Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Gosh, I can't believe that it's already Halloween. I've always loved Halloween, it's such a fun holiday. I mean, you get to dress up, decorate with tons of fun stuff, and eat candy! It's kind of perfect.

It got me thinking, how would the Cahills handle Halloween?


Amy would approach Halloween extremely traditionally. She'd decorate the entire mansion with hand-carved jack-o-lanterns that she forced the rest of the Cahills to help her make. There would be little bowls of candy corn on every table, and she would spend the weeks before Halloween making sure that everything was perfect, down to the last orange streamer. She would probably dress up as a cat, which would slightly terrify Saladin. 

Dan would be....well, Dan. He would probably dress up as a zombie, or some other horrifying creature. He'd argue with Amy over decorations for DAYS before giving up- there was just no way he could talk his sister into putting corpses all over the roof. He would, however, drive her crazy by putting little things all over the house- bloody fingers in the candy bowls, hairy spiders in the corners, and exceptionally realistic-looking eyeballs in the ice dispenser. He'd also drag everyone to the scariest haunted house in town, possibly scarring Ian for life. Dan would also be that kid who goes around the neighborhood three times for trick-or-treating, just to get more candy. 

Fiske would be the person that everyone expects to be very nonchalant, but would end up getting super into it as well. He'd side with Amy, as far as decorations are concerned, but he would secretly love the haunted house as much as Dan. None of the other Cahills would understand why Nellie collapsed into laughter when Fiske appeared as a character that he called El Coyote.

Speaking of Nellie, she would probably be the most Halloween-obsessed of all of them! Her hair would be black with orange tips for the entirety of October, and the Cahills wouldn't have a normal meal all month. They'd wake up to find spider-shaped pancakes for breakfast. Lunch would be bloody finger sandwiches, and their ice cubes would be shaped like skulls. Dinnertime would be intestine-casserole with a jello brain for dessert. And her costume, oh her costume! She would be dressed as a ninja, with an amazing black and gold outfit. She'd also get quite a few questions from neighbors as to how she acquired such a great samurai sword...

Ian wouldn't be super Halloween-obsessed, but he'd get dragged into it thanks to the rest of his family. He'd cringe a bit at Nellie's food, and at Dan's decorations, but for the most part he just stayed quiet, except for the occasional muttering about "obsessive Americans". Amy would try to encourage him to participate in the festivities, and she wondered for quite a while why he was so cool about it. Finally one day, he came along with her for some costume errands, and seemed to be getting into the spirit a bit more. He got a lot quieter though, after they accidentally ended up in an aisle full of princess costumes. After that, Amy decided to put him in charge of pumpkins instead.

Growing up, Hamilton always was told that the sole purpose of Halloween was to scare people, a fact that Dan would use to his advantage. The Holts were always THAT family. You know, the ones who dress up as scarecrows or dummies, then sit on the front porch waiting to scare the living daylights out of innocent trick-or-treaters. Amy refused to let them do that this year, but Dan still had other plans. Since he had quite the scaring knowledge, Dan convinced him to rig the house. In the week leading up to Halloween, no one could go anywhere in the house without having SOMETHING jump out at them. The first few times, it was funny, but by the end of the week, Ian had severed the heads of eight clown dummies that had jumped out at him.

Halloween in Attleboro was a bit of a shock for Jonah, who was used to Halloween in LA. He decided to take it upon himself to throw a gigantic Halloween party, but the idea was quickly shot down by Fiske, who didn't like the idea of non-Cahills on the property. Instead, Jonah ended up dedicating himself to filling the mansion with Halloween music, blasting Monster Mash and Thriller CONSTANTLY. He and Nellie had lots of dance battles in the kitchen, which Nellie still claims that she won.



  1. Oooh I love these! Dan would be a candy scrounger for sure (kind of like me but hey). It would be Hamilton's literal mission in life to scare Ian. I love how the fandom knows the characters well enough to know what kind of things they'd do for holidays like these are all spot on

    1. Dan would be such a candy hoarder, it would be great xD And Hamilton would have so much fun with that oh my goshhh. I'm glad that you like them!!! If you ever have some prompt for me to do with them lmk I love doing these haha.