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Alek Quote

~Mission Titanic

Poll Results!!

Hello, everyone!! Here are the results of my most recent poll- Who Is Your Favorite 39C Adult?

Nellie- 27%
Fiske- 9%
Alistair- 45%
Irina- 36%
Mr. McIntyre- 9%
Erasmus- 18%
Grace- 9%

Where are the McIntyre and Fiske fans??? I've got to say, if I voted (which I don't, I leave that for y'all!), I would have actually voted for McIntyre, Erasmus, Fiske, and Nellie. I'm really pretty surprised that Grace, McIntyre, and Fiske all scored so low. I love all three of them! I'm also somewhat surprised that Alistair won- I love him, but he's not my favorite of the adults.

What do you think of the poll results?

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A Quote!

~Beyond The Grave

Irina's characterization is the best...

A Comment On Cara

Hello! So, I was flipping through Countdown, (mainly due to boredom XD) when I noticed something. Now, you all know that I've commented before that the fact that the only time in Flashpoint that the word "Doublecross" was used, it was about Cara. Anyways, I just noticed this.

On page, 146, it ends with this sentence-

"He would be unstoppable."

Pierce is described as "Unstoppable", the title of series, three, in which he is the villain. Now, is it just by chance that Cara is described as the "doublecrosser" when that is the title of series four?

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~The Dead of Night

I remember the first time that I read this, I thought way too much into it. But really, I think that after this paragraph, the authors had a great opportunity to go somewhere with this. What if Grace had been distantly related to Luna? That could be kind of cool. It also kind of makes me wonder about Grace....

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Erasmus seriously broke my heart. His character absolutely killed me..

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A Quote A Day

~Into The Gauntlet

This part was so intense. I really liked how Into The Gauntlet was written..

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Gotta Love Nellie!

~The Sword Thief

Okay, let's just take a minute to talk about the awesomeness of Nellie Gomez. She is so cool. She genuinely does not give a flip what anybody thinks of her, and I just love that. She's sassy and spunky, she has her own style, she's up for anything- she's completely and totally Nellie. She's so unique, and it's beautiful. I honestly want to be more like her... Can I be Nellie when I grow up? 

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A Jake/Ian Quote :)


If you have a quote request, comment below! :)

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Heart Stopping..

~Mission Titanic

Oh look. You can pinpoint the exact moment my heart stopped.

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Quote Time


Hahahaha, this passage always cracks me up...XD

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(: Quoteeeee :)

~Trust No One

....dang it now I want to cry over Evan again:(

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A Countdown Quote


Haha, I love this quote. xD And let's face it, Dan's right, Ian already is a lunatic, those boys have nothing to do with it. And he totally loves them to death, even if he doesn't want to admit it!!

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Today's Quote:)

~The Sword Thief

Fun Fact: When I read this book, I always pronounced Yakuza as "Yazuka" in my head for some reason. I still call them the Yazuka!! Agh! I can't fix it!!

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Hello! Recently, I posted on Cara Pierce, one of the newer characters of the series. I also wanted to take a couple minutes to talk about Sammy Mourad, and some opinions/theories about him.

Now, before I get started, let me make something clear. I love Sammy. I absolutely adore him. If he and Nellie were to end up together at the end of the books, I would be one happy fangirl. But unfortunately, I have a hunch that that's not going to happen.


My first shred of an idea about why this isn't going to happen, is that there seems to be a bit of a pattern in the 39 Clues series :

In the Vesper series, we meet Evan Tolliver. A sweet, loyal, nerdy genius who is in love with Amy Cahill. He gets dragged into the Cahill world and dies because of it.

In the Unstoppable series, we meet Pony. Yet again, a sweet, loyal, nerdy genius. He has a bit of a crush on Nellie. He also gets dragged into the Cahill world, and, surprise surprise, he dies.

Now, we have Sammy. A sweet, loyal, nerdy genius. He is dating Nellie. Though he is a Cahill, he wasn't previously involved very heavily in the Cahill world. Hmm. How could this situation possibly play out...??

I swear, if he dies for no reason other than involvement, I will be ticked.


