Monday, May 25, 2015


Hey everyone! I know that I haven't done a very good job of blogging lately, I've mainly been just doing quotes. BUT, I'm finally finished with school, so I have lots of time to rant here!! (*readers all hide*)


So, lately I've been thinking a lot about Cara. If you've been reading this blog, you know that she's not exactly my favorite character. But I've been talking it over with my mom and sister (both of whom I've forced to read the books), and we're gathering more and more evidence/theories/opinions that Cara is No Good. 

(If you're a fan of Cara or Carian, I would like to apologize in advance. Please don't murder me in the comments below. That being said, I'd love opinions! Just not opinions that involve borrowing Natalie's dart gun.)

1. Saladin

I've blogged about this before (you can find that post here), but I want to bring it up again. Cara threatened to get rid of Saladin. You. Do. Not. Mess. With. Saladin. Ever. Also, it was mentioned in a comment about Doublecross-

Note that this was right after Cara threatened to get rid of Saladin. The book also ended with the line, "He didn't see any trouble with these two. As long as the red snapper kept coming."

(I'm paraphrasing, I don't have the book with me at the moment, so that quote may not be exact. If it is, my 39 Clues skills are more on point than I've thought)

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

2. Ekat

Okay, this proof isn't really solid, but it's just something that comes in to play. Cara is an Ekat, as is the Outcast. Does this automatically mean that Cara is evil? No, of course not. But seeing as the Outcast is also an Ekat, I just think that it's something to consider. (Can I just also point out that there seem to be a LOT of evil Ekats? The Outcast, Bae, possibly Cara, temporarily Sinead...gosh. They're practically as ruthless as the Lucians.)
3. Betrayal

We were told that in this series, there would be a "betrayal that the Cahill kids never see coming." Now, in my opinion, for a betrayal to be this big, it has to be from someone close. But at the same time, we know that there isn't going to be a betrayal from any of the main Cahills (Amy, Dan, Ian, Hamilton, Jonah, Nellie, Fiske). So really, if you think about it, that leaves Cara and Sammy. I'm trying not to think about that fact that Sammy could be evil (although that has crossed my mind,  but that's a post for another time). Cara could easily be working her way in, prepping for a betrayal.

4. Ian

Speaking of betrayal, let's talk about Ian for a second. Now, this isn't proof. It's just a theory that's been churning in my mind, and I wanted to share it. I feel like Cara is manipulating Ian. Like she's trying to get into his head, and then is going to turn on him. Cara could possibly be trying to set him up. I also feel like Cara could be really good bait for Ian. All that the Outcast would have to do would be to say that Cara was in danger, and Ian would come to rescue her. Cara could then be perfectly fine, and Ian could be killed. If Ian dies....I will not handle it well, let's just say that. If you notice, it also seems like Ian cares a lot more about Cara than she does for him. Let's take this quote from Mission Titanic for instance-

Seems like Cara doesn't like Ian as much as Ian likes her. Hmm.

I'm going to post a bunch of different theories later (because I have like, six different theories about how the next three books could go down), so I'll just say this. Cara could easily be manipulating Ian to get what she wants. And it may not end well for the Cahills.

5. Doublecross

This may or may not mean anything, but it's just something I noticed. In Flashpoint, the word "Doublecross" was only used about one person. Coincidentally, that person was Cara. That could mean nothing, but it's just something that I picked up.

6. Convenience

With Cara, there seem to be a lot of...convenient circumstances. For example, she just happens to be able to very easily get into touch with Atlas, one of the most dangerous men in the world, and he replies quite rapidly. I get that the Cahills have made a name for themselves, but I really just don't see Atlas responding that quickly to a bunch of teenagers. Also, let's look at the scene where the kids are on the boat with Atlas and almost die. On the boat, we have Ian, Amy, Dan, and Hamilton. 4/5 of the Cahills. If Atlas had killed them, Jonah would be the only person left for Cara to deal with. And frankly, I feel like most people underestimate him as just being the pretty boy. So all Cara would have to do would be to knock off Jonah, and she has the Cahill leadership all to herself. Just a theory, but it's definitely possible, in my opinion. Atlas could be in on all of it, working with Cara and the Outcast. Opinions?

What do you think of Cara?


  1. Haha, I knew we'd get a Cara post eventually…

    To be off of school….. we're not out till June, but I am getting closer!

    As much as I hate to say it, we don't know that it won't be one of the main Cahills, but y'know, I'd live if it wasn't one of them.

    I never thought about the Atlas thing and now that I see it… wow, that it really good evidence. Cue new girl who can be the love of Ian's life, please. Ian needs to put the brakes on with Cara a little bit. She has been trying to get in his head, so… all good points; we'll have to see what happens.

    1. Hahaha yep, you know me. I had to...

      I'm so glad to be free!!!

      I don't know...I just can't see Jonah, Ham, Nellie, etc doing something like that. I just can't.

