Friday, July 31, 2015

Mission Hindenburg Live Blogging- Chapters 1-6

Disclaimer: This post WILL contain spoilers. If you haven't read the book yet, you may not want to read this post. Just wow. That was an...interesting six chapters.

First off- the Outcast killed Beatrice. WHY????????? Agh. Okay, yes, Beatrice has always been evil. An evil, nosy busybody who nobody liked. But did she really need to die??? She just wanted a normal life away from the Cahills. So I'm kind of ticked off that she died. 

What's happened so far is that the Outcast murdered Beatrice, and then he sent a blimp with a message for the Cahills. They realized that the blimp had a bomb on board, and managed to warn everyone before it blew up. This is much too low scale to be the Outcast's big disaster though, so they still have to figure out what that is. Right now, they've decided to head to Greece, because they think the disaster may have something to do with an airship race to space. At the end of the chapter, it was revealed that Hamilton has a boyfriend.

To be honest, I was a bit upset by this. I feel like it was completely out of character for Hamilton, and just kind of thrown in there. It really wasn't necessary. Also, these books are generally marketed towards children ages 9-12. A lot of kids that age are not aware of this type of lifestyle, and I don't think that it should have been written in, especially so close to the end. It was just kind of out of nowhere, and I really didn't like that. 

Time to read some more! Ahhhh, nerves!!!


  1. Yeah, I'm really curious to see how everyone's going to react to the Hamilton thing. I actually had to put my book down for a second and pick it back up because I was so momentarily confused. Hamilton never seemed gay or bisexual and then they just threw it in there so quickly I didn't have time to even think of whether I liked it or not. And I agree about it being so close to the end and everything… Plus, since there is so much controversy going on these days with the whole same sex marriage thing I didn't think it was all that appropriate.

    I don't want Hamilton to end up with Jonah, but I feel like that's what the authors are going to do. Every single person in the group doesn't need to be paired with someone. It's more realistic for most of them to just be friends with each other.

    I'm glad I don't ship Hamilton with Sinead. Some people are probably really shocked and trying to piece together their ship.

    I was surprised that Beatrice died, but I'd already known about it from reading the preview. I'm not angry, just shocked and a little sad. I never thought she would die since she was so cut-off from the family. To tell the truth though, I thought it was a good idea on London's part, to show how unnecessarily cruel the Outcast was. Ugh, my inner evil author is showing through.

    1. I feel like it was kind of thrown in just to add to the controversy. A lot of people are probably going to be upset by that. Dear Lord, if he ends up with Jonah, I will be BEYOND ticked...

      I feel awful for the Hamilton/Sinead shippers. They're probably 100% horrified.

      Oh, right. I never read more than the first two chapters of the preview, because I kind of wanted to be surprised when I read. I've got to agree though, it does really show the extent of the Outcast's ruthlessness/cruelty.

    2. For me, if anyone in the group were to be gay it would be Jonah, not Hamilton. It just doesn't seem like Hammy to me. And I really don't want Ham and Jonah together. One thing will say is this boyfriend of Hammy's had better be a decent guy or else….

    3. I just really can't see any of them being gay....

  2. Ridiculous! I cannot believe they put that in there! Argh! I will not be finishing this book nor the series and will be getting rid of all my copies. Unbelievable. So annoyed, heartbroken and frustrated.

    1. I totally understand- I'm extremely upset by this. I've always loved Hamilton, and this just breaks my heart. I can't bring myself to stop reading because of it though, these books have been such a big part of my life, that I just can't make myself give them up.