So, I really am not sure that he's going to make it. A second theory I have is that Sammy could be a mole. We already know that his godparents, the Chens, are involved with the Outcast. He hasn't been able to get in touch with his parents in quite some time. Now, it could be that they have been kidnapped by the Outcast. But it also could be that they are in league with him. If they are, Sammy could be totally oblivious to this. But again, he could be quite aware of this fact, and only be dating Nellie to get into the Cahill inner circle. Again, another situation that will thoroughly tick me off.

Either way, I really don't see much chance of survival/a happy ending for Sammy Mourad. And this honestly breaks my heart. Right now, I really love him. If he's a mole, I hope that he falls into a pit of fire or something, because Nellie does NOT deserve that. But I also don't want him to just innocently die. 

Whichever way it goes, I feel horrible for Nellie. The poor girl has spent the past what, four years, thrown into the Cahill world. She's traveled all over the world with two kids, been kidnapped, shot, and almost killed, and had to infiltrate a lab where she was almost blown up. And throughout it all, she's always stuck by her kiddos and done whatever she could to keep them safe and tried her best to give them any bit of a normal life that she possibly can. After all that, doesn't she deserve a happily ever after? It's just not fair. 

I'd really like to think that maybe Sammy will be fine. That he'll make it out alive, always sticking with the Cahills and never turning on them. But I just can't believe it. Typically, whenever a new character is brought in to this series, they're either evil or killed. That's just how it seems to go. Evan. Sinead. Erasumus. Pony. I don't sense a happy ending here either.


What do you think?

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Apology + Quote!

Hey everyone! First off, sorry for the lack of quote the last couple days. For some reason, Blogger decided that they hated me, and that I wouldn't be able to post quotes. -_- Thanks, Internet. Love ya.

ANNyways...... Here's today's quote! :)


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Mission Titanic Review- WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS

WARNING: THIS POST HAS MAJOR MISSION TITANIC SPOILERS. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE SPOILERS, DO NOT READ THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (If you would like a review of the book that does NOT have spoilers, click here)

Seriously, why are you still reading?

You're just asking for trouble. Please don't read this.

Do you not get the memo? This has spoilers! Do you really want to read it??

Okay, if you're still here at this point, then you ACTUALLY want to read this post, spoilers and all. Hi! :D First off, I'm so sorry that this post is so late coming out. It's not exactly a short post to write, thus it's taken me ages to put together. :( Sorry! I will accept my Bad Blogger award, and go sit in the corner with my Cone of Shame. But, it's here now, so sit back, grab some popcorn and tissues, and enjoy!

 I've got to say, I was impressed by this book, more so than I expected to be. I don't know why, but I just didn't expect a lot out of it. (Besides emotional trauma, of course. :P ) Well, Jude Watson pushed all those fears aside, and did a GREAT job with Mission Titanic. I couldn't put it down, it was so gripping! Not even kidding, I sat on a pile of beanbags and didn't stop until the entire book had been devoured. It was an emotional afternoon. Anyways, without further ado, let's get started!!

So, the book opens from the Outcast's POV. (There was no prologue to this book, which I was a teensy bit disappointed by. Just saying.) Oh my gosh, the Outcast is really cool! Okay, I know, I know, I shouldn't root for the villain. And I'm not! He's just a REALLY GOOD villain. We know from the very first chapter that the Outcast was obviously very close to Grace. We never learn in this book who the Outcast's identity is, but my bet is on Nathaniel Hartford. I DON'T THINK HE'S
 DEAD! And I mean, there's a lot of attention paid to him. Either Scholastic is being unusually surprising, or he's the Outcast.

Chapter Two opens with Ian, being....well, Ian. The arrogance is back, full force. I wasn't thrilled with that at first. I was seriously worried that Jude had ruined his characterization. Thank heavens she didn't. But in this chapter, it seemed as though Ian liked Cara a whole lot more than she liked him. (Did Jude REALLY have to call her his one true pairing? THEY ARE NOT OTP. NO. DON'T KILL US FANGIRLS LIKE THAT, JUDE. THAT WAS JUST MEAN.) I mean, he called her the butter on his crumpets. Really Ian? REALLY? No. Just no. YOU CAN'T DO THIS. OK? OK. Anyways, they realize that the big Cahill Summit meeting that has been planned for weeks has been moved to today. They also realize that Ian's tailor had been trying to stick him with pins dipped in sedative, to slow him down. Definitely not a good sign. Someone is trying to keep Ian off of his game, and he is not going to stand for it. This meeting is going to happen, and he is going to be the one in charge, not whoever is trying to throw him off. He walks out into the room that is now full of Cahills, and begins to speak with them. As he does, Saladin tears through the room, and ends up ripping Ian's pants. Poor Ian! XD I was laughing a lot though...

