Monday, April 27, 2015

Quote Time!



  1. Awww this part almost made me cry. Amy is such a strong character I honestly don't understand how people can hate on her for being "weak" or "playing the victim".
    And then when she looks at Jake I'm just like, "Authors, please. My heart."

  2. I know that Amy is the main character and all, but em... would everybody (except my bff) hate me for saying that, if it wasn't for Dan, I would not have any problem if she died in Flashpoint.... *hides before every single fan runs behind me to kill me* sorry! Just... look, I just feel like she's a little too much to be real... like, one moment she can't stop crying and mourn over how tragic her life is, and the next one she's a badass kick-ass leader... I get that she's a Cahill but still... it's like she has every weakness in the world but still is the most powerful character. And yes, I know it might sound nice but it is a little boring...

    I don't know XD All I know is that I started hating Amy after what happened to Evan...*DON'T KILL ME XD*

    1. Yeah, I've got to admit, she's not my favorite either. I like her alright, she's just not my favorite.

    2. No not mad at all! I get that if she isn't your favorite I just think I'd do horrible in her situation, so I admire how much better she'd do than me :/

    3. I agree, I couldn't handle that