Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our Quote Of The Day!

~Hamilton, Medusa Plot


  1. Oh my gosh that was so funny.

    On every single poll I've looked at for shipping there's always someone who says they're not Amian because Amy and Ian are cousins and its gross but then someone always comes in going, "AMY AND IAN ARE COUSINS, LIKE, 40000 TIMES REMOVED AND IF YOU LOOK AT IT THAT WAY AMY MIGHT ACTUALLY BE MORE RELATED TO JAKE OR EVAN!"

    If you go on ANY of the places with polls that let you explain yourself that conversation will always be there, every time.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if they're just saying that to make the person mad (its always works)

      Personally, I don't care that they're cousins.

    2. Neither do i. I mean, if they were second cousins or something, yeah. But it's super distant, so I don't care.