The scene changes, and we see Nellie at a cooking competition. As the judges are conferring, her phone buzzes with the Cahill alert. The winner is announced....NELLIE GOMEZ!! But Nellie is gone. She's always ready to be there for her kiddos... *sniff*...*SOB* I'm fine. Perfectly. Fine. Yep. No emotional trauma here.

The next chapter opens with Hamilton and Jonah on Jonah's tour. Hamilton is Jonah's official bodyguard, and the two boys are having the time of their lives. I really love this friendship. The two boys work so well together, and they have so much fun while doing it. (Which is why I won't be surprised at all if one of them gets killed of. Total stab in the heart. Please no.) But as Jonah is being interviewed, their phones also buzz with the Cahill alert. Ditching the tour and Jonah's agent, the two boys are gone.

Back in Attleboro, Ian's very shaken up. He's trying to figure out who might be plotting against him, and he just lost his pants in front of the most important Cahills in the world. Not exactly the best situation to be in. Ian begins his welcome speech, when the room goes black. A screen lights up to reveal an old man. He calls himself the Outcast.

Vikram Kabra also made a reappearance in this chapter. I was really surprised, I didn't know that we would see him again. Ugh, I can't stand that guy...I wish he'd died with Isabel. Ian doesn't need to still have to worry about him.

The Outcast begins to speak, asking everyone why they are letting children lead them. Around the room, several people don't seem surprised by the Outcast's appearance. Magnus Hansen. Patricia Oh. Toby Griffon. Melinda Toth. This wasn't a surprise to any of them. The Outcast then quoted Grace. "If your best instincts are your worst enemies, take your hands off the controls. Find someone else to fly the plane." I was really weirded out by this new picture of Grace that this book painted. Her ruthlessness...I didn't think that she was like that. In a way, it kind of fits how the series has gotten darker, but I don't really like it. Anyways, the Outcast then proposed a challenge. He was going to replicate four of the world's worst disasters, and the kids would have five days to stop each one. If they didn't, innocent people would die. The kids were then thrown out of the mansion. At this point, I was really feeling sorry for Ian. A reader pointed out that Cara didn't really get thrown out, just Ian. She shrugged off someone, but that's about it. Perhaps because she's in with the Outcast?

The Cahill kids hunt down Amy and Dan. They had left the family, but the others need their help, and Amy and Dan know that they can't turn their backs on their friends now. They're in. The Outcast also said that this is for Cahills only, so Jake and Atticus can't be involved. #relief    That was super disappointing. ;) In all seriousness, I think it was good to have a break from those two, even if it only lasts for a book or so. I really don't think I could have put up with the fighting that always happens when the Rosenbloom brothers show up. So, thanks Jude, for giving me a bit of sanity, no matter how small. Am I the only one who feels like Jude isn't a huge fan of Jamy? I mean, she barely included Jake at all in this book, in A King's Ransom the two were always fighting, and in Nowhere To Run, Jake and Amy couldn't seem to get along, and Ian was flirting with Amy. I've read in an article that she ships Carian, but I feel like she kind of is opening Amian up a bit, or at least she's not killing us Amians by writing a ton of Jamy. I don't know, maybe that's just me. Opinions?

We then see the Outcast meeting with the people he's recruited. We meet the next member of the team- Alek Spasky. So the "Famous villain's brother" was Irina's brother. Wow. The fact that Fiske says Irina was a cupcake compared to Alek is slightly terrifying. I'm also really interested in seeing Alek. I'm a huge fan of Irina, so the fact that she had a brother is exciting. :) I don't feel like he'll have any character development, he seems to actually be truly evil, unlike his sister, but I still am excited to read more about him.

