Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sinead: She's Back

~Mission Titanic


  1. I don't think it is, but I really hope that the whole "Nellie didn't trust her now" thing isn't foreshadowing. At this point if she betrays them again it'd just be stupid. She did all these things to get their trust back and then she hurts them again… I just don't think the readers would respond well to it, whether they liked Sinead or not

    I wish someone would've tried to find the Starlings. I hope that Amy at least tried to reach out to them. I didn't like how Baldacci made them get all buddy-buddy again, but she should have done SOMETHING.

    1. I don't could be foreshadowing, but to do that all AGAIN? It really would be stupid. Ugh.

      Yeah, I really can't see Amy not doing ANYTHING. The buddy-buddy thing was lame, but I don't think Sinead would just disappear without Amy looking for her. Then again, Amy tried to disappear, too...