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Okay. So. I'm trying to be realistic here. There are two books left in the series, and there's no way we're going to get away without any deaths. The question is, who's going to die? I've been trying to figure it out for days, and honestly there isn't anyone that I feel like is completely safe. So I decided to try to make a list of all the characters and my opinion on their chances of survival haha.

Amy- Okay. Amy. On the one hand, I kind of think she's safe, seeing as she's one of the more significant characters, and these books are technically for children. But on the other hand, what would be more scarring than to have the character you've followed for years pulled away from you? I also feel like she would sacrifice herself for someone else if given the opportunity, because she doesn't want any more of her family members to die. So in that respect, it almost wouldn't surprise me.

Dan- I don't really think that Dan is going to die. The only reason that I can see him dying is to cause Amy pain. From that standpoint, I can see him being killed. Other than that, he's not one that I'm really worried about. I could be wrong though.

Fiske- I won't be surprised at all if Fiske dies. Quite frankly I'm surprised that he's made it this long. He's on the older side, so he doesn't have that going for him. And since Nathaniel is involved, I have a bad feeling for Fiske. Being Grace's brother, he has a gigantic target on his back. In other words, my heart is probably going to be broken.

Nellie- I'm not exactly sure WHAT to think about Nellie. If she's killed at this point, after all that she's done for the Cahills, I swear to you I will riot. Seeing as she's getting close to having her happy ending with Sammy, there's a chance that she could die, because apparently the characters can never be happy. Maybe the authors will be kind, though...#letNelliebehappy2k16

Sammy- Speaking of Sammy, I think there's a very strong chance that he's not going to make it. I mean, first off, he's a new character. The writers seem to think that new characters are basically disposable, *coughPonycough* so I don't have high hopes for Sammy. BUT I WANT TO SEE HIM MARRY NELLIE. I NEED A PROPOSAL STAT.

Jonah- I've got to admit, I'm a little worried about Jonah. He's a bit of a less prominent character, but he's still well loved enough to leave the fangirls horrified if he dies. So from an author's standpoint, I can see the logic behind killing him. BUT I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY BABY. I love Jonah so much.

Hamilton- I don't really think that Hamilton is going to die, especially in light of his reveal in Hindenburg. I don't know though, it seems like everyone is at risk.

Ian- I'm really worried about Ian. He's already the character that's basically lost everything. So in a way, I wouldn't be surprised to see him die. even though I would hurt someone.  Plus, having his dad involved could get interesting. Like, what if Vikram actually killed him? Or watched him die?? I don't know, that's how my mind works. Plus, he's a fairly well-loved character, so it would elicit a huge reaction. A very dramatic ending to a traumatic life. Wouldn't surprise me.


Cara- I don't think she's going to die because that would make me too happy but can she please???

Atticus- Eh, he hasn't been in this series at all. I'd say his death chances are extremely low.

Jake- Same as Att, very low chances. I will say that if they bring him back in like, the last book, and he has tons of love scenes with Amy I just might have to go pay Sarwat Chaddah a visit.


So what do you think? Who's going to die?


  1. I agree with you so hard.

    Amy has a, like, 40% chance of survival. But you can pretty much guarantee that if Dan dies, so does Amy. I don't know why I see this happening, but I can't see Dan just dying off at this point? (Am I too attached do Dan at this point? Probably)


    it just occurred to me that Dan could totally die trying to save Saladin, I mean, it's *almost* happened like, so many times already.

    Ian has like a 20% chance of survival. This really upsets me.


    that makes me sound like a horrible person...


    1. Hmm. I don't know. I can't really see both of them dying. I kind of think that it will be one or the other. I'm not super attached to Dan (he's never been my favorite..idk why.), but I just don't quite see him dying.


      OH MY GOSH. It could totally happen. Dang it now I'm worried about Dan too.

      I am petrified for Ian. I don't think he's going to make it.



  2. I actually can see Dan dying. Like honestly, I'm getting myself prepared for it, just in case.

    Amy I don't really see because at this point people are so sick of her.