      I'm really nervous to see what happens....I just thought of that with Atlas a few days ago when I was talking to my mom, and I was just like "whoa...that makes a lot of sense." She is majorly trying to get in his head. She's so...manipulative. I don't know what's going to happen with the relationships. In a way it seems like Amian is finally setting up but at the same time I don't know if it will ever happen. I guess we'll just have to see.

    2. I'm sorry, but if Amian happens after all I've been through…

      Yeah, I just think Ian has plenty of girls that would fall all over themselves to get him to like them (I mean, come on, he has a British accent) and Cara probably would let herself like him if she didn't have something else stopping her, like the Outcast's missions for example. If Cara tried, I'm sure she could fall in love with Ian unless they have absolutely NO chemistry, and I think that they do, but Cara seems to be holding herself back the romance aspect, if that makes any sense.

    3. Haha oh I know, you will be one livid fangirl..

      XD A British accent, that's all ya need! Hahaha, really though. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. She's manipulating him and getting into his head, but otherwise she's holding herself back from him emotionally.

  2. As much as I like Cara (and Carian PLEASE DON'T USE NAT'S DARTGUN -or Irina's poison anyway- ON ME XD I come in peace <3) I have to admit it's pretty good evidence. However, I have some 'counter arguements' for some:) I hope you don't mind ^^

    1. About Saladin: at first, yes, this looked suspicious. But then, on Doublecross, Saladin got trapped in the Mansion, along with the Outcast, Alek, Magnus, Patricia, Melinda and Toby (I like all of them XD),which is a pretty good reason for him not to eat red snapper. I mean, the Outcast and his team might hate him, kick him around, ignore him, or simply feed him something else. (Although I always thought that Alek would, like, be on good temrs with him and pet him and such XD I dunno, it seemed cute, so I even wrote it^^). So I don't think that Cara is the threat for Saladin. But who knows? I guess we'll just have to wait to see^^

    2. Oh well, coincidence! *hides proof under the bed* XD I am kidding, seems suspicious indeed, and OMG Patricia just adds to the evil Ekats >w< but on the other hand, Cara's mother was against Pierce, which means she's good, I guess. Also, we have Alistair, who was just about the cutest Ekat ever <3

    3. So, um, I don't think I can say something against this, except maybe if the Outcast is Nathaniel, who was Grace's husband, so Amy and Dan would never see his betrayal coming *shruggs* I guess that's the only thing XD *tries not to think that Sammy's parents were probably killed in Mission Titanic, and that Nellie and Sammy might also die* *cries*

    4. Well, being a Carian shipper, I can't help but say that Ian and Cara are the cutest together <3 I just hope she doesn't turn evil! *cries* solid argument, though:)

    5. I don't know XD Maybe coincidence, maybe not :3

    6. About getting in touch with Atlas.... well, she's the world's best hacker at the age of fifteen-sixteen. I'm pretty sure she has the ability to get in touch with him, and maybe he didn't know their age (we all know Ian looks like an adult xD) maybe Atlas knew she was so young, but admired her skills, so he accepted meeting with them^^ about Cara being the only one along with Jonah, not to get to the boat, I think Ian ordered her to stay out, because she was their hacker, the one who backed them up^^ Not sure though, I haven't re-read this part again XD

    I have one more argument for your collection though, despite I like Cara^^; here: when the conspiracy team threw -literally- Ian and Cara out of the Mansion, did you notice that almost no-one touched Cara? She just... walked away, while they tossed Ian out of his house, literally.... OMG, this is proof, isn't? Noooo:( why did my mind thought of this? *crosses fingers and hopes to just be a coincidence*

    Well, anyway, I like Cara and I believe she loves Ian, and they have the common thing of growing up with crazy parents^v^ I don't know, I really hope she is not evil, and that she stays with Ian.

    However though, I am pretty sure Ian will end up with Amy. I just hope that, after this happens, Cara will end up with either Hammy or Jonah (I like her reaction with Jonah^^). Also, I just thought of something. Along with Fiske, Nellie is Amy and Dan's only family. If she dies, they will technically be left alone, and I don't think the authors would do this in the last series. On the other hand, losing Nellie might be the exact best motive for the kids to kick the Outcast's butt! Oh God, I need Mission Hindenberg now >3<

    By the way, just thought of a crackship: am I the only one that thought of Alek x Melinda? I dunno, they seem cute, and they're both Lucians!^^ (also, it could be Alek x Patricia, like, continuing the family tradition, you know, Spasky x Oh, but I think Patricia is interested in Magnus, and vice versa... what do you say?:))

    1. You gave lots of good points, but they did try to physically push Cara out of the mansion, but she pulled her arm away. I don't know though, that was a really good point, seeing that they didn't try too hard.

    2. Yeah, I remember whe she said 'hands off' (I read it yesterday, actually XD), but the point was that, as you said, they did very little effort^^ and she pulled her arm away from a Tomas, which was actually pretty weird... but nooo, what am I saying?! I don't want Cara to be evil:(

    3. Ooh, I liked your comment! I love counter-arguments haha XD

      1. That's true, Saladin isn't necessarily proof. I just thought it was interesting how Cara commented on throwing him out, and then it ended with the line about red snapper, and then there was the comment Jude Watson made. It's definitely not proof, but it is a pretty interesting coincidence.

