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Merry Christmas, 39 Clues!

Before I even get into this post, let me just say that yes, I am aware that Christmas was like, 5 days ago. Sorry about that. I really wanted to do a Christmas post though, I just never had a chance. Things were crazy before Christmas, and I've just had no motivation ever since. It's been nice to have a break, although I have missed blogging. SO, you're getting a five day late Christmas post. Enjoy.


Amy would be a Christmas fanatic. The decorations would be up the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas music would be playing 24/7, and all of her gifts would be bought before December 1st. Amy was trying super hard to make Christmas just as wonderful as Grace always had. She would also be that person who's annoyingly good at gift giving, always managing to find that perfect gift based off of an offhanded comment that someone made six months ago. (In other words, Amy is basically my sister.) She wore the scarf that Natalie had given her for Christmas a few years ago (y'know, the one Nat sent her the bill for..) quite often during the holidays, as a little reminder of her.

Dan would be that annoying person who's constantly trying to figure out what you're giving them, and just will. not. leave. you. ALONE!!! For the entire month of December, he kept getting caught rummaging under someone's bed, or in someone's closet, trying to find the Christmas presents that they'd hidden away. It finally got to the point where Amy and Nellie refused to ever leave him home alone, and Fiske installed new locks on every door. Of course, that didn't do much good- Dan had learned too much from Lightfingered Larry. Amy was strongly regretting ever making Dan take that course....

Fiske decided that this Christmas, thanks to Dan, they needed higher security. After all, they had a gigantic headquarters in their house- couldn't they at least keep Dan away from the Christmas tree? He kind of gave up, though, after he accidentally almost burnt off the bottom of the tree with lasers. Instead, he focused his energy on being in charge of the outdoor lights. It started with simple white lights, but by December 20th, there were flashing reindeer on the front lawn, accompanied by a small army of elves.

Nellie, of course, was focused on the food. She wanted everyone to get their favorite holiday food, which ended up biting her when she ended up with a two-page list of different dishes that had been requested. She and Sammy spent the whole week before Christmas making grocery lists, shopping, and prepping the food. In the spare moments that she wasn't prepping for the feast, she put together a custom cookbook for Sammy, filled with their favorite recipes.

Ian wouldn't be super into the holiday spirit, but the rest of the Cahills would basically force it onto him. On December 1st, he would wake up to find a holiday blanket at the foot of his bed, and his drawers filled with tacky Christmas sweaters. He didn't like that very much, and was not at all amused when Dan sat him down to watch The Grinch, saying, "Hey, Ian! It's you!" Throughout the month though, he'd slowly get into it a bit more, and at one point Amy actually caught him humming along to Jingle Bells.

Christmas was always a big deal for the Holts- they do everything big! Everyone thought that Hamilton was a bit like an elf, getting into the Christmas spirit almost TOO much. He wore red and green all month long, and was constantly wrapping presents and singing Christmas carols loudly and off-key. Jonah kept trying to give him voice lessons, but Hamilton usually refused and threw a chestnut at him.

Jonah would, obviously, get into the music. He'd keep trying to put a hip-hop spin on songs that really didn't need a hip-hop spin- his 'gangsta' version of White Christmas was just plain bizarre. He also kept trying to get the Cahills to all go caroling, but with the exception of Hamilton, no one was really interested. He finally gave up on trying to get everyone to sing carols around the piano when Ian threw out all of the sheet music.


Hope everyone's having a great holiday season!

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The Only Way Mission Hurricane Could Work

Okay, so I've been thinking. I know that we're all kind of freaked out by the idea of Mission Hurricane, especially with the fear that a weather machine will be brought into the picture again. Honestly, I don't know if this book is going to work out well or not. But I have thought of ONE way that it could go that would actually be handling everything well.

The 39 Clues writers have to know by now that we all hated Day of Doom. It's pretty obvious, and let's be real, the fangirls haven't exactly been quiet about it hahaha. So, what if in this book, they almost made fun of how things went down in Day of Doom?

The Cahills figure out that the Outcast wants to do something involving Katrina. Immediately, Dan says something like, "Oh gosh, not this again."And everyone is just completely done at this point. They're all like, "You've got to be kidding me. We've been through this already! How stupid is this guy?"

I can't quite see the Outcast being stupid enough to do a weather machine. The encounter with the Vespers should be common Cahill knowledge at this point after all. A genius like the Outcast wouldn't want to do that again. He wants to put the kids through something new.

Also, Ian would have to be kind of panicked over the idea. After all, last time a machine was involved, his mother and Natalie were killed. It would have to totally freak him out. I'd also like to see Amy have a bit of a mental breakdown thinking about what happened with Evan. It's like all of that was glossed over, and I'd like to see it brought back up.

So everyone would be really ticked about having to deal with a weather machine again, along with Ian and Amy being nervous/not wanting to lose more people. They'd both be super tense, and they'd probably argue over how to go about all of this, but there could also be an Amian moment in there somewhere, which would make me happy.