    I'm super surprised we still have Fiske. I just hope it's fast. (I sound like such a terrible person)

    How would someone even go about killing Nellie? She's indestructible. Oh wait. Oh no. Just had a very bad image of Amy and Dan in a hospital at Nellie's bedside while she's bleeding to death and okay no…

    SAMMY AND NELLIE NEED TO GET MARRIED AT HAVE BABIES because I cannot handle another adorable couple being ripped apart I already have Finnick and Annie to deal with

    I agree with you on Jonah. I kind of sort of maybe forget about him…. in like every book.

    I can't see it being Hamilton either. I can however, see him being the double-crosser (for some reason I can see the authors making that terrible mistake of character. Day of Doom made me paranoid)

    I'm not as worried about Ian. He's just so loved by everyone and he's been through so much it seems wrong…oh wait…Finnick Odair…. Yes worry about Ian worry about him so much let's build a pillow fort around Ian because he's not safe.

    The authors have done a lot of cruel things to us but they can NOT kill off our treasured Egyptian Mau. These are just facts.

    I can't see her dying either, which makes me really sad. I'm just so down with her and Ian I'm willing to take desperate measures to break them apart (and prove that she's not April May because I'm STILL NOT CONVINCED. We had a viable argument there)

    If the authors kill Atticus Jake will come to life and kill the authors.

    If the authors kill Jake because the fangirls want it I'm going to be so mad. I get it, he ruined the Amian ship but I'm so sick of people hating his character because of Amian and how he acted in Day of Doom. Everyone tries to ignore that book except when it comes to Jake.

    I know they weren't in Mission Hindenburg, but what about the Starlings? Sinead mentioned something about being followed and feeling unsafe. I think they're at risk, which really scares me because they are my babies.

    Do you think Jenny Goebel will have a death in M Hurricane? You'd think since it was the last series they'd up the death toll (not that I want that, but still)

    1. Abby, your comments are legitimately my favorites XD

      At this point, it could really be anyone. I guess we have to brace ourselves for anything.

      Hmm, true. People have gotten so annoyed that it might not cause enough sadness.

      So am I...true. If he has to die, I don't want it to be drawn out. Just do it. Although if they do it similar to how they killed Alistair, I'll be really angry..

      Oh my gosh. I cannot handle Dan and Amy sitting by Nellie's deathbed. I would sob. I'm just worried she'll die to save them. Because we both know that she would do it in a heartbeat.


      I never forget about him, but he's just kind the background? I have a bad feeling about him. Gosh, he's so great though... THE WORLD CANNOT HANDLE LOSING JONAH WIZARD. HIS FANGIRLS WOULD DIE.

      Hmm, true. In a way I kind of can see him as the double-crosser...


      They can't kill Saladin. The world would explode. Children would be sobbing. The fangirls would collapse.

      I don't think Cara will die. BUT GOSH I WANT HER TO SO BADLY. I honestly don't care what happens as long as she doesn't get Ian and Ian doesn't die. If she has to die for that to happen, let it be.


      He would, he seriously would...

      I really don't think that the authors will kill Jake just for the fangirls. (At this point I think they've totally abandoned us Amian fans so that's probably not an issue.) And I mean, bringing him back for a book just to then kill him would be weird..

      Oh gosh, I forgot to include them! Gosh. I'm worried about them too. Sinead saying that she was scared kind of sealed the deal for me.

      Hmm. It won't surprise me. It would make more sense rather than just ending with a total bloodbath. I can't decide whether I think there will be death in both or they'll just pile it all in Atomic. It makes sense for there to be death in Hurricane though..

  3. Okay, Abby I agree with GA. You are the best commentor(<<is that a word?) ever!

    Nellie absolutely cannot die. It's just cruel. But you know what would make it horrible? WHAT IF Sammy is the doublecrosser and he like shoots nellie or something okay i'm a horrible person and i need to go die in a hole that was uncalled for just don't read that part. i didn't say anything.

    Fiske is going to fight the Outcast to the end (like, actually hand-to-hand fight) but I really don't see him surviving. If Amy or Nellie have to witness that, though...


    Jonah kinda got put out of character in Mission Hindenburg. I don't really know what I think about Jonah at this point...he just better not be the boy Hamilton is talking about.

    Ham...I don't know. I think he'll at least survive MHurricane because we need details regarding his reveal, but after that I'm not sure NO ONE IS SAFE

    PILLOW FORTS FOR ALL MISUNDERSTOOD CHARACTERS! Can you imagine Ian in a pillow fort though he'd be so Brit-fuff-fuff XD

    Saladin, Saladin. I'm worried because it feels so foreshadowed...

