Tuesday, July 28, 2015


So, as I told you all in my last blog post, I finally got a copy of Mission Hindenburg!!! I'm really excited to read it- we've been waiting for this new book for AGES! But at the same time...I'm kind of worried. There are only three books left. And there's so much that could go wrong...

I mean, for one thing, I'm really not familiar with C. Alexander Landon. I don't know if any of you are, but I'm not. And authors that I'm not familiar with make me worried. I really wish that it was someone that's written for us before. Just..from a predictability standpoint. I'd feel a bit better.

And then..I'm just scared for where the plot could go. I'm sure that people are going to die, and I don't want to lose my babies!!! Also, there's Cara. If she turns out to not be evil and ends up with Ian, so help me Lord, I will kill someone.

I don't want to watch my babies die. And I don't want to worry the entire time that their characterization is going to be messed up. This is just so stressful!!!!

Honestly, as much as I want to read this book, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to. I mean, I'll be able to. But it's totally freaking me out. I just have to devote an entire afternoon to it one day soon, alone in my room, where I can't scar my family with the emotional breakdown that is inevitable.

Are you all freaking out as much as I am? Please tell me I'm not the only one...

I'm also thinking of doing some live blogging as I read the book. Would anyone be interested in that? It would basically be me just typing up my thoughts as I read the book and then uploading them all to share my spazzing-out with you. Should I?

This is going to be interesting.


  1. Yeah I have no clue what the deal is with the three new authors-- I just really hope Sarwat Chadda knows what he's doing. He just seemed like he was taking the responsibility a little lighter than he should've been.

    I highly doubt they'll have Ian and Cara be together if she turns out to be evil. I'm more worried that she'll be the real April May and have no reason to turn against them and then we'll have someone we love turn into the double-crosser while Cara makes out with Ian in the corner. That's what I'm worried about. If a new girl is coming, she better come quick because we don't have much time left!

    I was going to read my book today but this morning I got really sick so I'm pretty much bedridden, and if I start now, then I won't be able to put the book down since there'd be nothing else to do. But my family is going on a trip tomorrow so I can fangirl while they're gone… The worst is when you're deep into the story and then they want you to come for dinner : /

    I was actually going to suggest you do a live blogging thing with this book! Just makes sure you tell us the chapter you're talking about so I don't spoil anything in case you end up finishing first. I'll be spazzing there with you!

    1. Exactly. This is important!!!! I really hope he does a good job....

      Well yeah, they wouldn't do that. I'm just worried that she won't be evil and Cara and Ian will be together and I'll cry for ten million years.

      Gosh, I'm sorry that you're sick! Hope you feel better. Ah, nice! Fangirling alone is fun xD UGH I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! I don't need food! I need answers!

      Hahaha, awesome!!! Yes, I'll have to specify so that no one reads spoilers and everything makes sense. Spazzing together!

    2. Yeah, I hate the pairing so much at this point. Ian just doesn't act truly happy when she's with him. Maybe he loved her or she loved him (or liked) in Unstoppable, but now I just think he's holding onto something that's not there, and she's either a hot mess or a traitor.

      Thanks, I'll probably feel better soon. When they do that it's just twenty painful minutes eating food you don't want, wondering what could possibly happen next.


      Another thing that worries me is this: people were angry about Unstoppable because of the drama and tension with everyone. They toned it down in MT, but there was still emotions, especially with Ian. But flipping through the book, I'm just not seeing any strong emotions, and I'm worried that London is just turning the characters into machines so that people can't judge him for giving them PTSD or stress. The emotions are what make the characters our babies! We love them for that, and if London takes that away, we'll just have action/research scenes with blank characters.

    3. Exactly! Maybe he THINKS he cares about her, but he's just kind of clinging to it since he's lost so many people.

      It's seriously the worst thing ever.

      Oh my gosh. I HATE books with just action scenes and no emotion. If London has done that.....agh. No no no. Character development is the best part!!

    4. Yeah, the fact that he's lost so many loved ones probably has a lot to do with his "love" for Cara. He's just clinging to that because he doesn't want to be alone anymore, like he was before Nowhere To Run (that must've been awful, living alone in England, waiting for something to happen with the Cahills so he'd have something to get his mind off of Natalie). It's really sad, but he needs to realize that while he needs someone to love, Cara is NOT THE PERSON.

      All my favorite books are ones with true, emotional characters that actually make me feel happy or sad depending on what's going on. You can have an amazing plot line and everything, but if your characters are just cookie-cutter people then the book is going to fail. It's okay for the characters to be traumatized or scared, too

    5. That's what I'm thinking. He doesn't want to be alone, so he's clinging onto the one person he thinks is actually right for him. BUT CARA ISN'T RIGHT FOR HIM.

      Exactly! I love the complicated characters who have real emotion. If London got rid of that....gosh. I hope he didn't pull a Baldacci.