Thursday, October 1, 2015


~Day of Doom

*sob* "Our" family. Back when Ian had family still alive.


  1. Okay but just imagine Ian and Natalie's life after Into the Gauntlet: They lost their luxuries and their parents, which they sometimes banked on. They had to figure out who they were without Isabel or Vikram.

    Even though Ian and Jake hate each other, they do have a pretty big thing in common. Isabel and Astrid both passed away and they were left with their uncaring fathers (Hirsch tried to make it look like Dr. Rosenbloom cared about Jake and Att, but tbh I never felt like he did. I think they made him think of Astrid too much so he cut himself off from them). They both had to take care of their little siblings and try to help them forget the pain of their parents abandonment. And ultimately both of their fathers betrayed them. So all in all I think they have more in common than it seems, they just have extremely different personalities.

    1. It would have been awful. Literally all that they had was each other. Natalie is one of the hardest deaths for sure...

      In a way they really are very similar characters. I'd never really thought about that before, but you're right. Personality-wise, they have differences, but their situations are really the same. And I mean, even though they're different, they do have similar character traits. They're both very stubborn, arrogant, passionate people. They're both leaders. They're both fiercely protective of the people that they love. And they're both prone to moments of immense stupidity ;)

    2. Heck yeah IMMENSE stupidity. I hadn't really connected the characters in that way before I read this post either, but then it just clicked. They really are similar. Whether they realize this at all in the series is unlikely because neither of them can seem to stop hating each other. I wish Atticus had gotten the chance to actually meet Natalie. At first Natalie would probably think he was a weirdo but then I think they'd realize how similar their situations were.

      And they also have the same phone case. Maybe they can bond over that ( ;

    3. Yeah, I feel like Natalie and Atticus should have gotten the chance to know each other...not gonna think about that! Nope!

      Haha, oh yes, I'd forgotten about that! Definitely something to bond over ; )