    Am I the only one here who actually likes Cara?...

    I need Jake and Atticus in these next two books somehow. If we just never hear what happens to them I will die. And if Atticus dies Jake will have some help from me on hunting down the authors.

    The Starlings though! I really want Sinead and Amy to come face-to-face before this is over. I think they have a lot to talk about.

    I think there will be at least one death in Hurricane, and honestly I think it'll be either Fiske or Nellie. Or Jonah...

    If Ian dies the entire world will collapse. We just will not survive pain like that.

  4. NO NO NO i'm sorry but it just occurred to me. Ian's last words being to Amy; and he just says, "(something something) lovely" okay that's all bye gotta go cry now

    1. Abby, you now have a fanclub.

      OH MY GOSH I WOULD KILL SOMEONE THAT IS NOT OKAY ON SO MANY LEVELS. I've been worried that Sammy could be the doublecrosser but I'm just praying that won't happen. It can't happen.

      Oh my gosh, I'd love to see a combat between the two of them. Fiske should win.


      He really did...gosh if he ends up with Hamilton I swear I will riot and put out a petition and it will not be pretty.

      True. NO ONE IS SAFE.

      YES YES YES!! He would be super Brit-Fuff-Fuff and it would be glorious.

      I'm so worried about him. I mean, think about Harry Potter. The pet is the first to die in Deathly Hallows. I don't think Saladin will make it.

      Yes. Yes you are.

      Ehhhh I wouldn't mind not hearing from them but I'm going to be nice for Abby's sake xD


      I wouldn't be surprised if it's either Fiske, Jonah, or Saladin in Hurricane. Any of which would send me into an emotionally distraught hole of sadness.

      We literally can't handle that.

      OH MY GOSH KATIE I'M GONNA CRY NOW. YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME. If he dies and his last word is lovely that would be the most horrible and beautiful thing ever. As long as it wasn't regarding Cara.

    2. Autograph signing next Friday at ten ( :

      I literally typed out "I can't see Sammy as the double-crosser" when I remembered that he did kinda sorta start the whole Pierce thing by giving him the serum….NO DON'T MAKE ME DOUBT MYSELF. SAMMY IS A PRECIOUS LITTLE SNOWFLAKE NOT A KILLER.

      YES HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT WITH FISKE AND THE OUTCAST. As long as it's not the stupid back-and-forth Fiske had with Damian Vesper. Ugh, Day of Doom.

      No but if she was in a hospital you know Sammy would cook for her to save her from iceberg lettuce and other hospital-food horrors.

      That's why I was so upset to hear that Hamilton was gay. I know they're going to put him with Jonah and they're a bromance not a romance. Plus it was just out of character. Hamilton has always seemed straight as a board to me.

      "A pillow fort? A fort made out of pillows? Don't you Americans have something better to do than to make a flimsy establishment based off of sacks of cloth stuffed with feathers? Ah, I miss living in a place where people had some sense in them."

      Please no mentions of Hedwig I might cry.

      @katiecaldwell a lot of people love Cara. I don't trust her (if you haven't already seen the mass of comments about GA and I's theory that April May is a completely different person, you might want to take a look at that) and I would much rather have Sinead in her place. Plus I think she's manipulative with Ian (he deserves someone sweet and huggable in my opinion). And honestly, I'm still kind of confused on what the author's are portraying her as. Sometimes I think they all want her to be a different person.

      I just love the Rosenblooms so much I'm sorry I spam the blog with them.

      Hearing that Sinead went into a depression after the Vespers and no one but her brothers helped her through it makes me so disappointed. Amy has done some things that have irked me off on so many levels but that one is high up on the list, even if it's not talked about much.

      Cara really doesn't strike me as a "lovely" person, and I'm saying that as a neutral this time. She's a little too bossy I think.

    3. I'll be there!!! ; )


      Ugh. We don't mention DoD. But I'd love to see the hand to hand combat between Fiske and the Outcast. THAT WOULD BE SO COOL.

      True! Unless he's the doublecrosser..NO I WON'T THINK ABOUT THAT.

