Monday, May 18, 2015

39 Clues Game Night!!

I feel like a 39 Clues game night would be hilarious..

Dan- *gets into an argument with Ian over whether video games count as actual games*

Amy- *tries to convince everyone to sit down and play a nice quiet game of Life. She doesn't succeed.*

Jonah- "I know, let's have a karaoke competition!" *entire family assaults Jonah with pillows*

Hamilton- *tries to teach Amy about fantasy football but eventually gives up*

Ian- *agrees to play Pictionary with Cara but quits after she draws Brit-Fuff-Fuff*

Cara- *harasses Ian with Pictionary, and then joins Hamilton in trying to teach Amy to play fantasy football*

Atticus- *beats everyone at Scrabble*

Jake- *gets into a war with Ian over Trivial Pursuit*

Fiske- "Why can't we just play Monopoly like a normal family??"


  1. Amy- gets extremely irritated with Jake and Ian for causing so much trouble, and sends them out to "sort out their differences"

    1. Jake and Ian- sit out in the hallway glaring at each other and trading insults.

      "Brit- Fuff-Fuff"
      "Filthy American"
      "Snobby Brit"

    2. Ian- ends it all with a "Rosenbloom, the 39 clues fans actually like me."

      *dead quiet*
      Amy- Ian, I heard that, now go apologize.

    3. *hisses* at least the fangirls like ME

    4. Jake- I don't need a bunch of fangirls to make me happy. *smiles at Amy while secretly smiling at thousands of furious amians*

    5. *Amians glare at him while furiously writing fanfiction*

  2. Aww, poor Fiske! I love him so much, he's so cute XD (Why I love most the older Cahill generation? CX)

    Haha, I can totally see the scene unfolding, good job! I could totally add Irina asking to play Russian Roulette in there XD Too bad Russian Roulette can actually kill you >w<

    1. Haha, I didn't think about including Irina! Yes, definitely

    2. Heh, yeah^^ I posted a 'Cahills do the Cinnamon Challenge', if you'd like to check it out;)

  3. My family plays Monopoly all the time and let me just say that is not a good game to promote family lovey-doveyness. If the Cahills tried to play that together, Fiske would regret his suggestion A LOT.