Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Quote!

~A King's Ransom

Did the Holt twins just drop off the face of the earth?


  1. Meh you're right, especially Madison has disappeared since TCH... I don't get it, her twin was kidnapped, her older brother ran around the world, but we never get to see what Maddy was doing? Weird xD

    I hope they come back! And as always I love your quotes ;) also, sorry for not commenting on your quotes lately, I'll try to follow more xD it's just, school has been a death sentence for me xD

    1. She just dropped off the face of the planet! It's so weird..

      I hope that they do too, that would be great:) Aw, thanks so much, Katja! I really appreciate it! Hahaha, you're TOTALLY fine- I'm drowning in school, too!