      Same! He was like, the last person I'd ever suspect of that. I'm honestly going to be legitimately angry if he ends up with Jonah. Like..that's just not okay. At all.

      "If you people are trying to keep me safe, this flimsy establishment is not the way to do it. You are not Lucians, that much is obvious. Ekats either, for that matter.."

      I will cry with you.

      Katie- Nope, we just don't trust her. She is SO manipulative with Ian, it's annoying. I kind of feel like they threw her in to replace Sinead and they did a terrible job with it. And you're right Abby, it is kind of like they all want her to be a different character. Katie, if you want to see our theory, here's the link. -
      Please don't kill us haha. Oh! And you're not the only one who likes her here, Katja does, too.

      Hahaha, you're fine, I spam it with Amian and Ian.

      Ugh, that really bothered me. I'm trying to convince myself that Amy just couldn't find her, but..

      She's definitely not a lovely person. She's too..hard? Is that the right word?

    4. I keep thinking that Ham will do a 360 turn around and be like, "Never mind! I'm straight!" but that would just be stupid. London really messed things up with that.

      Oooh I'm glad you have the link I had forgotten where I put those comments haha.

      The authors definitely need to sit down and discuss what they want to do with Cara's personality, because to me it's all over the place.

      Well, yeah, there is the fact that Sinead made herself pretty hard to find. But it did say that no one really wanted to find her, which makes me pretty sad.

    5. Hahaha, I'm 110% good with that. "I was just having a crisis! Never mind!"At this point though I guess I'm just hoping that it won't be acknowledged again.

      Hahaha I just started going through the Cara tag and found them. Old comments are hilarious xD

      THEY DO. Do they just have way too much freedom or what?

      Yeah, that made me sad too...Gosh Sinead you're hurting me.

  5. Ohhh! *cringes* but of course... I've forgotten about deaths...
    through everything like she's some kind of unstoppable super hero. I know, she's the protagonist, but at this point, I think it would be easy for the authors to kill her off. And you know that, I think this would be good. The Amy we knew and loved, the one we met during the first series, is gone, replaced by a Mary-Sue (aka very cliche, boring character). Besides, her death, or sacrifice, could act as a motive for Dan to be the next Madrigal and Cahill leader, following his sister's steps. Having a stronger motivaytion and desire to be part of the Cahill family.

    I can't really see Dan dying because that won't serve the series well. There won't be any impact at Amy, except of too much pain and grief. She will just want to avenge him, but this won't serve a higher purpose, like it would happen if Amy died.

    Fiske... I am afraid he won't make it... aside from everything you said (which is totally true) both his siblings are dead already... maybe his death will signify the end of the old generation and the beginning of a new one... :(

    I can't really see either Nellie or Sammy being killed, because there's already been a similar scene with Pony in the past. I don't think the authors will pull the same trick again... I just... I dunno, I can't see it happening. They'll want to kill other characters, the ones that will have a heavy impact on the fandom. Nellie is very loved of course, but as you said, Sammy is still new and not many people like him. I think they won't kill Sammy, and if he doesn't die, I don't think there's a chance for Nellie to be killed either. (but yes I WANT THEM TO BE MARRIED OMG I NEED IT XD)

    Jonah... on one hand, I don't think they'll kill him, because his death will cause in-book panic too, not only real-life shock. He's a star, remember? On the other hand though, this migh be the exact reason of them deciding to kill him. However, seeing how close Jonah and Ham are, and Ham being Jonah's bodyguard after all, I see them going down together. If one of them dies, the other follows. I think that if they decide to kill one of them, the other will be killed as well. Or, Hamilton could die protecting Jonah as his bodyguard. BUT OH GOD NO DON'T DO THIS XD I want them to end together :'( I'ts weird, I know... but... they're so perfecto for each other >w<

    Anyway, moving on...Yes, I am worried about Ian too. From the aspect you pointed out, they're going to pull him what they did with Irina again. I can bet on it. Ian started as -let's be honest here- an annoying evil twerp, but progressively he got more development, and people gradually LOVED him, not only for the romance, but for his own character too. Scratch away the romantic part, and you have Irina's story all over again (yay for very lucky Lucians xD). The only difference being that we actually went through Ian's loss of family, while we were only gradually informed about Irina's similar experience (but oh wait, look, half her family is apparently alive XD). But yes, it's obvious that the authors are throwing everything they have into this last series, probably trying to regain the fans they lost during the two previous ones, so having Ian into the same fate as Irina, just to make us drown in our tears all over again, seems very likely. And they're both Lucians, so... I can totally see it happening... *cries in a corner*


    1. Good point with Jonah. I forget about his fame sometimes.

    2. Can you imagine how all of his fans would react? Oh my gosh xD

  6. (Continuation of the previous comment, because it was too long and the site would not lemme post it CX)

    Cara:.... please don't :( just... ever since Irina, she's literally the only female character I've liked a lot (sorry about that XD). Plus, Carian and Nellie x Sammy are the two best couple of the series, reaching to my own list as high as Alistair x Irina (ok ok, I will shut up now XD), with a nice development and... you know... two-sided romance. Perhaps, however, Cara would be suspected by the rest of the team as a traitor... and then she'll sacrifice herself for Ian, proving him that she loves him and was truly on their side... oh great, I can already see the tears coming X(

    To be honest, I don't really cares what happens to Jake. He's the most annoying, shallow character I've ever seen in this series, and his relationship with Amy is not well-developed. Seems to me they just threw it there to make Amian fans upset. And alright, I really DO NOT like Amian, but Amy absolutely has to be in a relationship, I'd like her with Ian. At least they share a past. Not like Jake. The guy literally popped out of nowhere, gave her and Dan away to the police, and then he was like 'oh yes, right, I love you, let's be together'... ew XD

    And although, as you said, Atticus has not yet appeared in the series, I really hope he doesn't die one way or another... he's so important to Dan after all...:(

    Anyway... I'll go out of point there and add other characters too... ahem:
    Alek: (come on, you saw that coming XD)Don't. Just... DON'T, okay? I've had enough of my fav characters dying. And killing Alek like they killed Irina would be totally stupid. It would just be a repetition of series one. Plus, I don't want him to die! I want him to end up in the good side, and, if possible, the leader of the Lucians. That would be awesomeeee! Hey, a girl can dream, right? CX

    The Outcast/Possibly Nathaniel: well um... is it too bad that I don't want him killed? Well actually, I want no one, except Amy, killed. He could realize his mistake and be accepted back into the family, as a way of making up for the past...? that would be amazing.

    Okay, I think that's all XD Wow, that may as well be my longest comment :3 sorry ^^;

    1. Oh my goodness, I love how long this is!! Okay. Sitting down to think this through.

      Hmm, you have some good points. Amy dying would definitely further the plot/series. I can't even imagine how dramatic/painful that would/will be though...gosh.

      True. I'm not too worried about Dan either, but again, anything could happen at this point? Who knows?

      Fiske..his death would definitely be symbolic. I DON'T WANT TO LOSE HIM THOUGH I ALREADY LOST MAC AND ERASMUS PLEASE NO.

      Eh, I won't be surprised if one of them dies. Wait, why don't people like Sammy? SAMMY IS AMAZING!!! I just want him and Nellie to get to have a happy life together. If either of them dies, my heart will legitimately break.

      Gosh, if Jonah dies, the 39 Clues world will explode. He has so many fangirls in the book, the world can't handle not having Jonah! (I can't handle it either) I don't know, in a way I can kind of see them killing either Ham OR Jonah, just so the other is left behind and has to deal with the loss of their best friend. I do NOT want them to end together though, gosh no...

      Oh my gosh, NO NO NO NO NO. They can't make Ian an Irina!!! Noooooooo! I CANNOT HANDLE THAT. That would legitimately be the worst thing ever. It wouldn't really surprise me if Ian dies, but if he does I will die right along with him. Fingers crossed that the authors will not be that cruel...but they probably will.


      Oh gosh, you really do like Cara if Carian ranks with Alistair x Irina...I still won't be surprised if Cara is the traitor, but who knows?

      Hahahahaha!!! Okay, I'm going to be nice here and not say anything too horrible about Jake, since I know there's several Jamy fans over here. I will say that your comment made me laugh a lot xD And I do agree with the Amian sharing a past thing, but I won't go into one of my Amian rants right now.

      Yeah, it would be awful for Dan to lose Att...

      Haha, oops, sorry, I didn't think about Alek. I don't really see Alek dying, but on the other hand it wouldn't surprise me for the authors to finish off the Spasky family once and for all.

      I DON'T WANT THE OUTCAST KILLED EITHER! I know that he's the villain but gosh he's really cool.

    2. Kay, not trying to start a battle or anything I just really feel the need to correct you on this (sorry if it offends you it's not at all meant to be offensive):

      I know 90% or more of the fandom despises Jake because of many reasons. The most prevalent are probably that he sunk the Amian ship and Day of Doom Day of Doom Day of Doom. Whether you find him annoying or not is your personal opinion, so I won't go there, but I have to protest against calling him shallow.

      His backstory: His first mom died when he was a baby due to unknown causes. His dad married Astrid two years later, and she became his closest thing to a real mother. She had Atticus when he was seven. The fandom can make as many arguments as they want about Jake only caring about himself but the fact still stands that Jake loves his little brother. Atticus was a prodigy, and with that he was bullied constantly. The person that stuck with him was Jake. He was his protector, and I think protecting the people he loves is how Jake shows love because he made everyone sick of him by refusing to not protect Amy and Dan.

      Anyway, back to the backstory. Astrid passes away, which we know was a big blow to Jake because of the mentions of her in Trust No One (one of my favorite book btw). To deal with his grief (although I think Dr. Rosenbloom was always a little distant to his sons) Dr. Rosenbloom starts flying around the world, dragging Jake and Atticus around with them. Jake realizes that this isn't good for someone as smart as Atticus and gets into college in Rome, taking Atticus with him. He was an eighteen-year-old boy who instead of living in a dorm and partying it up like a classic hot college boy took care of his prodigy brother because his father wouldn't. Is that shallow? I don't think it is.

      Yes, I hated how his relationship with Amy was portrayed. But people seem to forget that DoD didn't happen directly after Medusa Plot. He got to know her first. I don't think the declaration of love should've come so soon (or so cheesily) but he helped her and Dan first. And after that, their relationship did develop from the desperate thing they had in DoD.

      And come on. He's fought with the Cahills for some time now. Is he still just a guy that popped up and shouldn't be here? Because he's helped them for some time now, and I've gotten very tired of the "he's not a Cahill, so he can't be with Amy" argument (plus, I don't remember anyone saying that about Evan)

      I just think he's often mislabeled in this fandom. Sorry for the rant.

    3. Hahaha, I knew you'd be over here pretty quickly. Sorry if we ticked you off.

      I do agree with you that Jake is not shallow. He obviously cares a LOT for Atticus, and that's one thing that I really like about him. Even when I don't always agree with how he goes about doing things, I do think that he has good intentions. I mean, he's human, everyone makes mistakes. And Day of Doom just doesn't even count at this point because that was all Baldacci's fault.

      I will say that although he's not my favorite character, it isn't because he got in the way of Amian. I've just never really connected with him, that's all.

      Haha, don't apologize, you're totally fine. I love hearing different points of view!

    4. I tried to resist commenting, but in some cases I'll just feel like what's being said just isn't right, and I'll have to correct it : /

      I want a Day of Doom rewrite for my birthday. One where the characters actually acted like themselves and the writing didn't sound like a fourth-grader's.

      I know you dislike him for other reasons, which is refreshing. Most people only hate him because of Amian, and that just makes me mad.

    5. No, you're fine! Like I said, I always like hearing your point of view haha.

      So do I. I would give anything to have Jude Watson rewrite that book...

      Yeah, that doesn't make sense. I mean, just because a character crashes your ship doesn't mean that they don't have good qualities.

  7. Haha Go Abby! Tell them! Jake and Atticus are precious!

    Ahh, yes, the Cara/April May theory. I know it well. It's certainly possible, I admit that. However, I personally saw that particular plot twist coming from Nowhere to Run. They were just to similar to be a coincidence. I know one of your big points was how could she not know the password,if she was April May she'd know the password, but that's not necessarily true. Software designers often design programs around a password, but usually when its for a customer, they just have them put in their own password that they rarely know themselves. And if you're as good as April May must be, that software is going to be solid. Firewall upon firewall. she may not have been able to get through at all, and certainly not in tie to stop the bombs.

    Honestly, Day of Doom was just a mess. I never liked Baldacci's writing in the first place, and it was just horrible. I do have to say that I liked the ending (the whole 'it's what we do' thing) but apart from that...

    You poor Amian shipper! I think that if I had joined the fandom earlier (I joined right when unstoppable came out) I *might* have liked it better, but honestly, it was always a no for me.

    Jake is sooo not a shallow character. In fact, he's probably one of the most complex ones in the story. HE STOOD UP TO HIS FATHER FOR THE CAHILLS. That was a big deal, and I really think we need to see some resolving between the Rosenblooms before this is over.

    There is soo much I could say about everything. wowza. This is making me depressed for the last book, and we haven't even gotten MHurricane yet! I don't know what I'm gonna do...

    Seeing your Jude watson thing, I really wish one of our familiar authors would write the last book. Honestly, I wish we could hand it back to Riordan, who create it all, for our final farewell. I was really expecting that to happen, so this surprised me. almost makes me wonder if they're maybe not done.


    1. The password really wasn't one of the things that really got me, that was semi-understandable. It was just how totally different April May and Cara seem. Like Abby said at one point, I really liked April May. I thought she was really cool, and her personality just fascinated me. Plus she really cared about Pony. But I can't stand Cara. It's like they took everything good from April May, ripped it away, and then said okay now it's Cara. Have fun! :D . They just seem so totally different. I also don't see how Pierce wouldn't have put two and two together. That makes about 0 sense to me.

      It was, it really was. Baldacci's writing killed me. Ugh. It hurt.

      Oh okay, so you were pretty late in the game. I seem to be the only Amian left nowadays. Even through third series though, I could still see it.....then Cara came. -_- I swear if there is a Carian kiss there is the distinct possibility that I will burn the book. Ian already used the word Lovely when he was talking to Cara in Hindenburg. THEY CAN'T HURT ME MORE.

      Yeah, I liked how he stood up to his dad. Some Rosenbloom resolution is definitely needed, but at this point I don't see it happening, seeing as they've barely even been mentioned so far.

      Ugh. I'm not ready for the last two books...I've preordered Hurricane, so I should get it the day that it comes out. Agh.

      I'm kind of surprised Rick isn't doing it, although I get he's super busy, and he hasn't been involved since the first book. I really wish Jude would do it, just because she's familiar with the characters, she's great with character development, and her writing is just so beautiful. Gah. I wish the books weren't ending...I'd be so happy, gosh.

    2. Okay soooo I lost my way to reply to your comment on my comment Grace Ann, so this comment might be... I dunno,it might end up to the wrong person's inbox XD

      Anyway, I just wanted to say that... well... how do I put it... Okay, Jake's character is not soooo shallow, but, at least in my opinion, he's one of the least interesting characters. I know he's very loving and protective of his brother, and I admire him for that, I really do. He's a nice family-loving person, from that aspect. But from the romantic aspect... I just feel he doesn't have enough development ^^; I just feel he was thrown in just to have the scene with Evan and Amy's guilt trip happen... besides, I wasn't really fond of the second series anyway, and nearly everything in it seemed awfully rushed and unexplained. It might be just me but oh well XD

      And omg Grace Ann, you preordered too?! Cool, same here! Only, mine will arrive six to ten days later... yay for living across the Atlantic XD

      By the way, there is a posibility of a 5th series! I don't really know much about it, it's mostly a rumour going around... people say it will be called The Rise of the Super Branch... ahem... what do you think?:) (I'll personally be both happy, because the series is not yet ending, but disappointed too... this has been going on for so long that I doubt the authors -especially the new ones- know what they're doing anymore XD)

    3. Hahaha, you're good, Katja!

      True, I can see where you're coming from that aspect. Abby- Jamy perspective? I do agree that he his relationship with Amy hasn't had quite enough development, but that's just my opinion. No hate haha. I actually really liked second series, with the exception that tons of people I loved died, and DoD, AND THE ARTHUR TRENT THING GOSH THAT BUGGED ME.

      I DID!!! I'm so excited for it to come, haha. Ugh, that's annoying.

      ......WHAAAAAT. I HAVEN'T HEARD ABOUT THAT. I would be so happy if that would happen. I just want more content, even if it's going nuts at this point. The Rise of the Super Branch...that would kind of go along with what the Outcast has been doing..