Sunday, April 19, 2015


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HECK TO THE NO!!! YOU DO NOT GO THERE!!! THIS IS HORRIBLE!!!! YOU MONSTER!!! My sister actually said something along these lines once, and I just glared at her.....YOU DON'T DO THAT


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  2. Ignore the comment above I was using the home computer because my sister wouldn't give me the laptop and I forgot that I was logged on to my mom's account.

    Wow, I can feel Amian rage radiating out of this post…

    When I first saw Frozen I totally shipped Hans and Anna, but then…. Kristoff is better anyway.

    1. Ah okay, that makes sense.

      Haha oops... The Amian rage is strong..

      So did I!!! But at the same time I was like, there's got to be something wrong with this guy! I actually thought Hans and Elsa would end up together.

    2. Moral of the story: don't get engaged to someone you just met.

      In the end though I'll admit that Anna and Kristoff were adorable, but my all-time favorite Disney couple is still Rapunzel and Flynn.

    3. Oh, and I totally get the rage thing. After Breakaway I was scarred.

    4. YES!! RAPUNZEL AND FLYNN ALL THE WAY! Cutest. Couple. Ever.

      I can imagine. All of the ships have experienced the pain. Except for Carians, they've had it easy. :P

    5. SHE HITS HIM WITH A FRYING PAN! How can you not love that amazing couple?

      Oh but its only just the beginning….

      The obscure ships like Namy and Cake are probably in the most pain. I can only imagine their reactions to each book:"THEY WERE IN THE SAME ROOM FOR 3 SECONDS, MY SHIPS STILL A-SAILING!"

    6. Oh I just reread your comment and realized you said Elsa instead of Anna. I TOTALLY THOUGHT THE SAME THING! I even said that to my sister but she didn't believe me.


      It is. They will feel our pain.

      Haha, yes!!! "They looked at each other! It's true love!"

      YES! I was like, this is Disney, surely Hans will end up with SOMEBODY.

    8. Sometimes I look at people who say their Namy or something like that and think, "What lead you to this? Why are you putting yourself through this pain?"

      It would've been so cute to see a fun-loving Hans thaw Elsa's heart! But then again, he isn't all that fun-loving. He probably doesn't even like sandwiches.

    9. Exactly! They have issues.

      Nope. Or chocolate.