The Cahills have a hunch that a freighter is going to explode in Halifax, Nova Scotia, so that's their next stop. Ian is desperately trying to think of a plan, but the previous events at the mansion have really messed with his head. Cara tells him point-blank that he just needs to get over himself and move on with the situation. I'm sorry, I know that this was probably meant to be a Carian scene. But honestly, I thought that she was a little too harsh with him. I mean, the poor guy's lost most of his family and is in charge of the entire Madrigal branch. He doesn't exactly have things easy. That being said, there's quite a bit of flirting involved in this scene, and I've got to say, if I were a Carian, I would have been LOVING this chapter.  I still would I give my right arm for Amian to happen though. I get the feeling that I'm *probably* going to end up sobbing though, by the end of this series. Because as of right now, Carian is a definite possibility. That being said, if Cara turns out to be evil, there could still be a chance for Amian...;) Jude Watson ships Carian, so that's why there was so much of it in this book. It's kind of terrifying that the outcome of the couples in The 39 Clues could all depend on who Sarwat Chaddah ships. O.O I mean really, all he has to do is say, "okay, this is what I like, I'm going to do it." The writers are given a lot of freedom, and frankly that scares me. I'm not okay with this....

Meanwhile, Nellie and Sammy are in Mexico, hunting down Fiske. (Agh, I love Nellie and Sammy.. SO. CUTE.) Fiske has no idea who this man is, but he explains the concept of an Outcast to them. Apparently it was the label that Grace gave to anyone she thought was a disgrace to the family. She actually made Fiske an Outcast when he wanted to leave, because she thought it would be safer. He doesn't know who the other Outcasts were though, so he can't really help. He knows someone who would know, however, and the very thought makes them all shudder. Aunt Beatrice.

With Jonah as a distraction, Cara sneaks into a back office and gets information off of their computers about the ships. There's nothing on the list however that would be explosive. The group splits up to talk to different people, and Cara and Amy try to figure out what on earth the Outcast really wants. They realize that although there was nothing on the cargo list that would be explosive, there could be weapons trafficking going on, and Cara contacts Atlas, the biggest weapons trafficker in the world. Ian was a bit upset that this decision was made without him. Honestly though, I was really proud of Amy in this book, she handled Ian being the head of the family a LOT better than I thought she would. She was constantly biting her tongue, but I was kind of expecting a full out fight between the two of them, and that didn't happen. I'd been getting really frustrated with her during Vespers and Unstoppable, but I'm super happy with how she handled things this time around. Finally! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jude!!!

I have to say, Chapter 16 was probably the funniest in the entire book. Nellie, Sammy, and Fiske knew that they needed to talk to Beatrice, and so they video chat with her. Oh. My. Gosh. After this, I seriously need more Beatrice scenes. It was hilarious!!! She would NOT stay on topic, and kept rambling about her light cashmeres. It was great. XD Anyways, Beatrice was actually invited to join the Outcast in Singapore, but she turned him down- those long flights make her ankles swell! She then started talking about Grace. Wow. Again, this picture was being painted of Grace that was so different than what we've read throughout the books. She claimed that Grace was mean and petty, and alienated half the family while she was alive. I'm trying to keep in mind though, that this is Beatrice talking. She and Grace didn't exactly get along, so this could just be her perspective. (I actually need to do a post on why I have a hunch that Grace really wasn't evil. Spoiler alert- Irina is involved!) Then the shocking news came. Beatrice said that Grace made her own husband, Nathaniel Hartford, an Outcast and placed a kill order on him, because he wanted a divorce. He was allegedly killed in Moscow. Honestly though, I think that he's the Outcast. I really don't think that he ever died. Instead, he's back for revenge. I mean, it would fit. An Outcast. Someone who would have reason to hate Grace, but knew her quite well. It all fits. But honestly, I don't think that Grace just arbitrarily decided to kill Nathaniel because he wanted a divorce. There had to be more to it than that. It's kind of crazy to think that the Outcast could be Dan and Amy's grandfather. So,  do you agree? Do you think he's the Outcast?