      2. Hahahaha! When in doubt, hide things;) No, the fact that she's an Ekat honestly isn't much proof, just yet another little coincidence. Agh, Alistair was the best.....

      3. *sob* Let's just not think about that.....I swear if Nellie dies, so help me...I will probably die along with her.

      5. Yeah, honestly it could mean nothing, but at the same time it could mean a lot.

      6. Yeah, good points. The whole thing just seems awfully convenient. It could just be because she's such a good hacker. But it could be more.

      Oh my goodness!! I hadn't really thought about it, but you're right...she honestly just walked out. She was almost pushed, but just barely. Wow. That....that is very interesting.

      Agh, I need Hindenburg too!!!! It's killing me. Hmm. In a way I can see Cara with Jonah, but right now I don't particularly like her so I don't think she deserves him haha XD If she shapes up, then yeah. I'm quite protective of him haha!

      I hadn't thought of that one! I can actually see it though.

    4. oh, yay!^^

      1. It really made sense, and I agreed, but then I read this line in the book where Dan says 'He has my cat?!' about the Outcast and a bell ringed XD

      2. Haha, yesss:) I want Ali back <3

      3. If they dare kill her off, I'm going to go mad, really! >w< not to mention Sammy! Or his parents! gah! >w<

      6. She seemed shocked though, when Ian almost got killed, and then, when she was thinking it, she didn't think of anything that could sound suspicious... I don't know, really, XD

      Shhh don't remind me XD I know I thought of it though, but some times I hate my brain 0=0

      I went to the bookstore yesterday to see if I could pre-order it, and the guy who was looking it up said 'hm, this has come out in US since March' and I literally screamed! But then he figured out he was talking about Mission Titanic and I was like 'noooo:(' XD

      Haha, indeed^^ I dunno, I really like the idea of Jonah having a girlfriend <3 or Hamilton having one, anyway xD both so cute!^^

      Omg yes, I love you XD I even started writing a fanfiction of it:)

    5. 1. True. It could just be about the Outcast. Still..

      2. I miss him so much!!!!!

      3. I. Will. Die.

      Oh my goodness!!! I would have freaked out haha. XD

      Hmm, I mean, I'd like them to have girlfriends too, but I would be very picky about who it was!!

      Are you going to blog the fanfic?

  3. Ughh, the Ekat thing… if I had to rate the branches, Ekat definitely would be one of my least favorites because I honestly don't understand people who would do engineering for fun… (but then again some people say that writing isn't fun and YES IT IS), but I've loved the Starling triplets from the very beginning, even when they were getting blown up. I was so soooo sad that Sinead betrayed them, and I'm just hoping so hard that she won't do that again. I mean, it obviously affected her a lot (when Ted said she wouldn't even get out of bed I was ready to cry) but it worries me with all the Ekat things in the book that she'll be the one. She is Cara's closely-related cousin (I think their mom was Denise?) and so if they conspire together to take down the team… egh, I don't like to think about it but I'm scared that might happen.

    1. Rereading this post makes me sound like I think that'll happen. I don't think it will, I'm just worried that it will. Cara is a much bigger suspect than Sinead Ned or Ted at this point.

    2. I've got to agree. I'm really not an Ekat fan either. I'm very partial to Janus and Lucian though, haha! Yeah, I'm worried about the Starling's. I really don't think that Sinead would betray them AGAIN though. Surely she learned her lesson after last time. I'm leaning much more towards Cara.

    3. If she comes back though, she's probably going to skewer Hamilton at any given moment… They might come back to the Cahills for protection because of how Patricia Oh was threatening them. The Outcast keeps trying to pull them in to his circle..

      Janus (:

      Sometimes I think of Hamilton being the person, just because he's such a good person to have on the team. Since he's always happy and positive, the authors know he's a favorite and they might use that to be mean to us. Plus, when they were trapped in the research station, Hamilton knew exactly how to get out, and where to find the control panel. I don't want it to be him, but the authors know who the favorites are, and they might use that.

    4. Ohhh no! Not Hamilton! He's just the sweetest guy in there (after Sammy! XD) but I really hope that Sinnead will not turn into a bad character again!

      But I agree. The authors really want to make us suufer >w<

      Also, I was reading a post on the 39 Clues Message board, in which Jude Watson replies to questions the fans make, and I learnt some very interesting stuff! (ex. Alek does NOT know the truth behind Irina's sacrifice. Oh man... I have a feeling Mission Hindenburg is going to traumatize me 0=0 )

      So, this is the link: scoll down to find Jude Watson's answers:)

    5. Go Janus!!!!!!

      Hmm, maybe. I hope that they come back!

      Oh my goodness. I swear, if they make Hamilton the traitor I will absolutely lose it. I just can't see him doing that. He's...HAMILTON! I just can't see him doing that. He's so loyal, I just can't see him betraying the Cahills. Please no.

      Oh, I read that post!! Let's face it, all of the upcoming books are going to be traumatizing.