Thursday, June 25, 2015


Erasmus seriously broke my heart. His character absolutely killed me..


  1. Erasmus should've stayed in the series longer. It was kind of a given that he was going to die, but I wish he would've at least stayed till Day of Doom. He was such a strong character, with one of the best back stories. The sad thing is, he says they won't get away with murder again, and they get away with his murder.

    1. He really should have. He was one of my all-time favorite characters, his back-story was great. I figured he'd die, but like you said, I wish he'd just made it a few more books. I also really wish that HE had killed Luna. Ugh. It's so sad.

    2. If he had killed Luna then he'd be alive, and we'd all be happy, so THANKS A LOT Luna. I never really understood Luna's character. She kept being described as someone who was grandmotherly or whatever, and then she was a Vesper too. I like it when characters have conflicting personalities, but Luna's weren't developed enough for me to understand her.

    3. THANKS, LUNA. YOU KILLED MY SOUL. Neither did I. I always wanted to understand her better, but she was never developed. It was weird.

    4. Same goes for Sandy, the most forgotten villain of all 39 Clues. I felt like the only reason why he was there was because they needed someone to fill the position for Vesper Four, but honestly, they could've not mentioned who it was and still had a great ending to the series. It was just weird because he came in The Dead of Night, wasn't mentioned for two books, and then was supposed to be a big character for Day of Doom.

      I did like that Jonah killed Luna though. I just wish they had had him lost in his mind for a while longer. In Shatterproof Hamilton was worried about him "going off the deep end" and then he seemed fine next book, which to me that should've been changed. I think Jonah's one of the softest Cahills and I think he would be hurt the most by murdering someone.

    5. Oh gosh, I really did forget about Sandy. He really wasn't necessary; quite frankly he annoyed me.

      Yeah, I did like that. I just wished it had been Erasmus, for the sake if revenge. If it had to be someone else though, I'm glad it was Jonah. Yeah, he definitely should have lost it a bit more. He's a little more emotional than the others so I was somewhat disappointed to not see more of that.

    6. Yes, Sandy annoyed me to. He was more of a hinderance than a threat, and honestly, there's nothing worse than a nonthreatening villain.

      Plus, there was Phoenix. One of the only things I didn't like about Trust No One was the way Jonah acted in general, like he just forgot what he had done and that his closest cousin was dead.

    7. Yep. He was just like a mosquito who wouldn't go away.

      YES!! That bugged me too..