Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Only Way Mission Hurricane Could Work

Okay, so I've been thinking. I know that we're all kind of freaked out by the idea of Mission Hurricane, especially with the fear that a weather machine will be brought into the picture again. Honestly, I don't know if this book is going to work out well or not. But I have thought of ONE way that it could go that would actually be handling everything well.

The 39 Clues writers have to know by now that we all hated Day of Doom. It's pretty obvious, and let's be real, the fangirls haven't exactly been quiet about it hahaha. So, what if in this book, they almost made fun of how things went down in Day of Doom?

The Cahills figure out that the Outcast wants to do something involving Katrina. Immediately, Dan says something like, "Oh gosh, not this again."And everyone is just completely done at this point. They're all like, "You've got to be kidding me. We've been through this already! How stupid is this guy?"

I can't quite see the Outcast being stupid enough to do a weather machine. The encounter with the Vespers should be common Cahill knowledge at this point after all. A genius like the Outcast wouldn't want to do that again. He wants to put the kids through something new.

Also, Ian would have to be kind of panicked over the idea. After all, last time a machine was involved, his mother and Natalie were killed. It would have to totally freak him out. I'd also like to see Amy have a bit of a mental breakdown thinking about what happened with Evan. It's like all of that was glossed over, and I'd like to see it brought back up.

So everyone would be really ticked about having to deal with a weather machine again, along with Ian and Amy being nervous/not wanting to lose more people. They'd both be super tense, and they'd probably argue over how to go about all of this, but there could also be an Amian moment in there somewhere, which would make me happy.

Then, they would realize that the Outcast was bringing up the machine to mess with their minds, and that Katrina was a distraction. The true disaster would be something else, although I'm not sure what. In 2005, North Korea announced that they possess nuclear weapons, so maybe that could come up in preparation for Mission Atomic? I'm not sure. Anything but a hurricane, please...

I don't know what's going to happen. But if it worked out this way, I think that it could be handled well. What do you think?

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  1. wow, you thought of this so well!
    Honestly, the more I think about it, the less possible a weather machine sounds. I mean, it can't just come out of nowhere, there should have been some hints by now. Besides, it doesn't suit the Outcast's style at all.
    My guess is that it either is a distraction, like you said, or it's linked to the weather with another way. Maybe there is a huge powerful hurricane coming, and the Outcast interferes with the weather systems so no one detects the hurricane, and everybody goes along with their lives while it's ready to strike? I dunno, seems cool :3
    However, the North Korea incident might also be a possibility, since Patricia is Alistair's cousin, and he was from Korea, thus there could be a link between the Outcast's team and the disaster.

    I also hope mission Atomic refers to Chernobyl. Remember how Alek mentioned his love about 'Mother Russia'? Maybe if the next disaster threatened hi beloved homeland, he wouldn't want to side with the Outcast, and he'd end up with Amy's team, over to the good side! Hey, I can dream, can't I? XD

    Also, here comes bad news: Sarwat Chadda has implied that he'll kill someone in the last book, and he tweeted on Twitter: 'Life is a Fragile thing' .... and tagged '39 clues '.... 0.0