Sunday, June 26, 2016

Aaaaand, Part 2


  1. I think Amy's situation is pretty clear????? Ugh. I'm already disgusted by this book.

    Okay the Vikram thing doesn't sound that bad.

    I swear if Amy's actually dead I'll be so mad. I can't tell if Chadda is actually leading us on with this or if he's just being downright stupid by killing her and blatantly stating that she is 100% dead.

    1. How do you deal with the responsibility of ending such an amazing series?

      I don't.

    2. ^ Legitimately.

      So am I. He didn't directly answer the question. I don't even know what I think, honestly.

      No, that was the one part that was okay.

      So will I. If he killed her just like that, I am going to be livid. How can you kill off a vital character so stupidly???

  2. Honestly. I wish that they got Gordan Korman or Rick Riordan or Peter Lerangis or Margret Peterson Haddix to write the last book. I just felt so drained and unsatisfied reading the last book. I finished the last page and closed the book and literally threw it across the room. I've read fan fictions that were more thought out and better than that mess Chadda calls a story. I also puked in my mouth during one of the Cara and Ian moments it was that bad. I had hope, I had a small amount. I just wish it could have been like into the gauntlet and in too deep.