Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Quote

~Mission Titanic

Oh look. The exact moment where my heart shattered. </3


  1. That's just rough for poor Ian :(

    By the way I did that quote too but forgot to submit xD

  2. *Tries not to cry* *Fails*

    I know Ian's been through a lot and it's hard for him to accept people since he's been mistreated by his parents and has lost his sister, but I feel like if the right girl comes into his life he'll learn how to be happy with her, if that makes any sense. Like, Amy's been through a whole ton of angst herself but she's happy with Jake now. So all doubts about Cara aside, I think Ian's looking in the wrong place.

    1. *hugs*

      I really want Ian to be happy too, so as long as he is, I don't mind the girl he'll chose. Well I personally want him with Cara, but if he's happy with Amy then eh, I'll be okay xD

      Well the thing is I wouldn't trust Amy for a stable relationship after what's happened with Evan... But that's just me xD

    2. no no. Just no. Anything but that, please. Sorry, Katja xD

      I just want Ian to FINALLY be happy...

    3. *sniffs and pulls it together*

      Yeah I get that people want him with Cara, I just don't have the same opinion. And I probably sound so selfish when I say I don't want him with Amy either…

      Idk I just think that Amy and Evan made good friends, they just didn't work as a couple and that's why she ended up with Jake. I hate the way she did it, but I think that they're happy together now. If there's ever a 39C movie series made I'm talking to the directors and making DoD 's characterization accurate because the closet scene was the most un-Amy thing in the world

      IAN DESERVES TO BE HAPPY AUTHORS, OKAY? I swear if they ever want something bad to happen in the series they always have the bad thing happen to Ian. Hurt, like, Jonah or someone (no offense, but Jonah NEVER GETS HURT)

    4. No, I can understand why you don't want Amy and Ian together. If you ship Jamy, that totally makes sense.

      Yeah, they were great friends, I just was never sure about them together. I wish they hadn't ended it that way though...gosh, THAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED.

      HE DOES. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. JUST LET HIM BE HAPPY. Ian's kind of the character that's there to make everyone sad because THEY NEVER LET HIM BE HAPPY. You're right, nothing ever happens to Jonah, haha. I just want them ALL to be happy!!