Friday, June 3, 2016

My Shred of Hope

I've been thinking, with the final book coming up.

It seems like the fact that the book series is titled "Doublecross" has been almost forgotten. Has there really been any mention of a doublecrosser throughout the series? I mean, unless you're counting the fact that the Outcast is their grandfather, which isn't really much of a doublecross considering that they thought he was dead.

So is that being abandoned? Or are we in for a twist in the last book?

I'm still praying that Cara will be a doublecrosser at the last second. A lot of people seem to like her (I don't understand why but they do), so to have her be the doublecrosser out of "nowhere" (again, some of us have seen signs but it doesn't seem like many of us have) would add definite shock value. Who knows? But hey, I can keep hoping. 25 days left of innocence.


  1. Honestly, if they just threw the whole thing out the window I'd be pretty annoyed. It's poor form to just kick out something like that after hinting it to readers. 39 Clues has been pretty cringe-worthy of late, and I really don't want another reason to be disappointed with them.

    The whole Cara thing. There are barely any readers left that I've seen, but Cara seems like she's decently liked (because what even is character development), but it doesn't necessarily mean she'll be the double-crosser. I don't know. Other than Hamilton, she's the only one I can see doing that. And with the Hamilton thing I was just thinking, well, since they've already butchered his character by throwing the gay curve ball, they might as well make him the traitor too.

    1. Neither do I. I mean, it's the name of the series for crying out loud. I'm hoping they don't mess this up too.

      I mean, let's see who's left. It's not Ian, Amy, or Dan. Like, that wouldn't make any sense. Jonah, I don't see it. Nellie would never betray the kiddos. I've worried about Sammy, but the thought of him being a doublecrosser makes me want to cry so we're not going to think about that. Ham is a possibility, just because they've already screwed him up. Who even knows with him anymore. If there is a doublecrosser, it'll probably be him or Cara. Ugh. Please be Cara.

  2. Yeah, I hope Cara is a double-crosser. why? Because I want AMIAN, no CARIAN!! I seriously hope in the end it will turn out to be Ian and Amy. I don't feel I can actually trust Cara. I have no idea why. I just find her a bit suspicious... Don't ask. I feel paranoid....