Saturday, March 12, 2016


So I heard that the Superspecial book series starts on September 27, 2016...they certainly aren't wasting any time with this.


  1. *whispers* certainly aren't wasting any time to make more money

    1. I might be just a little salty that they're dragging these out. I wish they had just made them into longer books where more happened in each book besides a repeated "okay, we have to figure out the disaster, then miraculously fix it". Like, I wanted new characters that would stick around for more than one book. More character development for the ones we already had. (kicking myself right now) but more deaths! More than just a few action sequences and riddle-solving.

      I just thought that they were going to elevate the series a little more. Like, a book that will make me go, "OH MY GOSH" and throw it across the room instead of me closing it after finishing it in less than a day and saying, "Well, okay. That was good, I guess." Cripple me with feels! Give me drama that's going to make me want to punch someone! Make me genuinely scared for the character's lives! We all complained about all the crap in Unstoppable but honestly I'm missing that series now (though I could definitely live without the poor villain, the out-of-characterness and some of the other things that irked me but I can't remember at the moment).

      And okay I'll just come out and say it I MISS THE ROSENBLOOMS AND THE STARLINGS SO FREAKING MUCH.

    2. SO DO I. I just don't get it. They had so much potential, and the fact that they haven't done with them what they could have just kills me. Ugh.

  2. Just put a new post on the Odesta blog in case you wanted to know…I'm really disappointed in how it turned out though.

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