve of relationships between Cahills and non-Cahills. (Hope and Arthur were the one exception to this.) He just can't seem to understand. He's always questioning her, when she's trying to do what's right to keep her family safe.

Honestly, they just don't seem like a good pair. Personal feelings aside, they just don't seem great together. I mean, let's face it, 90% of the time, they're fighting. The rest they're kissing. It's quite irritating.

In Breakway, I felt like Jake and Amy were just about to kill each other practically the entire book. They could not get along to save their lives. Amy is trying to have some space, and Jake just keeps pushing her. I've got to admit, the end of the book where Amy was emailing Jake was pretty sad- if I were a Jamy, I think that my heart would have broken. So I admit, that was sweet. Still, they just would. not. stop.

Again, they COULD. NOT. GET. ALONG in Countdown. In this book, Amy takes the serum. Jake is obviously very concerned for her, but he just turns the cold shoulder on her. I mean, your girlfriend is about to DIE, and you treat her like an utter stranger? Really? Ugh. I love how Jake and Ian were at each other's throats quite a bit throughout this book. ;) Can you say jealousy??

And finally, we have Flashpoint. I think I've been negative enough about Jamy, so I guess I will talk about ONE positive point. The end scene, when the plane crashed. I've got to admit, that was really sweet, how Jake just wouldn't let her go. He may be a jerky, arrogant, pigheaded person, but that scene was really cute. Had he not been HORRIBLE the rest of the series, I might not hate him so much, but I can't quite forget all of that time of him being a jerk because of a sweet scene or two. I just can't.

So, honestly, that's my opinion on Jamy. I'm really sorry if I've offended anyone by this post, but I just get quite upset by Jamy. It's just not right!! I feel like he really just doesn't have any real respect for her.

What are your opinions on Jamy? I'd love to hear! Let me know in the comments below!

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Our Quote!

"Three thousand years old and still looking good."
~Dan Cahill, The Medusa Plot

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Quote Timeeee!

"You almost got yourself killed, blah blah blah."
~The Maze of Bones

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A Quote For You!

~In Too Deep

I love this quote! I hate how they couldn't even trust Nellie at this point, though. It's so sad.

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Happy Amian Day! A Quote!

~Ian Kabra, Crushed

So, this is from the Rapid Fire eBook, Crushed. Agh, the's just so cute! I had to post it for Valentine's Day. It's so funny, this quote is just so....IAN.

Amian!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy National Amian Day Valentine's Day everyone!!! I thought that today would be perfect to discuss Amian! If you've ever read my blog, then you know that Amian is my absolute FAVORITE ship of all time. I'm just a teeeeeeeeeeeeeeensy bit obsessed with it, I have been ever since I started reading these books who-knows how long ago. I just can't help it. You know when you see that certain couple, and you're just obsessed from the start? That's how I was with Amian. Even in the first book, I don't know why, but I just loved Ian's character, and this was back when he was 100% jerk. I really don't know why, I just latched onto it, and it's become an obsession ever since haha. ;)

So, let's see. Where do I even begin with this? Settle into a comfy chair with some cookies or something (or as Ian would call them, biscuits. He would also suggest tea.), because this is going to be a bit of a long post. I could talk for hours on this, just ask my family! For your sakes though, I'm going to try not to ramble for too long. I promise! So, I suppose we should start at the beginning. Series one, the clue hunt.

Gosh, that feels like so long ago! Yet at the same way, I remember so vividly reading each one of these books. The Sword Thief was such an amazing book, and that's where Amian began, so let's start there. Ahhhhh. Fangirl moment. Even though Ian was manipulating Amy to get ahead, it really was obvious from the beginning that he cared about her, he wasn't faking. I mean, look at this paragraph right here.

How can you read that paragraph and NOT realize that he genuinely cared for her? I mean, this is IAN KABRA, guys. This guy grew up the richest of rich, and he is fully aware of his status. He thinks that he's better than anyone else. But then he doesn't even think of himself at all, and saves this girl, this girl that he's supposedly manipulating. You can't tell me that he didn't care about her. And then THIS happens..
This is me. THIS. IS. ME. If you ask me, this is one of the cutest moments EVER. Lovely has been my favorite word ever since. Half of the time I have it written on the inside of my finger or wrist. I just love it. It was honestly so sweet. "She was...lovely."

THAT, my friends, is the moment that I converted to a full-on Amian. And after that, when he betrayed them, which he HAD to do, you could see that he didn't really want to do it anymore. He cared about this girl, and he had to leave her in a cave in, or his mother would probably kill him for disloyalty.

