Sunday, April 10, 2016

Superspecial Teaser

Oh gosh....


  1. Oh dear. Will Sinead never catch a break from being forced to do unthinkable, awful things?

    Any ideas on what the horrible thing could be?

    1. Well, they said "spread this like a VIRUS." So I'm assuming it's something along those lines. Maybe she has to steal a virus from a lab?

    2. Or maybe spread a computer virus. I'm hoping it's not a virus serum thingie.

      I wish they hadn't made her the villain again. Maybe I just had a wildly different perspective on Sinead but I don't feel like she's an Isabel.

    3. Oh, and thank you for your lovely comment on my Odesta blog. I spent a long time on that prompt. There's the fifth installment of Finnick's Hunger Games up if you have time to read it ( :

    4. I'm grasping at straws here but what if it's a computer virus of some kind (Sinead is supposed to be better with that sort of thing anyway) and it somehow leads to April May and they reveal that Cara's the fake and Ian turns everything around…heh heh

      I'm a little surprised that they're launching into the new series so fast seeing that Atomic isn't even out yet, but I'm mainly relieved that Doublecross is ending. It's just been so flat. I liked Titanic, wasn't particularly fond of Hindenburg, thought Hurricane was okay, but at this point I'd rather have a big horrible event to talk about other than everyone ending up safe and happy with a million butterflies flying with them into the sunset

    5. Please no serum....not again...

      Yeah, I don't like that it seems like Sinead is the villain yet again. I agree with you- she's not an Isabel. She's not purely evil. Everything that she does has a legitimate motive, and it's not something stupid like world domination. She does what she does for her family.

      I could tell! It was fabulous. Ah, awesome! I saw that earlier today when I logged into Blogger but I haven't had a chance to pop on over there yet. I'll try to read it today!!!

      Oh my gosh...that would be the best thing in the world. I'm sure it's too good to be true (the books just aren't at that level anymore..) BUT I KID YOU NOT IT WOULD MAKE MY LIFE. *sob* Maybe they can just kill Cara in Atomic or something.

      I do think that it's a computer virus, though, now that you're saying it. It makes sense.

      So am I. They don't really seem to be promoting Atomic enough. I'm glad Doublecross is ending, too. You're right- it's been seriously flat. Titanic was good (because Jude wrote it) but after that the series just went majorly downhill. I didn't like Hindenburg at all, and Hurricane was just bland. Everything is going too well, it's too simple. It's like they've pulled it down to children's books again, when they used to be more like YA. It's really frustrating. As much as we complain about characters dying, at least it gives us something to care about. I'd rather lose some characters and at least have some sort of emotion when reading the book. If Atomic has some perfect happy ending, I'm going to be upset.

    6. That's one of the things I loved about Sinead was that her brothers were her motivators. Not power or stupid "I'm going to rule the world" notions. She's not an idiot and I'm worried that the series is going to disregard that. I had hoped that this series would be expanding the Starlings backstory with the explosion and the fact that they don't seem to have any parents (they've never been mentioned, and there's been several moments where it feels like they should be). Maybe even some more about Sinead's relationship with Damian and the Vespers. But not villain Sinead. I know that most of the fandom hates her now but ugh I hate the thought of them reusing the Trust No One plot line for her.

      Just so you know it's totally okay if you're too busy to read my oneshots. I just like to put it out there when I have one finished, so don't feel pressured or anything to read them right away ( :

      I WILL GO DOWN WITH OUR APRIL MAY THEORY NO MATTER WHAT. I just don't agree with how Cara treats Ian. Idk I don't like ships where the girl is always giving off this "I don't give a crap about your problems" vibe.

      Thankfully I don't think Atomic is going to have a happy ending since Chadda's been dropping so many hints about major character deaths and whatnot. But you're right; the Doublecross series went back down to kids books. I don't understand why they got new authors for them, especially since they're authors that write for kids (well, maybe since Baldacci wrote for adults they decided that they needed the opposite of that) but you know what I mean. The books were good while I was reading them simply for the "What's going to happen next?" factor but when you finish them you realize that they were the least note-worthy 39C books you've read.

