Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Cahill Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am so thankful for so many things, particularly for all of you who read and comment on this blog! :) <3

Let's visit the Cahill Family Thanksgiving, shall we?


Like she did with Halloween, Amy would get super into Thanksgiving. She'd have cornucopias and fake leaves and pumpkins all over. She would go crazy trying to plan everything out perfectly, although actually executing the meal prep wouldn't exactly be her forte. Decorating the table would be one of her favorite things, making sure everyone sat in the correct place and that the centerpiece was gorgeous. She'd love getting to have everyone together, though, since she didn't ever get that big happy family Thanksgiving when she was growing up. 

Dan would love Thanksgiving for one main reason- the food. While everyone else is going around the table saying what they're grateful for, Dan would be eating a turkey leg under the table. In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, he would be dropping Nellie hints about what she should make, and suggesting every type of pie imaginable. Nellie would have kick him out of the kitchen multiple times for sneaking too much food. 

Fiske would be very serious about the "everyone say what they're thankful for" routine. Dan would drive him insane trying to stuff his face before everyone was finished. He'd be super traditional about the menu, wanting to use tons of old recipes, and arguing with Nellie about how she used way too many spices. 

Nellie would go NUTS getting ready for Thanksgiving. It would be her favorite holiday simply because of all the food. She'd probably be planning the menu for a month beforehand, and wouldn't listen to everyone's protests when she starts making Asian gravy. The only person she would let help her in the kitchen would be Sammy (who everyone else would probably try to bribe). By the time she was done with the cooking, they would have enough food to last for weeks, but who cares? That just means that she gets to come up with more ways to use turkey! 

Ian wouldn't quite know what to think of Thanksgiving. It would be a pretty new concept for him, growing up in England. He'd ask tons of questions about the original Thanksgiving until Jonah finally threw a history textbook at him. He also would be super uncomfortable when everyone went around saying what they're thankful for. Waaaaaay too emotional for him. I'd like to think, though, that before he rattled off some generic response, he glanced at Amy, just for a moment.

Hamilton would spend most of his time trying to organize a football game outside after everyone had eaten. Naturally, this didn't go over too well, but he insisted, saying it was "a Holt family tradition." He'd give up after about an hour when Amy had dropped every ball that came her way, Ian was complaining because he tore the hem of his trousers, Nellie was complaining about hunger pangs, and Jonah was too busy rewatching parade footage.

Speaking of Jonah, he would be pretty bummed about not being invited to be in the Macy's parade. Apparently the parade coordinators didn't like his new projects, and were concerned that he was too unbalanced after the famous "mime incident". He would probably spend the morning glumly staring at the TV, criticizing everyone for their bad lip synching. That afternoon, however, he'd become obsessed with starting Christmas music, and getting everyone to Christmas carol. Fiske would claim that they had to wait until tomorrow, but Jonah finally convinced everyone to do one round of Deck The Halls before they all ran off with excuses. 

There was a definite bittersweet nature thinking of the family who couldn't be there, and Amy teared up a bit when she thought about how much Mac would have loved the branches all being together. Mainly, though, everyone would just be thankful to have a day of safety, and thankful for everyone who was able to be there. 


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