Going back to the main crew, everyone is gathered in Halifax at St. Paul's Church to meet Atlas. As they are waiting, Ian and Amy begin to talk. Amy gets a text from Jake saying that he's going to be off the grid for the next two weeks, and that next year he wants to come home to Attleboro to be with her. (I'm just going to say. The last time Amy was separated from her boyfriend, she ended up with someone else. Is it going to happen again? I hope that she doesn't do the whole cheating-on-current-boyfriend thing again. Like, as much as I dislike Jake, it's not right. I still want her with Ian, but she needs to break it off with him first) She's super excited, and Ian notices. He asks her, "How do you do that? Be happy with someone?" That. Broke. My. Heart. He's just this seventeen year old kid, and he can't even comprehend what it's like to be happy, because his entire life has been filled with turmoil and betrayal and death. That one question gave me a lot of feels. :(:(:( Amy then encouraged him to trust the person who can break his heart. No, Amy...nooooooo....*whispers* don'ttttttt dooooooo ittttttt

Amy and Ian go together to meet Atlas. Ian was trying to act way too intimidating, which freaked me out from the start. Ian, don't be stupid! This guy has too much power! Don't mess with him! Ugh. As much as I love Ian, his arrogance can cause too many problems. Atlas agrees to take Ian, Amy, Hamilton, and Dan to the Aurora. (Also, just got to say, Jonah and Cara ended up working together quite a bit throughout this book. IF , and that's a big if, Cara isn't evil, and she turns out to be a perfectly nice, loyal, good character, could she possibly end up with Jonah? Right now, I would be absolutely ticked if she ended up with him, just because I don't like her and I adore Jonah, but if she shapes up, I can kinda-maybe-sorta-somewhat see them working. But she has to get a lot better because Jonah deserves the best.)

The four teens reluctantly join Atlas on a small boat. They know how dangerous this is, but that it has to be done. They're forced to give Atlas their phones, and begin to head to the Aurora. Atlas is steering like a madman, with the four holding on for dear life. Then, in the middle of the harbor, Atlas turns off the engine and points a gun at the Cahills.

So with that lovely little cliffhanger freaking you out (THANKS A LOT JUDE, DIDN'T NEED MY SOUL OR ANYTHING), we go back to Nellie and Sammy, who have traveled to Singapore. Sammy's godparents live there, the Chens, and Nellie and Sammy are staying with them. They have a daughter, Mabel (she's 11), who's very close with Sammy. She doesn't know much about the Clues and the Cahills though, because her parents won't let her be involved until she's 21. They chat for a minute, and Mrs. Chen, aka Tiff, takes Nellie and Sammy to their rooms. Nellie sits outside on the patio, and is soon joined by Mabel. Mabel is VERY interested in Cahill business, and thinks she knows someone that the Outcast might have tried to recruit- Bee Arnold. Bee recently moved to Singapore, and has pretty much been a hermit ever since. Naturally, Nellie and Sammy decide to find her. They get the address from Mabel, and go to an adorable cottage surrounded by flowers. They knock on the door and meet Bee Arnold- otherwise known as......dun da dun dun... Sinead Starling.

Okay, hold up. Sinead's back?? Say what now?? That was surprising. After series two, it was almost like she just dropped off of the planet, and I'd been dying to know what on earth happened to her. Even though she ended up double crossing the Cahills, I always thought that Sinead was pretty cool. I understand why she did it but gosh, I wish she had never doublecrossed them. *sigh* Story of their lives, I guess.

Nellie and Sammy talk with the Starlings, and learn that after betraying the Cahills, Sinead basically exiled herself to Singapore to take on the name Bee Arnold- the perfect name for a traitor. (Okay, question. How is Sinead getting away with becoming a whole different person? How does no one recognize her?? She was a prominent Ekat, one of the few people who had the opportunity to be a part of the Clue Hunt, yet no one in Singapore recognizes her? I don't get it. And obviously she didn't have surgery or something to disguise herself, because Nellie recognizes her instantly. So I've got to ask Cahills, what's up with that?) Sinead reveals that she was invited by Patricia Oh to join the Outcast, but she refused. Patricia didn't want to take no for an answer though, and continued to harass Sinead. Sinead continued to refuse, not wanting to betray Amy again. I really enjoyed this chapter. Sinead seems to have had a major change of heart. I felt like when she came back to the Cahill's side in DoD, it was way too cheesy and stupid, and I really didn't like her. (So. Much. Cheese.) Once again, Jude has saved the day, characterization-wise. At the end of the chapter, Sinead asks Nellie to give Amy a message- "Tell her I'm afraid." From Sinead, that's a lot. My heart broke a bit when she said that.

