Thursday, May 7, 2015

Poll Results!

Hey everybody! Here's the results of my "Who Is Your Favorite Character" poll-

Amy- 28%
Dan- 23%
Ian- 52%
Hamilton- 15%
Jonah- 23%
Jake- 7%
Atticus- 7%

So, what do you think of the poll results? Are they fair?

Now, for the next poll- "Who Is Your Favorite 39C Adult"? Go vote now!


  1. The results make sense for the most part (I was kind of surprised by Att's count though). I kind of wish Sinead was in there, but I still really like the polls (:

    1. Oh, I meant to include Sinead! Darn. Yeah, I was a little surprised Att didn't get more votes, too. Otherwise, it's pretty much what I expected. I also would have thought Ham would have gotten another vote or two.

    2. Yeah Sinead would've gotten lots of votes from me (:

      Oh yeah Ham too. I'll admit though I didn't give Att a vote until Jake got three votes because I didn't want him to lose alone… Its sad having a fav. character that no one likes...

    3. Oh, I bet!

      Haha! Yeah, that's always no fun...

  2. Cool, Ian totally deserves first place, and noooo, don't tell me that Jake got the same as Atticus! Poor Att, he deserves more love! XD

    Yay, new poll! Gonna vote! Hm, I wonder who I am voting for.... XD

    1. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you were one of the Irina votes (:

      The Jake/Att thing was partially my fault /: