Saturday, January 30, 2016

Mission Hurricane Live Blogging- Chapters 12-13

Disclaimer: This post WILL contain spoilers. If you haven't read the book yet, you may not want to read this post. 

(Sorry, guys! I know you've been reading, but I got called off into the Skype world again. Oops!! But I'm back now, hopefully for good!!!!)

Back to Amsterdam!!

Cara, Ian, and Dan are trying to figure out the technicalities of a nuclear bomb exploding underwater. 

I feel so bad for Ian in this moment, he has a horrible amount of pressure on him. Being the leader of the Cahills certainly isn't a fun job. 

They didn't even tell us the worst part yet. Thanks to some digging, they learned that the disaster is going to take place...tomorrow.

(side note: am I the only one who wouldn't mind Cara having an unfortunate accident with this disaster?)

Back to Boston!

I'm pretty sure this is going to be the funniest chapter in the world.

"She requested that those present remain silent, and that no one be allowed to leave until the reading is over. So please, no matter how, er, ugly, this gets, do not vacate your seats."

Oh my gosh I can't wait to read this. 

...this is beautiful XD

Oh my GOSHHH her last words to Amy and Dan. XD It's so mean but I just cannot stop laughing!!

SHE KEPT DIARIES!!! Oh my word what I would not give to read those. Can that be its own series? Please? 

So of course Berman went off to hunt for the diaries..

Oh my gosh XD Beatrice donated her entire fortune of 20 million to the Porcelain Cats Are People Too Foundation XD That is golden.

Berman got the diaries, but Amy, Dan, and Hamilton threatened him into handing them over.


The Cahills are frantically trying to find the shelter and save him. I SWEAR...

HES OKAY!! YAY!! I love how he nearly murdered that employee XD

Now time to read the diaries..

Oh my gosh, I love that Grace put fish oil in Bea's facial cream..

Amy is still worried about Grace, but I think from that entry it's obvious that Nathaniel was bad news. Come on, Amy. Trust her. 


I hate hearing him sick. It crushes me. He's still so sweet.

Fiske said that Grace might have kept some files that could be of use in her airplane hangar. Only problem- it's in Attleboro.

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