      And this is kind of unrelated lol but have you ever thought about how similar Ian Kabra and Finnick Odair are? Like, at first you don't like them because they seem arrogant and materialistic but then you're slammed with their heart-breaking backstory and then they're being put through more and more pain and by the end you just want to wrap them up in blankets and protect them from the world.

    7. To anyone who says that Sinead is evil- did you READ Mission Titanic?? Did that at all register?? Because I don't see how you can read that and think that that poor girl is evil. Everything that she did was for that little family of hers, and I swear if they turn her into some evil maniac I will never forgive Scholastic.

      Pshhhh I'm never too busy to read those things. They give me life. I NEED TO HEAR MORE ABOUT FINNICK SINCE SUZANNE SO CRUELLY KILLED HIM AND YOUR BLOG IS THE ONLY WAYYYY.

      SO WILL I. NO ONE CAN EVER CONVINCE ME THAT WE'RE WRONG. Nope. Not one bit. Especially not with someone like Ian who has legitimate issues. Like, if they're some whiny brat that's one thing BUT THE POOR GUY HAS LITERALLY HAD ANYTHING GOOD IN HIS LIFE RIPPED FROM HIM HOW CAN YOU BE SO CRUEL??

      No, I think we'll definitely lose someone in Atomic, since Chadda's been torturing us for so long now. But with the recent downgrade, I'm a little nervous, not going to lie. Did they just freak out after Baldacci's bad reviews and take things down a notch? But Series 3 wasn't horrible...I don't know. This last series has just been weird.

      Oh my gosh YES!!! I've never thought of that but now I know why I love them both so much. They're seriously so similar....I'm going to be coming up with parallels for days now XD

    8. One thing that gives me hope is that it says she's being forced to do the unthinkable, not that she's been planning it out of spite ever since the explosion or anything like that. But does that mean that Ted has to be a hostage again? Poor baby.

      Yay because I'm writing one right now that I'm actually proud of at the moment and it's been a really long time since I've been this happy over it ( : FINNICK ODAIR WILL NEVER BE GIVEN THE AMOUNT OF CREDIT HE DESERVES.

      I KNOW. She's just all over the place. First she's disregarding his feelings and then she's teasing him/ flirting with him and then she's spewing these declarations of love for him at other people? I just hate how her character turned out. #bringbackUnstoppableCara

      Well, they had reason to freak out over Baldacci…how that even made it to the public eye I don't know. I have read 39Clues fan fiction (and let me just say the 39Clues fandom can really struggle in that department…not Katja's writing but some of the other things I've seen) better than Baldacci. The highest praise I can give for DoD is that it's a glorified fanfic. Kind of like books that got started on Wattpad and ended up getting published (I know there are some good books that got published from that but my advice is if you see a book with the label "Wattpad sensation" on it PUT THE BOOK DOWN. It'll only make you grind your teeth in frustration).

      This last series has been weird but it could've easily been remedied if the authors did this: 1) MAKE THE BOOKS LONGER. By far the most important one. They don't all need to be in the 190 page spectrum. 2) Introduce new characters (with new personalities that we don't already have) and let them stay for more than two chapters. 3) PICK AN ANGLE FOR CARA BECAUSE MY HEAD HURTS TRYING TO FIGURE HER CHARACTER OUT. 4) Don't be such sissies about exploring mental trauma. 5) At the very least give us some context to Hamilton's reveal so we can better understand it. That's the bare minimum because what the frickity frick happened with his hormones. 6) More deaths and more failure and more moments of sadness. Less fixing world problems with canola oil (a big thing that irked me off in MT). 7) Talk about what Ian is feeling besides the pressure of raising the family. Natalie was an important character and I feel like the authors are brushing off her death. OH, I KNOW! The original authors were so ashamed of DoD that they told the new authors that Trust No One was the end of CvV. That would explain why almost all the hostages from CvV have been completely forgotten because to the new authors they're still rotting in an underground bunker. 8) Better placement of character's jokes/happiness. Does anyone else feel a little annoyed at their happiness when they've just done something big and scary and potentially catastrophic? At this point I'd rather see dark humor jokes than what I see in this because what they have now just doesn't work. 9) Remember Melinda and Toby and Alek and Magnus? Yeah, EXPAND ON THEM. Who are they? Make them scary, believable villains!

