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Hey everyone! I know that I haven't done a very good job of blogging lately, I've mainly been just doing quotes. BUT, I'm finally finished with school, so I have lots of time to rant here!! (*readers all hide*)


So, lately I've been thinking a lot about Cara. If you've been reading this blog, you know that she's not exactly my favorite character. But I've been talking it over with my mom and sister (both of whom I've forced to read the books), and we're gathering more and more evidence/theories/opinions that Cara is No Good. 

(If you're a fan of Cara or Carian, I would like to apologize in advance. Please don't murder me in the comments below. That being said, I'd love opinions! Just not opinions that involve borrowing Natalie's dart gun.)

1. Saladin

I've blogged about this before (you can find that post here), but I want to bring it up again. Cara threatened to get rid of Saladin. You. Do. Not. Mess. With. Saladin. Ever. Also, it was mentioned in a comment about Doublecross-

Note that this was right after Cara threatened to get rid of Saladin. The book also ended with the line, "He didn't see any trouble with these two. As long as the red snapper kept coming."

(I'm paraphrasing, I don't have the book with me at the moment, so that quote may not be exact. If it is, my 39 Clues skills are more on point than I've thought)

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

2. Ekat

Okay, this proof isn't really solid, but it's just something that comes in to play. Cara is an Ekat, as is the Outcast. Does this automatically mean that Cara is evil? No, of course not. But seeing as the Outcast is also an Ekat, I just think that it's something to consider. (Can I just also point out that there seem to be a LOT of evil Ekats? The Outcast, Bae, possibly Cara, temporarily Sinead...gosh. They're practically as ruthless as the Lucians.)
3. Betrayal

We were told that in this series, there would be a "betrayal that the Cahill kids never see coming." Now, in my opinion, for a betrayal to be this big, it has to be from someone close. But at the same time, we know that there isn't going to be a betrayal from any of the main Cahills (Amy, Dan, Ian, Hamilton, Jonah, Nellie, Fiske). So really, if you think about it, that leaves Cara and Sammy. I'm trying not to think about that fact that Sammy could be evil (although that has crossed my mind,  but that's a post for another time). Cara could easily be working her way in, prepping for a betrayal.

4. Ian

Speaking of betrayal, let's talk about Ian for a second. Now, this isn't proof. It's just a theory that's been churning in my mind, and I wanted to share it. I feel like Cara is manipulating Ian. Like she's trying to get into his head, and then is going to turn on him. Cara could possibly be trying to set him up. I also feel like Cara could be really good bait for Ian. All that the Outcast would have to do would be to say that Cara was in danger, and Ian would come to rescue her. Cara could then be perfectly fine, and Ian could be killed. If Ian dies....I will not handle it well, let's just say that. If you notice, it also seems like Ian cares a lot more about Cara than she does for him. Let's take this quote from Mission Titanic for instance-

Seems like Cara doesn't like Ian as much as Ian likes her. Hmm.

I'm going to post a bunch of different theories later (because I have like, six different theories about how the next three books could go down), so I'll just say this. Cara could easily be manipulating Ian to get what she wants. And it may not end well for the Cahills.

5. Doublecross

This may or may not mean anything, but it's just something I noticed. In Flashpoint, the word "Doublecross" was only used about one person. Coincidentally, that person was Cara. That could mean nothing, but it's just something that I picked up.

6. Convenience

With Cara, there seem to be a lot of...convenient circumstances. For example, she just happens to be able to very easily get into touch with Atlas, one of the most dangerous men in the world, and he replies quite rapidly. I get that the Cahills have made a name for themselves, but I really just don't see Atlas responding that quickly to a bunch of teenagers. Also, let's look at the scene where the kids are on the boat with Atlas and almost die. On the boat, we have Ian, Amy, Dan, and Hamilton. 4/5 of the Cahills. If Atlas had killed them, Jonah would be the only person left for Cara to deal with. And frankly, I feel like most people underestimate him as just being the pretty boy. So all Cara would have to do would be to knock off Jonah, and she has the Cahill leadership all to herself. Just a theory, but it's definitely possible, in my opinion. Atlas could be in on all of it, working with Cara and the Outcast. Opinions?

What do you think of Cara?

Kabra Quote

~Into The Gauntlet

Traumatic Childhood 101

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I Hate This Part...


I will never forgive Natalie Standiford for killing Pony. I loved her writing, but this part was just so unnecessary. It didn't add to the plot. He didn't deserve to die. She just killed him. Ugh. He was so sweet.....

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Today's Quote

~Trust No One

It's so sad. She never got to be that normal teenager.

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Doublecross Book 3 Reveal!

Hello everyone! Guess what- we've learned the title of the third Doublecross book!

It is....


I've got to admit, I'm slightly disappointed in the title. I mean, Mission Hurricane? It's cool, but it's kind of vague. I don't know. I just wish it gave a little bit more information. 

So far, we know that it will be written by Jenny Goebel, released on January 26, 2016, and will have 192 pages. I hope that the cover is released soon, I want to know what it looks like!!!

What do you think of the title?



I still get so mad when I think about what Pierce did to Fiske...

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Hahaha, I absolutely love this line. XD

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A Quote


This is from one of my favorite chapters in Countdown. I love to watch how all of the boys interact, it's so funny and sweet at the same time. :)

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39 Clues Game Night!!

I feel like a 39 Clues game night would be hilarious..

Dan- *gets into an argument with Ian over whether video games count as actual games*

Amy- *tries to convince everyone to sit down and play a nice quiet game of Life. She doesn't succeed.*

Jonah- "I know, let's have a karaoke competition!" *entire family assaults Jonah with pillows*

Hamilton- *tries to teach Amy about fantasy football but eventually gives up*

Ian- *agrees to play Pictionary with Cara but quits after she draws Brit-Fuff-Fuff*

Cara- *harasses Ian with Pictionary, and then joins Hamilton in trying to teach Amy to play fantasy football*

Atticus- *beats everyone at Scrabble*

Jake- *gets into a war with Ian over Trivial Pursuit*

Fiske- "Why can't we just play Monopoly like a normal family??"

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Ian and Jake

I could insert a comment here about people who actually care, but I'll be nice to the Jamys...

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Oh my goodness everyone- you can get a Mission Hindenberg sneak peek on Amazon!! You get about a chapter and a half- yay!! Here's the link-

A big thank you to reader Abby for letting me know about this in the comments section!

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Time For A Quote!

~Beyond The Grave

My Thoughts Exactly..

(found this online)

This was literally my reaction. Jude, I love you, but that was just cold...

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Today's Quote!

~The Medusa Plot

Hahahahaha, I love this line...

Poll Results!

Hey everybody! Here's the results of my "Who Is Your Favorite Character" poll-

Amy- 28%
Dan- 23%
Ian- 52%
Hamilton- 15%
Jonah- 23%
Jake- 7%
Atticus- 7%

So, what do you think of the poll results? Are they fair?

Now, for the next poll- "Who Is Your Favorite 39C Adult"? Go vote now!

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A Quote!

"You don't scare me, muscle man."
"Sure I do. And my time will come."

~Hamilton Holt, Day of Doom

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