Back in Halifax, (FINALLY), things are serious. Atlas isn't kidding around- he's going to shoot these kids. Ian stepped in front of Amy (*squee*! Sorry, my Amian heart loved that. That counts as an Amian moment, right? Yes. It definitely does. A.M.I.A.N.) Atlas doesn't like these kids being in his business, and orders them to kneel down. This is happening, execution style. Ian's Lucian abilities are causing his mind to frantically run through his head, trying to figure out a way for them to make it out alive. His friends are behind him, tense, ready to attack. But Ian knew that wouldn't work. That would just get everyone killed. There is only one option that could work. If Atlas shot Ian, the others would have time to rush Atlas and take the gun. But Ian would have to die for it to work.

Aghhhhhhhhh. Wondering what that impossible sacrifice Ian would have to face? Yep. This chapter killed me inside. At the same time, I was so proud of him though. He went from this stuck-up rich kid to someone who was literally willing to sacrifice his own life for his friends. But I was freaking out. Like, a lot.

Ian refused to kneel. Amy immediately knew what he was thinking- he was ready to die. They've spent so much time together, they probably know what the other is thinking almost constantly. At this point, with Natalie gone, Amy probably knows Ian better than anyone. Atlas pulled the gun to Ian's temple when Ian saw a way out. He tried to stall Atlas, and a wave crashed against the boat. That was all that the Cahills needed. All four of them attacked Atlas at once, grabbing the gun and throwing it overboard. They ran for a small dinghy to escape, when Atlas came at them with another gun from below deck. They barely made it out, but now they had another problem. They were lost in the middle of the North Atlantic with a ship coming straight towards them.

After much frantic rowing and bailing water out, they managed to make it back to shore. Cara freaked out when she learned that Ian had almost gotten himself killed and, of course, Ian took it the wrong way and got defensive. Boy, you're clueless. But right now they have bigger problems than Ian and Cara's awkwardness. The Aurora is going to blow up, and they have to stop it. They convince Mr. Hannigan, who works at the shipyard, to help them, and they are able to stop the ship. But it turns out, the ship was never going to explode- the kids were wrong. There were just illegal weapons on board. ( XD Haha, "JUST" illegal weapons on board) Going back over the poem, they realized that it was actually pointing to a different disaster-the Titanic. The target is the Titanic II, which is setting sail the next day.

Back in Singapore, Nellie and Sammy are walking around when they realize they're being followed.They end up in an alley with none other than Alek Spasky, although they don't know who he is at the time. He threatens them, calling them "kiddos" - Nellie's special name for Amy and Dan.

The Cahills are in Argentina, hoping to get aboard the Titanic II. There's a short passage from Cara's POV thinking about how he brushed her off and got all "Brit-fuff-fuff' just when she was trying to show that she cared. BUT DO YOU ACTUALLY CARE, MISS PIERCE? HUH? DO YA? .....Sorry about that. Anyways. So, the Cahills are trying to figure out how to get aboard the Titanic II. But before too long, they have a way- Hollywood people. Jonah works some hip-hop charm, and they're invited to come on board for some refreshments. True, they have to put up with a loony director talking about Flat Stanley meets the X-Men...but hey, they're on board! It seems like there's not going to be anywhere to hide, but at the last minute they find an empty cabin. With some pretty awesome teamwork/conning, they get inside a cabin. They send Cara back to shore, much to her dismay. I really didn't like how Cara was being so stubborn about not wanting to go back. Hmm. Wonder why she really was so insistent about staying on board...?

For Nellie and Sammy, things are starting to add up. Mabel did some spying for them, and between what she learned, the Chens' overprotective nature, and the fact that Nellie's assailant knew about her special nickname for D&A (something she said in front of the Chens), Nellie and Sammy know. The Chens are in league with the Outcast.

