Tuesday, February 10, 2015


So, if you saw this post, then you know that I'm making February the official shipping month! I decided that I would start off the month with talking about Evamy!

Amy Cahill + Evan Tolliver = Evamy

Now, this ship doesn't exactly exist anymore since....well, since Evan was killed in Day of Doom. (Curse you, Baldacci!!!) But I've got to say, this was one of the few ships that I didn't really mind. It wasn't my favorite, but I didn't loathe it with the same fervor as I loathe Jamy.

Now, I'm not going to lie, Evan wasn't really my favorite character. I don't know, he just wasn't...developed enough for my tastes. I love a character with a lot of layers, like Irina. However, this was probably partly due to the fact that BALDACCI KILLED HIM. We really didn't have a TON of time to get to know him. I really feel like they just killed Evan to get him out of the way. I mean, REALLY? Hmm, we have this love triangle..(really a love square, counting Ian. Is that a thing? A love square?) I KNOW! Let's just kill off the innocent nerdy guy and leave the arrogant jock with Amy! That works! Um, no.

I feel like Evan really cared about Amy, and that was the one thing I liked about him. When he finds out the truth about his girlfriend's crazy life, he doesn't run from it or desert her. He runs in to do whatever he can, and ends up sacrificing his life over this. That's another thing I like better about him than Jake. True, Jake also tried to help. But he didn't do it JUST for her. I also think that it's really hard for there to be a relationship between a Cahill and a non-Cahill. As much as the non-Cahill tries, they never can really understand what it's like to be a Cahill. That being said, I feel like Evan tried harder. Jake can't understand what it's like for Amy, and in my opinion, he never really tried to.

I also felt like Evamy was a pretty realistic representation of a teenage relationship. The two nerdy kids, really cute together, but not like, insanely mushy and romantic. They study together, get coffee together, text and video chat, etc. I liked that. It was more realistic than Jamy. I mean, that whole scene with Jake and Amy in the closet? Agh. I like romance, but really. Gag me. That's partially Baldacci's fault, and I realize that, but I also think that the plot should just have been totally different.

Honestly, I just think that Evamy made for a great friendship, not so much a relationship. I can't quite see them together permanently, but I think that they would work really well just as best friends, nothing more. I think that it's assumed too much that guys and girls have to be in a relationship, and they really don't. They can just be great friends. I have some great guy friends, but I wouldn't want to date them or anything. That's how I consider Amy and Evan. If he had lived, I would have loved to see that relationship evolve from being boyfriend and girlfriend to being just friends, and totally cool with it. That would have been so cool to watch, and I'm really disappointed that Evan was killed before we could see what happened with Evamy. 

So, that's my opinion on Evamy! What did you think of Evamy? I'd love to hear some new opinions down in the comments section!! :):):)


  1. Yeah they would've made good friends. And maybe they could've even stayed friends if he was alive after DoD, but he's NOT. Ergh.

    1. EXACTLY!!! Ugh. Why, Baldacci, why??

    2. Me and my friend were talking the other day and I was talking about how horribly messed up DoD was, and I said "Uh Baldacci!" and she was like who names there child Ball?
      Wow that was random…
      But I want to slap Baldacci with a fish.

    3. Haha! That is the best. Yep, slap him with a fish. That would be fun...