Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas, 39 Clues!

Before I even get into this post, let me just say that yes, I am aware that Christmas was like, 5 days ago. Sorry about that. I really wanted to do a Christmas post though, I just never had a chance. Things were crazy before Christmas, and I've just had no motivation ever since. It's been nice to have a break, although I have missed blogging. SO, you're getting a five day late Christmas post. Enjoy.


Amy would be a Christmas fanatic. The decorations would be up the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas music would be playing 24/7, and all of her gifts would be bought before December 1st. Amy was trying super hard to make Christmas just as wonderful as Grace always had. She would also be that person who's annoyingly good at gift giving, always managing to find that perfect gift based off of an offhanded comment that someone made six months ago. (In other words, Amy is basically my sister.) She wore the scarf that Natalie had given her for Christmas a few years ago (y'know, the one Nat sent her the bill for..) quite often during the holidays, as a little reminder of her.

Dan would be that annoying person who's constantly trying to figure out what you're giving them, and just will. not. leave. you. ALONE!!! For the entire month of December, he kept getting caught rummaging under someone's bed, or in someone's closet, trying to find the Christmas presents that they'd hidden away. It finally got to the point where Amy and Nellie refused to ever leave him home alone, and Fiske installed new locks on every door. Of course, that didn't do much good- Dan had learned too much from Lightfingered Larry. Amy was strongly regretting ever making Dan take that course....

Fiske decided that this Christmas, thanks to Dan, they needed higher security. After all, they had a gigantic headquarters in their house- couldn't they at least keep Dan away from the Christmas tree? He kind of gave up, though, after he accidentally almost burnt off the bottom of the tree with lasers. Instead, he focused his energy on being in charge of the outdoor lights. It started with simple white lights, but by December 20th, there were flashing reindeer on the front lawn, accompanied by a small army of elves.

Nellie, of course, was focused on the food. She wanted everyone to get their favorite holiday food, which ended up biting her when she ended up with a two-page list of different dishes that had been requested. She and Sammy spent the whole week before Christmas making grocery lists, shopping, and prepping the food. In the spare moments that she wasn't prepping for the feast, she put together a custom cookbook for Sammy, filled with their favorite recipes.

Ian wouldn't be super into the holiday spirit, but the rest of the Cahills would basically force it onto him. On December 1st, he would wake up to find a holiday blanket at the foot of his bed, and his drawers filled with tacky Christmas sweaters. He didn't like that very much, and was not at all amused when Dan sat him down to watch The Grinch, saying, "Hey, Ian! It's you!" Throughout the month though, he'd slowly get into it a bit more, and at one point Amy actually caught him humming along to Jingle Bells.

Christmas was always a big deal for the Holts- they do everything big! Everyone thought that Hamilton was a bit like an elf, getting into the Christmas spirit almost TOO much. He wore red and green all month long, and was constantly wrapping presents and singing Christmas carols loudly and off-key. Jonah kept trying to give him voice lessons, but Hamilton usually refused and threw a chestnut at him.

Jonah would, obviously, get into the music. He'd keep trying to put a hip-hop spin on songs that really didn't need a hip-hop spin- his 'gangsta' version of White Christmas was just plain bizarre. He also kept trying to get the Cahills to all go caroling, but with the exception of Hamilton, no one was really interested. He finally gave up on trying to get everyone to sing carols around the piano when Ian threw out all of the sheet music.


Hope everyone's having a great holiday season!


  1. Haha that's awesome, I think you did a very good depiction of their Christmas x) I wanted to make a Cahill-secret-santa fan fiction and post it here, but I'm a little bored x3

    Merry Christmas!!!! 💙💙

  2. *sorry, the ??? Marks on my previous comment were a failed attempt to send emoticons x)

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :)
      Haha, it's fine, I can see them:)