Then, they would realize that the Outcast was bringing up the machine to mess with their minds, and that Katrina was a distraction. The true disaster would be something else, although I'm not sure what. In 2005, North Korea announced that they possess nuclear weapons, so maybe that could come up in preparation for Mission Atomic? I'm not sure. Anything but a hurricane, please...

I don't know what's going to happen. But if it worked out this way, I think that it could be handled well. What do you think?

Book 4 Cover Reveal!


The last ever 39 Clues book's cover has been released. Mission Atomic.

I don't know how I feel about this.

I can't believe that this is the last one...

What is that on the cover??? I can't even figure it out. Gosh. I'm really nervous about this one...

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Mission Hurricane Back Cover

So the back cover has been released...guys. He wants to do Hurricane Katrina.

I swear if they do another weather machine, I will murder someone.

I'm just hoping that Hurricane Katrina is a distraction. What else was going on during that time period? Gah. I'm so nervous. This the second to last book in the series. If they mess it up....gosh. I'm worried.

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~Into The Gauntlet

I've always thought that the books did a good job showing PTSD...

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~Storm Warning

I always thought it was interesting how Dan and Amy didn't kill her while they had the chance...let's be honest the real surprise is that Nellie didn't personally finish her off xD

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Erasmus breaks my heart. I would absolutely love to read a book just on him and his life. He's one of my all-time favorite characters, for sure.

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We're Marching to Pretoria...

~The Viper's Nest

"We're marching to Pretoria...."

I still want to look that song up sometime. I have a tune in my mind, so in a way I hate to lose that, but at the same time I'm curious to hear what it sounds like.

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Today's Quote

~Day of Doom

Oh my goodness, this part was so funny...

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~The Dead of Night

*sigh* Natalie never got her sushi... Natalie makes me way too sad..

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A Cahill Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am so thankful for so many things, particularly for all of you who read and comment on this blog! :) <3

Let's visit the Cahill Family Thanksgiving, shall we?


Like she did with Halloween, Amy would get super into Thanksgiving. She'd have cornucopias and fake leaves and pumpkins all over. She would go crazy trying to plan everything out perfectly, although actually executing the meal prep wouldn't exactly be her forte. Decorating the table would be one of her favorite things, making sure everyone sat in the correct place and that the centerpiece was gorgeous. She'd love getting to have everyone together, though, since she didn't ever get that big happy family Thanksgiving when she was growing up. 

Dan would love Thanksgiving for one main reason- the food. While everyone else is going around the table saying what they're grateful for, Dan would be eating a turkey leg under the table. In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, he would be dropping Nellie hints about what she should make, and suggesting every type of pie imaginable. Nellie would have kick him out of the kitchen multiple times for sneaking too much food. 

Fiske would be very serious about the "everyone say what they're thankful for" routine. Dan would drive him insane trying to stuff his face before everyone was finished. He'd be super traditional about the menu, wanting to use tons of old recipes, and arguing with Nellie about how she used way too many spices. 

Nellie would go NUTS getting ready for Thanksgiving. It would be her favorite holiday simply because of all the food. She'd probably be planning the menu for a month beforehand, and wouldn't listen to everyone's protests when she starts making Asian gravy. The only person she would let help her in the kitchen would be Sammy (who everyone else would probably try to bribe). By the time she was done with the cooking, they would have enough food to last for weeks, but who cares? That just means that she gets to come up with more ways to use turkey! 

Ian wouldn't quite know what to think of Thanksgiving. It would be a pretty new concept for him, growing up in England. He'd ask tons of questions about the original Thanksgiving until Jonah finally threw a history textbook at him. He also would be super uncomfortable when everyone went around saying what they're thankful for. Waaaaaay too emotional for him. I'd like to think, though, that before he rattled off some generic response, he glanced at Amy, just for a moment.

Hamilton would spend most of his time trying to organize a football game outside after everyone had eaten. Naturally, this didn't go over too well, but he insisted, saying it was "a Holt family tradition." He'd give up after about an hour when Amy had dropped every ball that came her way, Ian was complaining because he tore the hem of his trousers, Nellie was complaining about hunger pangs, and Jonah was too busy rewatching parade footage.

Speaking of Jonah, he would be pretty bummed about not being invited to be in the Macy's parade. Apparently the parade coordinators didn't like his new projects, and were concerned that he was too unbalanced after the famous "mime incident". He would probably spend the morning glumly staring at the TV, criticizing everyone for their bad lip synching. That afternoon, however, he'd become obsessed with starting Christmas music, and getting everyone to Christmas carol. Fiske would claim that they had to wait until tomorrow, but Jonah finally convinced everyone to do one round of Deck The Halls before they all ran off with excuses. 

There was a definite bittersweet nature thinking of the family who couldn't be there, and Amy teared up a bit when she thought about how much Mac would have loved the branches all being together. Mainly, though, everyone would just be thankful to have a day of safety, and thankful for everyone who was able to be there. 


