Saturday, April 11, 2015

Story Time...

Come on everyone, gather round. It's story time!

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Grace Anne. And Grace Anne was an insane fangirl who ran a blog. But she was also...dun dun dun. A theatre kid.

And everyone knows that theatre kids have no spare time. Spare time? What's that? So, since Grace Anne ran a blog but had no time, she thought, "I know! I'll schedule these posts waaaaay ahead of time, and then I won't have to stress! I won't even have to log onto Blogger for these next few busy days."

Theatre kids obviously don't think about the fact that they are technologically challenged.

So, Grace Anne innocently scheduled her posts, and then went on with her busy life. What she didn't realize was that the evil Technology Demons stopped her posts from going out. And so one day, she logs back on and sees that she hasn't done a quote in four days.

Grace Anne was none too pleased.

So, she then wrote a post explaining all of this to her lovely blog readers, and promised that her quotes would resume the next day, after she had regained a tiny bit of sanity.

And she lived happily ever after! (Until the next tech issue).

The End


  1. Haha I can relate…
    Are you in a play or are you doing a dance performance or something? I did a few plays when I was little, but we ran out of time so i had to stop :(

    1. Yeah, my sister is in a play and I'm helping out. So that's why I haven't been here! :P

    2. Plays are a crazy amount of work… hope things go well!!

  2. owo I get it XD Nice little story though, reminds me of my favorite anime:)