Saturday, May 7, 2016


So I decided, "Hmm. Maybe I'll check out Amazon's reviews for Hurricane, see what other people thought. This was basically the only negative review, (WHY??), but it kind of confused me.

Okay, first off, just because Nellie is punk doesn't mean she can't say "merely". Nellie Gomez is a very intelligent character, don't you dare discount that just because she likes metal music.

But my main reason for going, "Um, what the heck?" and publishing this is "Also, Amy and Ian are back together."

Did I miss something? Oops sorry must have missed the Amian when I was too busy reading about the Carian kiss.



  1. If Amy and Ian got together, Grace Anne would NOTICE.

    Had 39C ever had mature content? I guess depending on what's considered mature content…maybe the Carian kiss? It definitely felt inappropriate.

    I agree about the authors being all over the place but why use the Nellie thing as an example? What about the Hamilton thing, because that was way more out of character for him.

    Negative comments can be funny sometimes, honestly.

    1. I would notice and I would bake a cake and my life would finally be complete.

      Aside from *maybe* the end of the second series, no. The Carian kiss was very inappropriate. I'm violated. It needs to be censored. We should complain. HEY SCHOLASTIC! INAPPROPRO RIGHT HERE.

      No, Nellie's one of the only characters that I feel like hasn't been completely butchered. Hamilton made no sense at all. I'm pretending that it never happened.

      They really can be. I'm tempted to go through Amazon reviews of 39C and compile a list of negative reviews.

    2. Idk if you're planning on getting more negative reviews but if you do you should do it for DoD.

    3. I'm working my way backwards. DoD is going to get a whole post of its own. xD