On the Titanic II, 3/4 of the Cahills are temporarily out of commission. Ian, Amy, and Hamilton are all miserably seasick due to rough conditions. Dan, however, is perfectly fine, and decides to use the rough weather as an opportunity to explore while most of the people onboard are stuck in their cabins. He almost manages to lift a key card from one of the crew members, but unfortunately fails in doing so. Instead, he ends up in a conversation with a scientist onboard, Dr. Jeff Tagamayer, about krill. (Really, Dan? Haven't you learned not to make friends???) Anyways, after reporting what he'd been up to to the still-dying Cahills, he heads back out, only to end up in some trouble. A crew member starts asking him where his key card and ID are- two things he doesn't have. At the last minute, he ends up being saved by Dr. Jeff who, after the crew member left, says, "Dan Cahill, I presume?"

Sammy is struggling to figure out how these people that he's known his whole life could be evil. Things at their house had always been so wonderful. But...had they been too perfect? But then, as he's lying in bed, he realizes something. The work that his father had been doing was on turning algae into biofuel. Biofuel, like what the Titanic II was running on. But Mabel had said something about combustion. Could the biofuel...blow up the ship?

The Titanic II has finally reached Antarctica. The Cahills are awed by the complete beauty of Antarctica. But they aren't able to admire the beauty for long. A text comes in from the Outcast- they only have two hours left. Before they have time to plan, Dan runs in with Dr. Jeff. Apparently, he's an Ekat who's been in the South Pole for the past year and has no idea what has been going on in the Cahill family. But, he's more than willing to help.

Ian leaves the ship and overhears that Dr. Jeff is leaving early, as he apparently also did when he was at the South Pole. Instead of being there for a year, like he'd told them, he actually only stayed a month. He texts the Cahills, telling them to keep an eye on him. He also sees someone familiar- more familiar than he'd like. Alek Spasky is also in Antarctica.

Nellie and Sammy sneak into Tiff's office. They hack into her computer and realize that she has all of Sammy's father's notes on the biofuel. Sammy looks through everything and realizes that it would be very easy to make the biofuel combustible, and someone named JET does know how. Sammy has to figure out how to reverse the combustion cycle- and fast. Suddenly, however, they hear footsteps. (AGH) There isn't time to keep looking on the computer. They slip into the next room and hide. Sammy frantically texts Jonah, trying to tell him all that they know and what to do. Nellie silently willed him to hurry. If this didn't work, her kiddos might not make it back.

Back in Argentina, Jonah is about to lose his mind. He hasn't heard from anyone in an hour, and he's really worried about everyone, especially Ham. "He felt like something was missing. Like his right arm." Meanwhile, Cara is trying to find digital trails, but is coming up with nothing. (Is she ACTUALLY looking for digital trails? Or is she doing something totally different? Sorry, I'm grasping at straws here. Gosh this is bad.) Cara tells Jonah how worried she is about Ian doing something stupid. Like blowing himself up. Jonah says that the two of them need to "Work this out, get honest, and get together." Jonah. No. Stop. No. Anyways. They start to get texts from Sammy. He tells them that the biofuel is going to blow up the ship. He isn't sure what to do though. Suddenly, the texts stop. Jonah and Cara are freaking out. There isn't much that they can do, and they feel pretty helpless. Sammy mentioned something about someone named Rollo possibly being involved, and Rollo is staying in the room next to them. They try to pick the lock and break down the door, but neither works. Finally, they end up sneaking in through the balcony. When they enter the room, they find Rollo dead. Lying nearby is a small, metal spear. One of Alek Spasky's spears.

In Antarctica, Amy is keeping an eye on Dr. Jeff. He's loading up a Zodiac inflatable boat, like he's leaving by himself. She decides that they (she, Ham, and Dan) need to follow him. He lands the Zodiac on Deception Island. They follow him around until they are spotted. He claims that he is simply there to collect krill data. He grabs a duffel bag, and Amy sees three letters stitched onto it. Jeffery E. Tagamayer. JET. Suddenly, JET slams the door and locks them in a small room. Out the window, they can see him fleeing in a helicopter.

It's absolutely freezing in the small room, and the three Cahills are very cold. The room is built to withstand all weather conditions, and they can't figure out a way to break out of it. Then, they remember something- the room is build with adjustable stilts. There's only one way to get out- collapsing the building. It worked! And, Ian came with a Zodiac, so they would be able to leave Deception Island. Ian also received a message from Sammy about how to stabilize the fuel. There's just one thing. Ian knows that there isn't much time left (30 min), and that Alek is running around. There's a good chance that the Cahills won't make it out alive. So, it makes more sense to only risk one life rather than four. He wants to leave emergency supplies with them, and go by himself to try to save the Titanic. He just couldn't bear to let them help him, when they would probably just die. But the other three aren't about to let him do this alone. With no discussion, they climb in the boat with Ian. They're going to do this.