      I have more but this is getting too long and basically everything could be solved by just making the books longer to allow more time for these things to happen.

      They're cross-fandom brothers in my mind now and forever.

    9. How did I miss this beautifully long comment?? Agh!!

      True...but who forces her? NO DON'T HURT TED AGAIN. I can't take it.


      I don't understand her at all. I still hate her so much. I just don't feel like she's genuine. #bringbackJudeWatson. I feel like only Jude can solve it at this point.

      That's so true. I honestly have managed to find fan fiction that's a million times better than what Baldacci wrote. Hey, you're an amazing writer..any chance you could rewrite Day of Doom for me? XD

      1- Yes the books need to be WAY longer. Please. 2- And don't make them obviously evil or about to die JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE NEW. We're sick of it. 3- PLEASE SHE'S KILLING ME. 4- UGH AMEN I NEED TO SEE IT. 5- "What the frickity frick happened with his hormones" XD SO MUCH YES. I DON'T GET IT. Can we pretend that never happened? That'd be cool. 6- Oh my GOSH. YOU CAN'T SAVE THE WORLD WITH CANOLA OIL. 7- PLEASEEEE. I NEED TO SEE MORE OF GRIEVING IAN. I loved that in Series 3. YES! THAT WOULD MAKE SO MUCH MORE SENSE. Also does that mean Natalie's alive? Because I'm cool with that. 8- Ugh I hate that! I miss the cynical jokes they used to have. 9- YESYESYES WE NEED STRONG VILLAINS. And I swear if Vikram goes soft I just might scream.

      I think at this point we should just rewrite the series. K? K.

      Yes. Yes they are.

    10. After reading the excerpt I'm really worried Sinead will be the younger person that's taking the serum for Nathaniel. That would make sense because how are they going to end this series in 190 pages? Ugh. I'm mad at Scholastic. Make the books longer for crying out loud.


      Genuine is the one thing Cara will never be.

      Haha if I ever read a book that's annoying me with phrases or bits I don't like I'll just rewrite it in my head and believe me I was completely reconstructing the train wreck that was DoD.

      Yeah, full rewrite please. Take this trash series back, Scholastic, we don't like it.

    11. And now that I'm thinking about it, has Natalie even been mentioned AT ALL in SoF and Hurricane? Because I don't remember anything related to Natalie in those books. Not even a mention.

      Ugh no no no not like what happened with Isabel that made me so mad. Not the serum-drinking part, I kind of knew that was coming but the whole "I did it to avenge Natalie" thing. Like, no you didn't Isabel you're just full of crap right now. She didn't care about them and that was what made Ian and Natalie's lives so difficult. They were pawns to her. Honestly I hated how Isabel's character played out in DoD in general. And also, like, all of DoD but mostly just her.

      Ugh. I'm rambling. But anyway Vikram going soft would be awful. Tbh I kind of want to see him die just to see how Ian would handle it. Whether he'd kind of ignore it or if he'd actually grieve and what not.

      I'd gladly rewrite DoD for you but unfortunately I'd have to keep Amy with Jake….just NOT IN THE WAY BALDACCI DID IT BECAUSE MY SOUL IS STILL HURTING FROM THAT.

    12. Oh gosh. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST BE LONGER SO MANY ISSUES COULD BE SOLVED. Lord, I hadn't thought of that. I hope she's not trying to take the serum. SINEAD ISN'T STUPID SHE WOULD HAVE LEARNED HER LESSON BY NOW.

      GAHHHHH Dang it Abby now I'm going to have to get the special edition.

      Nope. She never will be. And it utterly kills me.

      I'm begging you. Rewrite it. You can keep Amy with Jake, I can live with that. Just murder Cara or something. I don't care. OH! I KNOW! MAKE A NEW GIRL FOR IAN WHO'S ACTUALLY A GOOD PERSON. WHAT A REVOLUTIONARY THOUGHT.

      I don't think that she has. If she was, it was so slight that it didn't even count. How can she not be mentioned? Her death was SUCH an important event!

      Also, does no one remember Erasmus or Mac? Did they actually exist?

