Saturday, November 22, 2014

If You Don't Need Your Heart Or Anything..

~In Too Deep

I really love Irina so much. This quote absolutely kills me. Her character had so much...depth, I think her death was one of the hardest. To have only been in six books, she made a huge impact.


  1. (Commenting, as I promise in the Doublecross blogpost! I made a LiveJournal account to be able to comment:))
    Whaa. This quote is amazing. I personally love all of Irina's quotes, and I have memories all of her lines in the books! I really like quotes after all XD


    1. Awesome! Welcome to my little fan girl world:)

      I know, I love this one so much! She really had the best quotes out of anyone in the series, even if she was only in six books. I have pages and pages of her quotes, just waiting to be published on here!