Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Love is In The Air!

Hey everybody! So, it's February (eek! already??), and what's the first thing you think of when you think of February?

Hmm, let me think..

Duh, Valentine's Day!!!!!!!

And since I am 100% happy with being a Single Pringle myself, I want to devote the month on something much more productive than how most teenage girls spend the month (obsessing over some stupid guy). We're going to be talking about all of the different ships in The 39 Clues! Originally, I was thinking that I would just do it leading up to Valentine's Day, but V-Day is on the 14th.


See, I think that it's just wrong to think about Valentine's Day until February hits. But once it's February, you only have 14 days to plan and prepare! So, I'm going to spend the entire month of February talking about the different couples (even if they only lasted for a book!) in the 39 Clues series.

Personally, I'm super excited to start this series of posts. I've got to admit, I'm probably going to have a bit of trouble staying calm while writing these posts, but hey-February will now be far from boring!

I'd also like to say, please don't get offended if I post something negative about your ship. These are simply my opinions, and I like to share them. If you're a huge Jamy fan, then good for you! I'm just not. And I'm not going to sugar coat things, because that's just not how I am. But please feel free to let me know what YOU think of the different ships in the comments section! I love to hear from you, and get some different opinions that I may not have thought of.

So, are you excited for February now? I know that I am! :)


  1. I know Valentines Day has been over for a while, but are you going to do a Nellie+Sammy post?

    1. OH! Ugh. I knew I forgot something. *facepalm* Yes, I am. Thanks for the reminder! *adds to mile-long to do list* ;)