      That was awful. She never cared about them, don't pull that out at the last second. It's just a joke. Her character was awful.

      They'd better not make him go soft. I'm kind of worried he will but I'd prefer him to die. That is, IF THEY COULD ACTUALLY HANDLE IT CORRECTLY FOR ONCE.

    13. Have you gotten a chance to see the movies yet? Just getting it out there so you're not disappointed later: the shaky camera in the first movie will make you feel like throwing things. And the amount of secondary character downplaying in the Mockingjays will most likely make you cry. Odesta gets less than two minutes (total, unless you count the jabber jay scene, and I don't) in the movies. But for the most part they're good adaptations. Just don't expect the amount of Odesta that I did or else you will be very disappointed.


      Ian with a GOOD CHARACTER? I have to take a moment to process the very thought of it.

      I'll start by CHANGING EVERYTHING.

      No. Literally no one does. They were great for crying over back when they died but since the authors don't believe in lasting trauma of any kind we're just not going to go there now. Also, is there any time within the 190 pages to talk about passed deaths? There's not since Scholastic thinks it's necessary to save trees (can't they just stop printing Wattpad sensations?)

      Another character arc goes crashing to the ground…

      Was he even in Hurricane? I don't remember and I have no desire to read that book again.

    14. I haven't...I'm hoping to watch them this summer. I have so many movies that I need to watch, it's kind of pathetic. *sigh* WHY WERE THEY SO CRUEL TO ODESTA?


      I know, I know. It's a mind-blowing thought. I just shook the entire 39C universe by simply mentioning it.


      It kills me. Like, those were my two favorite characters. JUST MENTION THEM. Does anyone even CONSIDER that Mac might have some notes? He knew everything!! Ugh.

      Every. Single. Character.

      Ummm...I don't remember either. I barely remember that book.

    15. The Superspecial is 256 pages long. And I believe that this 'virus' might be something that neutralizes the Master Serum. Thereby ending all that made the Cahills special. That is how they plan to end the series, I think. And since Alex London did something similar in his YA book Guardian (sequel to Proxy), they would've asked him to write it.
      But I would give ANYTHING to see Peter Lerangis or Patrick Carman or Margaret Peterson Haddix write a Superspecial bk 40 to really really wrap things up.

    16. Oh, that would make sense. I do really wish that one of the other authors would finish the series, one that was a part of the 39 Clues world from the beginning. London definitely wouldn't be one of my top choices, not by far. Frankly he'd probably be close to Baldacci.

  2. Howdy,
    I stumbled across your blog a couple weeks ago as I was surfing the web for anything The 39 Clues related, and I'm really enjoying it!! I think this series will be about the serum, and that, for whatever reason, Sinead will turn the side effects of the master serum into a virus (which the antidote can't cure).
    Also, I REALLY like your theory about Cara not being April May. It sounds SO COOL. The thing is (please don't shoot me for this!) I am a diehard Carian (look, I really liked Cara in Unstoppable and I think that's why I ship her with Ian. In Doublecross... Meh) and all I can do is hope that this will be an Arthur/Hope kind of thing. You know, Arthur/Cara is sent to spy but ends up actually falling in love with Hope/Ian.
    I love your blog!

    1. Hello! Oh, thank you so much! I'm so glad that you've been enjoying it! We don't have a ton of readers over here, so it makes me really happy to hear that people like it. : )
      Hmm...that's actually a really interesting idea. I'm hoping that they finally give the serum a rest, but that's a really good theory. I can totally see it happening. I've always like Sinead, so I hope that they don't make her completely evil, but who knows what'll happen at this point...
      Thank you!!! I can't take a ton of credit for that theory, I have to give props to my awesome friend Abby Beck. We developed the theory together, but most of it was her genius, haha. Ah, another Carian fan. You'll have to chat with my friend Katja, she's a diehard Carian, too. (She has a 39C blog of her own, You should totally check it out!) I can understand why you like Carian. Personally, I've always been a diehard Amian, and Cara's done some things that I really don't agree with, so I haven't shipped it, but everyone seems to have a different opinion on the ships! I'd never thought of them being like Arthur/Hope...hmm.
      Thank you so much for your kind words!