But after that, even though he was still an arrogant jerk, I feel like you could see him changing. Slowly but surely, he changed. It was so..tiny..but it was still there. He wasn't 100% wanting to follow his mother's orders anymore. And then, on Mount Everest, when Amy saved him, something clicked. This girl, who he had always treated horribly, who he had almost killed on multiple occasions, and whose parents were killed by HIS mother, sacrificed the serum to save him. And I think he realized, maybe there was something more to life than just winning.

That's one of the things I really like about Amian. Amy gave Ian something to strive for, to become better. Once Cara came into the picture, I feel like all of that went out the window. If you read the excerpts from Doublecross that I posted, Ian is pretty much back to his old self. I really hate that, because unless Amian comes back in this last series, I think that all of his character development, which is pretty much why I love Ian, will all be gone.

So then, we Series One comes to an end. Ian stands up to his mother, which I honestly don't think he would have done before Amy, and Amy becomes the leader of the Madrigals. They don't see each other for a while, and then there's Crushed, the Rapid Fire eBook. Oh my goodness. That broke my heart. Ian ACTUALLY LIKED Amy. There was no maybe about it. He was practicing in front of a mirror, for heaven's sake!! And then Isabel just HAD to come back and ruin everything. -_- Thanks a lot, Isabel. YOU KILLED MY OTP!!! So after that *lovely* book, Evamy became a thing. Ugh.

The next time we see Amian development is in Medusa Plot, book one of Series Two. Amy is with Evan now, but you can see that Ian still likes Amy. He gets super jealous when he finds out that Amy now has a boyfriend, and he says the hilarious 'shoot to kill' line. Really from this book on, there's no MAJOR Amian (they don't kiss again or anything), but it's more just a collection of little moments that show that they still care. Ian is jealous 24/7, and he never likes it when Amy has a boyfriend, whether it's Evan or, later on, Jake.

That really is series two in a nutshell. Amy dates somebody (THAT IS CLEARLY WRONG FOR HER), Ian is jealous and the arrogance comes back as a defense. Repeat 10x.

Then, in Day of Doom, Evan and Natalie die. See, this is where I really think that Ian and Amy should have come together. They both just lost someone special to them, and it's not the first time. They've been losing people all of their lives. That's why I think Amian is perfect. They understand what the other is going through, because they've both gone through it. Non-Cahills just can't understand.

And aside from Natalie, Amy is the only person that Ian ever shows that he cares about. Of course, in *gag* Flashpoint, he liked Cara, but it never was extremely sentimental or mushy.

Open Series Three. Amy seems to be experiencing PTSD and anxiety, and is terrified of losing more people that she loves, so she tries to completely cut everyone off. (I've just got to cut in and say, I was REALLY annoyed with Amy in series three.) Nellie refuses to let her, however, and sends Ian to Bhaile Anois to help. Oh. My. Goodness. I love these few chapters when it was just Amy, Dan, and Ian. You can see just how much Ian has changed since Natalie died, and there are some ADORABLE Amian moments. The moment when they were making up the bed, the moment when they were studying the book outside. I loved it. Then Jake came and just had to ruin everything. -_- Haha, I just LOVED Ian making fun of Jake from the moment he arrived. That was the best.

In Breakaway, I also loved the Amy/Ian moment on the plane. That was so cute! He was trying to help her, to get her to get away, even if it was just for an hour or so. And then she started to cut him off again, and WHO came over? That's right. Jake. UGH.

There wasn't a ton of Amian in Countdown, although you could see how worried he was that Amy could die. That part was cute :)

Then, we have Flashpoint. The death of my soul.

I'm just not okay with Carian. At. All. I don't trust Cara, period. I'm just HOPING, HOPING, HOPING that the authors will FINALLY give us Amian in this last series. Pleeeeeease??? I'm begging, authors. Please. Just give us our ship, after who-even-KNOWS how many years we've waited.

So, yeah. That's basically my thoughts on Amian, wrapped up into this post. Knowing me, I've forgotten some huge point, and I'll come back later with another 2 million word rant or something.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on Amian? I know that not everyone loves it like I do, and I'm pretty curious to hear some other opinions. What do you think? Comment below! And have a Happy Amian Day  Valentine's Day! ;)

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"In the 39 Clues search, Abnormal was the new Normal."

~The Viper's Nest

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


So, if you saw this post, then you know that I'm making February the official shipping month! I decided that I would start off the month with talking about Evamy!

Amy Cahill + Evan Tolliver = Evamy

Now, this ship doesn't exactly exist anymore since....well, since Evan was killed in Day of Doom. (Curse you, Baldacci!!!) But I've got to say, this was one of the few ships that I didn't really mind. It wasn't my favorite, but I didn't loathe it with the same fervor as I loathe Jamy.

