Monday, May 30, 2016

More Interesting Reviews- Nowhere To Run

Continuing the Interesting Reviews series, here we have Nowhere to Run! Just as a disclaimer, I actually really liked Nowhere to Run. Some people think otherwise...

(In case you're wondering, I'm saving all of the DoD reviews. They get a whooooole post of their own.)

Yes. Yes it was.

You get used to it after a while...

 Oh look. It's all of us.

Can we just appreciate this?? XD

I'll just leave with that. 


  1. There've been tons of rumors about Lionsgate or Suzanne Collins expanding the Hunger Games, but I know that if they go through with that there will be people complaining that they're dragging the series out. I will look at them, smile, and say "Ever heard of a fun little fandom called 39 Clues?" and hopefully they will shut up.

    Amy turned into an annoying character because instead of taking emotional trauma and using that as something to kick up the angst the authors decided to use BOYS. When they could have made her freak outs actually meaningful instead of a hormonal roller coaster.

    And just fyi I'm FINALLY wrapping up Annie's victory tour and it should be up by the end of today.

    1. Okay I just posted it and ahhhh I'm so glad I got it done I feel like I've just given birth tbh

    2. Like, HOW MANY BOOKS DO WE HAVE AT THIS POINT? Agh. Tbh I'd actually love for Suzanne Collins to publish more books in the world of the Hunger Games. It would be amazing.

      EXACTLY. Let's just downgrade her to a pathetic teenage girl instead of the amazing strong heroine she could be.

      YAY! I can't wait to read it! I'll be sure to read it tomorrow, I don't think that I have time to read the whole thing right this second. I WILL THOUGH I PROMISE.

    3. No, I'm totally down for SC to write more, or even just for Lionsgate to make more movies. I NEED MORE HUNGER GAMES IN MY LIFE. But 39 Clues has escalated to a slightly embarrassing point…one that could've been fixed if they just made less but longer books…gosh what a concept…

      "Our audience obviously can't handle a heroine with serious issues…just make her hormones go nuts…yeah, that'll work"

      I just want feedback in general, so whenever you have time for it then I'll be happy to hear from you ( :

    4. It honestly has...ugh. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY PLEASE.

      "Perfect. No backlash will come from that whatsoever."