Wednesday, July 15, 2015

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  1. Overall, I thought that the chapter with the ambush was kind of scattered and a bit hard to follow, but this segment was written in a really cool way. A lot of people dislike Natalie Standiford, but I thought for what point the series was at she did a pretty good job.

    1. It was pretty choppy and confusing. I liked this part though. Huh, I've actually always liked Natalie Standiford, I thought she did a good job with this book. I wish pony hadn't died, but overall I liked the book a lot.

    2. Well, most people just hate on Jeff Hirsch and Natalie Standiford because they were new authors, which isn't fair for them. Just because Baldacci couldn't write a decent novel doesn't mean they can't. I liked Natalie Standiford too. Even though Pony's death was horrible, it was still well-written.

    3. Ah, okay. No, that's definitely not fair. Baldacci was awful, but look at say, Margaret Peterson Haddix. She only wrote one book, but she did an amazing job! Yeah, his death was well written. Depressing! But well written.

    4. Yes! I so wish Margaret Peterson Haddix could write another one. So happy she brought the Starlings back into the mix.

    5. I wish she could too. She did SUCH a great job finishing off the series.