Monday, September 7, 2015

It's My Blogaversary!!

Oh my gosh- I can't believe that I've actually been blogging here on Crazy For 39 Clues for an entire year!! That's so weird. It doesn't feel like I've been doing it that long. I really decided to set it up on the spur of the moment, and the fact that it's grown this much is crazy.

It's been so much fun though, and I've absolutely adored it. Coming up with crazy theories, doing the quotes, writing reviews (I still need to write an official Mission Hindenburg review...), and obsessing over Amian, of course! ;) *sob* maybe one dayyyyyyy

Thank you so much to everyone who's read this crazy fangirling blog of mine. Honestly, when I started it, I really figured that I wouldn't actually get views, and it would just be me ranting about obscure 39 Clues things. The fact that you all actually read this makes me so happy!

Thank you to the people who comment on all of my posts, I seriously love theorizing and ranting with you! Getting comments absolutely makes my day. :) It's so much fun!!

Over this last year, I've had over 12,000 views, which is seriously mind blowing. Thank you all so much!!!

This has been such a fabulous experience, I just love blogging so much. I'm really excited for another year of blogging here- it's so weird to think that a year from now, the series will be over. I'm not ready for that, guys!!! I'll still be blogging though, I'm sure. Seeing as Amian will most likely not work out, I have to have somewhere to sob! I'm currently planning some future posts, and I'm excited about those- stay tuned!!

Here's to another fabulous year!


  1. Happy Blogaversary! Yeah I feel like if I ever made a blog it'd kind of just hang out in the corners of cyberspace and no one would ever acknowledge it's existence. But it's great that you've gotten 12,000 views!

    Well, seeing how far the spacing between books has been getting we might have more than a year. (Like seriously, JANUARY?). I'm almost kind of grateful for that though.

    Excited for future posts!

    1. Haha, I can totally understand that feeling! Thank you!!!

      Hahaha true xD I'm really glad we have lots of time though, I'm going to be super sad when this all ends. :/

      Thank you!!!!!!!!! So am I:)

  2. Who-hoo! Congratulations Grace-Ann! It's a pleasure fangirling with you through this awesome blog! May it gets more and more followers!:)

    It's seriously an awesome blog and your posts are the best ;) Keep up the wonderful job!:)

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Katja!!! You're the best:)

    2. Your welcome :) aww what are ya saying, YOU are the best ;)