Monday, June 1, 2015

The Cahills- School's Out!!

 School's Out!!

Amy- "I'm so glad that school's out! Now I finally have time to learn that new form of martial arts I've been wanting to try. Oh! And I can finish taking Honors Calculus in my spare time!"

Dan- "Time to play video games for the next two months solid!!"

Ian- "Finally. Now that I've been going to school here in America to be closer to Attleboro, I'm so glad that it's over. I can't handle another nanosecond with those blithering idiots."

Jonah- "Dude! Now if we can just keep all the bad guys away, I can finally write my hip-hop Hamlet!"

Nellie- "Oh, stop rubbing it in you guys. I still have classes all summer." -_-

Hamilton- "Hey, Jonah!"

Jonah- "Yeah bro?"

Hamilton- "What time is it?!" 

Jonah and Hamilton in unison- "Summertime!!"  

Everyone- ..........

Jonah- "C'mon guys, don't tell me you never watched High School Musical. Admit it. You love it."

Ian- "Ugh. Natalie used to watch it countless times. I don't understand what her fascination with it was."

Hamilton- "So...that means that you know the lyrics!"

Ian- *blushes* "What? No, of course not."

Dan- "Hey Amy, you used to watch that all the time!"

Amy- "What? No I didn't.." *slowly begins to back out of the room*

Nellie- "Hey, I remember that movie!"

*ten minutes later*

Cahills- "We're all in this together!!!" 
 *Jonah and Nellie effortlessly dance along. Amy, Ian, and Hamilton desperately try to remember the choreography*

Fiske- *walks in* "What the....?"



  1. Ugh, Amy sounds like my older sister...

  2. Uh, you're -or rather, the Cahills do- rubbing salt in the wound >w< I still have half a month of exams to go on with... yay.... *faints over a book of Science*