Friday, September 11, 2015


~Mission Titanic

I still want to hear more about Sinead...


  1. I want to hear more too! She was the only female Ekat to make it through the gauntlet (and she would've been the only Ekat if she hadn't saved Alistair) and she deserves more recognition! The fandom was mad at her when she betrayed them, but I think almost everyone wanted to hear more about what happened to her. And I want to know more about her relationship with her brothers, and how V1 got her to join the Vespers and how she dealt with the guilt afterwards.

    When Ted said Sinead would hardly get out of bed each day, that seriously broke my heart.

    1. So do I! I'd kind of love a book just from Sinead's perspective, to see what she's been up to. It would be really interesting!!

      Gosh, that part broke my heart too.,,

    2. -_- those were supposed to be periods, not commas...

    3. Yes! That would be perfect.

      Like, no Sinead you ARE a good person stop being sad.

      Haha I know that feeling. I've edited my story I think at least five times, so I'm no stranger to typos. I'm actually doing another big edit for it now. The last rejection hit me kind of hard (which is weird, because usually the rejects don't bother me that much) so I'm editing again and when I'm finished I'm going to try to get a professional editor.

    4. It would!! I want to hear more about her gah.

      Typos are so annoying.. Oh, awesome! I'm so sorry about that rejection :/ That's great that you're getting a professional editor!