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Today's Quote

~The Black Circle

I'd love to go back to those Russian secrets again...I feel like they could do so much there. Like, I know that they've already done a lot with Russia. But wouldn't it be super cool if they did like, a whole book exploring the Lucian files?

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~Beyond the Grave

I feel like Nellie sounds a lot younger here..

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Vespers Rising

~Vespers Rising

Can we just take a minute to think about what Evan had to be thinking right here? This section cracks me up...

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Just Wait...

~The Sword Thief

Just wait, Ian...this girl is going to confuse you like you've never been confused before.

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A Quote A Day

~The Dead of Night

The first time I read this, my mind was so blown...I really wanted more character development with Luna she was fascinating.

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So Sad...

~The Sword Thief

In some ways, Alistair was just like Dan and Amy...

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Mission Hindenburg Quote

~Mission Hindenburg

Or maybe he's just going to scar a bunch of teenage girls for life? Who knows?

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again- if you don't love Nellie Gomez, you're wrong.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Gosh, I can't believe that it's already Halloween. I've always loved Halloween, it's such a fun holiday. I mean, you get to dress up, decorate with tons of fun stuff, and eat candy! It's kind of perfect.

It got me thinking, how would the Cahills handle Halloween?


Amy would approach Halloween extremely traditionally. She'd decorate the entire mansion with hand-carved jack-o-lanterns that she forced the rest of the Cahills to help her make. There would be little bowls of candy corn on every table, and she would spend the weeks before Halloween making sure that everything was perfect, down to the last orange streamer. She would probably dress up as a cat, which would slightly terrify Saladin. 

Dan would be....well, Dan. He would probably dress up as a zombie, or some other horrifying creature. He'd argue with Amy over decorations for DAYS before giving up- there was just no way he could talk his sister into putting corpses all over the roof. He would, however, drive her crazy by putting little things all over the house- bloody fingers in the candy bowls, hairy spiders in the corners, and exceptionally realistic-looking eyeballs in the ice dispenser. He'd also drag everyone to the scariest haunted house in town, possibly scarring Ian for life. Dan would also be that kid who goes around the neighborhood three times for trick-or-treating, just to get more candy. 

Fiske would be the person that everyone expects to be very nonchalant, but would end up getting super into it as well. He'd side with Amy, as far as decorations are concerned, but he would secretly love the haunted house as much as Dan. None of the other Cahills would understand why Nellie collapsed into laughter when Fiske appeared as a character that he called El Coyote.

Speaking of Nellie, she would probably be the most Halloween-obsessed of all of them! Her hair would be black with orange tips for the entirety of October, and the Cahills wouldn't have a normal meal all month. They'd wake up to find spider-shaped pancakes for breakfast. Lunch would be bloody finger sandwiches, and their ice cubes would be shaped like skulls. Dinnertime would be intestine-casserole with a jello brain for dessert. And her costume, oh her costume! She would be dressed as a ninja, with an amazing black and gold outfit. She'd also get quite a few questions from neighbors as to how she acquired such a great samurai sword...

Ian wouldn't be super Halloween-obsessed, but he'd get dragged into it thanks to the rest of his family. He'd cringe a bit at Nellie's food, and at Dan's decorations, but for the most part he just stayed quiet, except for the occasional muttering about "obsessive Americans". Amy would try to encourage him to participate in the festivities, and she wondered for quite a while why he was so cool about it. Finally one day, he came along with her for some costume errands, and seemed to be getting into the spirit a bit more. He got a lot quieter though, after they accidentally ended up in an aisle full of princess costumes. After that, Amy decided to put him in charge of pumpkins instead.

Growing up, Hamilton always was told that the sole purpose of Halloween was to scare people, a fact that Dan would use to his advantage. The Holts were always THAT family. You know, the ones who dress up as scarecrows or dummies, then sit on the front porch waiting to scare the living daylights out of innocent trick-or-treaters. Amy refused to let them do that this year, but Dan still had other plans. Since he had quite the scaring knowledge, Dan convinced him to rig the house. In the week leading up to Halloween, no one could go anywhere in the house without having SOMETHING jump out at them. The first few times, it was funny, but by the end of the week, Ian had severed the heads of eight clown dummies that had jumped out at him.

Halloween in Attleboro was a bit of a shock for Jonah, who was used to Halloween in LA. He decided to take it upon himself to throw a gigantic Halloween party, but the idea was quickly shot down by Fiske, who didn't like the idea of non-Cahills on the property. Instead, Jonah ended up dedicating himself to filling the mansion with Halloween music, blasting Monster Mash and Thriller CONSTANTLY. He and Nellie had lots of dance battles in the kitchen, which Nellie still claims that she won.


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"You are born to that role, Amy...." 

~The Dead of Night

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~The Medusa Plot

*sob* I miss this being Natalie's biggest issue...

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