Now, I'm not going to lie, Evan wasn't really my favorite character. I don't know, he just wasn't...developed enough for my tastes. I love a character with a lot of layers, like Irina. However, this was probably partly due to the fact that BALDACCI KILLED HIM. We really didn't have a TON of time to get to know him. I really feel like they just killed Evan to get him out of the way. I mean, REALLY? Hmm, we have this love triangle..(really a love square, counting Ian. Is that a thing? A love square?) I KNOW! Let's just kill off the innocent nerdy guy and leave the arrogant jock with Amy! That works! Um, no.

I feel like Evan really cared about Amy, and that was the one thing I liked about him. When he finds out the truth about his girlfriend's crazy life, he doesn't run from it or desert her. He runs in to do whatever he can, and ends up sacrificing his life over this. That's another thing I like better about him than Jake. True, Jake also tried to help. But he didn't do it JUST for her. I also think that it's really hard for there to be a relationship between a Cahill and a non-Cahill. As much as the non-Cahill tries, they never can really understand what it's like to be a Cahill. That being said, I feel like Evan tried harder. Jake can't understand what it's like for Amy, and in my opinion, he never really tried to.

I also felt like Evamy was a pretty realistic representation of a teenage relationship. The two nerdy kids, really cute together, but not like, insanely mushy and romantic. They study together, get coffee together, text and video chat, etc. I liked that. It was more realistic than Jamy. I mean, that whole scene with Jake and Amy in the closet? Agh. I like romance, but really. Gag me. That's partially Baldacci's fault, and I realize that, but I also think that the plot should just have been totally different.

Honestly, I just think that Evamy made for a great friendship, not so much a relationship. I can't quite see them together permanently, but I think that they would work really well just as best friends, nothing more. I think that it's assumed too much that guys and girls have to be in a relationship, and they really don't. They can just be great friends. I have some great guy friends, but I wouldn't want to date them or anything. That's how I consider Amy and Evan. If he had lived, I would have loved to see that relationship evolve from being boyfriend and girlfriend to being just friends, and totally cool with it. That would have been so cool to watch, and I'm really disappointed that Evan was killed before we could see what happened with Evamy. 

So, that's my opinion on Evamy! What did you think of Evamy? I'd love to hear some new opinions down in the comments section!! :):):)

Our Quote Of The Day!

~Jonah Wizard, Into The Gauntlet

Jonah's character development throughout these books is honestly just so astonishing. If you look from The Maze of Bones to Flashpoint, it's honestly night and day. It's so cool. That's why he's one of my favorite characters.

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Quote Time

~Amy Cahill, Storm Warning

This part of the book really made me sad, but the character development was great. :) I hate that they thought that they couldn't trust Nellie, though.

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Love is In The Air!

Hey everybody! So, it's February (eek! already??), and what's the first thing you think of when you think of February?

Hmm, let me think..

Duh, Valentine's Day!!!!!!!

And since I am 100% happy with being a Single Pringle myself, I want to devote the month on something much more productive than how most teenage girls spend the month (obsessing over some stupid guy). We're going to be talking about all of the different ships in The 39 Clues! Originally, I was thinking that I would just do it leading up to Valentine's Day, but V-Day is on the 14th.


See, I think that it's just wrong to think about Valentine's Day until February hits. But once it's February, you only have 14 days to plan and prepare! So, I'm going to spend the entire month of February talking about the different couples (even if they only lasted for a book!) in the 39 Clues series.

Personally, I'm super excited to start this series of posts. I've got to admit, I'm probably going to have a bit of trouble staying calm while writing these posts, but hey-February will now be far from boring!

I'd also like to say, please don't get offended if I post something negative about your ship. These are simply my opinions, and I like to share them. If you're a huge Jamy fan, then good for you! I'm just not. And I'm not going to sugar coat things, because that's just not how I am. But please feel free to let me know what YOU think of the different ships in the comments section! I love to hear from you, and get some different opinions that I may not have thought of.

So, are you excited for February now? I know that I am! :)

A Quote A Day

~Nellie Gomez, In Too Deep

Haha, I love this quote. Nellie is seriously the best.

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A Quote I Love

~Irina Spasky, The Black Circle

I love this quote. Irina has such cool, intense quotes. Love it.

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~The Medusa Plot

I love this quote. I hate that Sinead ended up being a Vesper, but this has been a favorite quote of mine for a while now.

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A Quote!

~Irina Spasky, Maze of Bones

I love this quote. I miss her so much..