As they're sailing back to the Titanic, a metal spear hits the side of the Zodiac. Alek. Part of the boat began to deflate. There were several air compartments, but if Alek hit enough of them, the boat would sink. He shot two more compartments. They weren't going to make it. Another compartment was hit. To make matters worse, a nearby iceberg was cracking.

(Can I just point out how unrealistic this section was? Sorry, that bothered me. Carry on.)

Suddenly, Amy grabbed control of the boat from Ian. She shot them straight towards the iceberg, causing enough backwash to make Alek unable to follow them. They make it to the Titanic, but they only have ten minutes before the ship is going to blow.

They ran into the engine room. Four minutes left. Sammy told them that all they have to do to stop the combustion is to gum up the fuel tanks with canola oil. They poured. And poured. It was soooo slow. And they didn't have time. With one minute left, the gauge was back in the normal zone. The fuel wasn't going to combust.

In Argentina, Jonah and Cara were relieved that everything was alright. Then, texts from Nellie started coming in.

If we disappear ask Mabel

Jonah texted back, Who is Mabel?

Save my kiddos  was the only response.

Oh. My. Gosh. Three words can cause so much pain. What is going on with Nellie and Sammy? Are they okay?? Are they alive?? If they get killed, I honestly don't know what I'll do. The fact that Nellie's last three words could be "Save my kiddos" is giving me way too many feels. She's done so much for them, and now she could die. And she's still worrying about them. I can't handle it.

The Outcast is still in Grace's house. He finds a file, exactly where he remembered it. This is exactly what he needs to destroy the Cahills.

Wow. That is definitely the longest post that I have ever written haha! So, here are the main things that I'm taking away from this book-

• Jude Watson is amazing. I love her writing and her characterization. I'm so sad that this is her last 39 Clues book. :(

• The 39 Clues never fails to make me exceptionally emotional.

• If Nellie is dead and "Save my kiddos" were her last words, I may never stop crying.

• I want to know if Fiske survives the series.

• Sinead is back?? Will she be brought into more of the series? Will she be good or evil?


• Is Nathaniel the Outcast??

• Is Sammy good or evil? What about his parents?

• Vikram's back? How is he going to play into the series?

• Which ship is going to make it?



What did you think of Mission Titanic??

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Cahills- School's Out!!

 School's Out!!

Amy- "I'm so glad that school's out! Now I finally have time to learn that new form of martial arts I've been wanting to try. Oh! And I can finish taking Honors Calculus in my spare time!"

Dan- "Time to play video games for the next two months solid!!"

Ian- "Finally. Now that I've been going to school here in America to be closer to Attleboro, I'm so glad that it's over. I can't handle another nanosecond with those blithering idiots."

Jonah- "Dude! Now if we can just keep all the bad guys away, I can finally write my hip-hop Hamlet!"

Nellie- "Oh, stop rubbing it in you guys. I still have classes all summer." -_-

Hamilton- "Hey, Jonah!"

Jonah- "Yeah bro?"

Hamilton- "What time is it?!" 

Jonah and Hamilton in unison- "Summertime!!"  

Everyone- ..........

Jonah- "C'mon guys, don't tell me you never watched High School Musical. Admit it. You love it."

Ian- "Ugh. Natalie used to watch it countless times. I don't understand what her fascination with it was."

Hamilton- "So...that means that you know the lyrics!"

Ian- *blushes* "What? No, of course not."

Dan- "Hey Amy, you used to watch that all the time!"

Amy- "What? No I didn't.." *slowly begins to back out of the room*

Nellie- "Hey, I remember that movie!"

*ten minutes later*

Cahills- "We're all in this together!!!" 
 *Jonah and Nellie effortlessly dance along. Amy, Ian, and Hamilton desperately try to remember the choreography*

Fiske- *walks in* "What the....?"


Today's Quote!

~The Viper's Nest

Hahahaha, I love this quote. Kurt, the Mad Chess Fiend of South Africa. XD