Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Poll Results!!

Hello, everyone!! Here are the results of my most recent poll- Who Is Your Favorite 39C Adult?

Nellie- 27%
Fiske- 9%
Alistair- 45%
Irina- 36%
Mr. McIntyre- 9%
Erasmus- 18%
Grace- 9%

Where are the McIntyre and Fiske fans??? I've got to say, if I voted (which I don't, I leave that for y'all!), I would have actually voted for McIntyre, Erasmus, Fiske, and Nellie. I'm really pretty surprised that Grace, McIntyre, and Fiske all scored so low. I love all three of them! I'm also somewhat surprised that Alistair won- I love him, but he's not my favorite of the adults.

What do you think of the poll results?


  1. I thought Nellie was going to take the cake when you first put out the poll, but with all the Irina fans out there I guess Irina winning was a given. I thought Alistair would do well, but I also thought McIntyre would to. Erasmus is one of my favorites on the list, so I thought he should've won, but since he was only a part of the series for a short time, I'm not too surprised.

    1. Yeah, I'm not surprised that Irina did so well. I wish that Erasmus had won too, but I guess since he wasn't a part of the books very long, I shouldn't be too surprised. But I love Mac!!!!

  2. Oh wow. How am I going to choose my favorite series?… gosh, this'll be hard.

    1. Haha! Yeah, I'm not sure what I would pick...

  3. Whoo! I am happy Ali got first place (and Irina second, yay!) but also surprised....

    I check a lot in the 39 Clues Message Board, and when there are such polls taking place, it's usually Nellie or Irina getting the most votes:3 not that I mind that XD but yeah, Alistair never gets a lot of attention, so I guess he deserves to win once;)

    Basically the characters with the most votes generally are Nellie and Irina because they're probably very interesting (Nellie is... Nellie, and Irina died for Amy and Dan, and was a KGB spy so... XD) but I have seen Fiske getting a lot of votes too, so maybe he could have done better too XD

    (and then I look at those names up there and realize that everyone is dead except Fiske and Nellie 0.0 thanks, authors, didn't need my heart or anything >w< )

    1. Yeah, usually Nellie gets most of the votes...both of those are great characters, so that's not surprising.

      *sob* I KNOW! It's so depressing...

    2. It's rational, I mean, Nellie's still ALIVE! That's a pretty goos reason to get votes XD indeed:)

      *hugs* we'll get through this dear... XD

    3. Haha, "SHES ALL WE HAVE LEFT!!"

      *sniff* we'll try!