Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Ships That Never Sailed

Well, this is the last day of February, which means that my series on the different ships is coming to a close. I've really enjoyed writing about them this month. :)I've done the four that are the most common (Amian, Jamy, Evamy, and Carian), but I also wanted to spend a few minutes talking about the ships that never actually happened, but I always thought were cute. :)

Irina + Alistair = ?? Irinastair? I don't know! XD

This never really happened, but I always kind of thought it would be cute. These two people who had experienced so much tragedy in their lives, but yet still had that kindness, even if it was pretty deep down. They both really did care for Amy and Dan. They both also lost their lives just because they were Cahills, which I find exceptionally depressing. I loved both of these characters so much. I also think that they both had a respect for each other, because they had experienced so many of the same things. I don't know. I just always kind of liked it. :)

Pony + April May = ?? PonyMay?

Oh gosh, I LOVED this. Not going to lie, I shipped this so hard. I loved their little conversations together. Why did Natalie Standiford have to kill Pony? Why?? Agh. That made me so mad.. But really! The two most brilliant hackers in the world, they would have been really sweet together. *sigh*

Jonah (or Hamilton!)  + ?

I don't know, I always thought that Jonah and/or Hamilton should find girls. I want to ship them with someone! Then again, I'm EXTREMELY protective of these two, so if it's the wrong help me...

Amy + Kurt = IDK, Kamy?

Haha, I'm including this for my sister's benefit. After book seven, she loved these two together! I've got to admit, I wouldn't mind if they brought Kurt back, they were kind of cute together.

Sinead + Evan = ...not even trying I have no idea on a name for this one :P

I never like, LOVED this ship, just because Evan wasn't a favorite character of mine, and I mean, Sinead was a Vesper, soooooo. (Although don't get me wrong, I adore Sinead!) I just kind of thought that it might could work. (Y'know, if they hadn't KILLED Evan. -_-) I mean, the two super smart kids, it could be cute!

Nellie + Pony = ...again not even gonna try

Okay, this one wouldn't have worked, just because Nellie never liked Pony. But Pony REALLY seemed to like Nellie, and that was adorable, okay? Okay. Ah! I just realized that I never did Nellie and Sammy during Shipping Month! Y'all are going to have to forgive me, that post is going to happen in March. I just can't NOT cover them! They're adorable!!!

So, these are just a few random ships that I've thought of. Opinions? Who have you shipped?


  1. I saw some people shipping Jonah and/or Hamilton with Sinead, but I didn't think Jonah and Sinead ever talked to each other and Sinead still hates Hamilton's guts. I think if they became a couple they'd just be a mess. Plus, I don't think Sinead's going to date anyone anytime soon, not after Vesper One *shudder*

    1. Yeah, I never really shipped her with either of them. They didn't really fit. Too many boys and not enough girls in this series to match everyone up haha ;) Nope, I think she's going to stay single for a while...

  2. You could've called Sinead and Evan Seven. Haha, I don't know...

    1. Hahaha, that works! I know for a while people thought Evan was a Vesper, so together they're......V7! Lol that was really random sorry...

  3. I never thought Evan was a vesper, but I never thought Sinead was either. Whenever I started thinking it might be her, I'd remember that she saved the boys in Medusa Plot and go back to blaming someone else. When Evan found out it was her, I was just staring dumbly at the page like, "Why, Sinead, why?"

  4. Irina and Alistair (me and my friends call it 'Alina', which is quite cute <3) is just the cutest couple in the series -in my opinion XD I mean, they're so cute together... I believe Irina liked Alistair and vice versa, since it is hinted that Alistair cried after her death. The sad thing is, I think Irina never realized Alistair liked her... remember, one of her final thoughts were that he NEVER liked her....:( God, this is so sad...

    I support Pony and April, even if that means Pony is technically in love with Cara XD As for Jonah and Hammy... indeed, too much boys, too few girls to pair them with >w>

    I never really liked Amy and Kurt, mainly because I believed Nellie would be better with him, so I don't know^^;

    But Evan and Sinead is a must! Especially after Amy dumped the poor guy for stupid Jake! >w<

    Now may I suggest a crack!ship (fanmade and unofficial ships) here?
    Irina x William McIntyre (had actually written a fanfiction with them)
    Alistair x Nataliya aka NRR
    Nataliya x William
    Nataliya x Fiske (just so fluffy and adorable!)

    Idk, what do you think?

    1. Alina...that's adorable!!! Yes, I loved those two together. So sad. :( why did they both have to die??

      Agh, Pony and Cara...not quite sure how I feel about that! XD I wish there were some girls for Jonah and Ham!!

      Hmm, I never really thought of Nellie and Kurt. That would be cute!

      YES! Ugh. Jake. -_-

      Ooh, I like those!!

    2. I know right, so fluffy <3 indeed:( on the other hand, maybe it is good that they both died, so they can be together in the afterlife:)

      Idk, I don't think I would like it, but who knows XD Maybe it would be cool:) and yes, they need love too:(

      True it would, but Nellie and Sammy are also cuties:)

      I hate that guy XD Kill him with fire! XD


    3. True. Still, why do all of my favorites have to die???

      Yeah, not so sure about that one. THEY DO!!!! Agh. Come on authors, new characters, stat!!!


      YES! I totally agree. He's at the top of my "To Die" list XD

    4. Can you remind me who Nataliya is?

    5. .....well...jk!! I'm totally kidding haha ;)

      Nataliya is NRR from book 5, the Lucian double agent. She's Anastasia's daughter.

    6. Was she the one girl with the blood disorder?

    7. Yes, she was. I believe it was hemophilia?

    8. Oh yeah. She was cool for the short time she was there. Since she disappeared after the fifth book I don't ship her with anyone.

    9. Yeah, I've never shipped her with anyone either. Still, I'm not opposed to it!