Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Quotes Are Back!!!

That's right, it's September 1st, and that means.....the quotes are back!!!!! I have to say, I've missed doing them. My obsession with quotes of any kind is eternal....

Anyways, I figured that I'd start with a quote from the most recent 39C book, Mission Hindenburg!

~Mission Hindenburg

*sigh* I was really frustrated by how many times in this book Ian would get upset with Amy over leadership issues. They were doing so well in Mission Titanic!!! Meh.

On a separate note, I've realized that Google Docs has some seriously awesome fonts, and I'm really happy about that now xD Different looks for the quotes!!!!


  1. Omg you're back! *is happy*

    Mmm although I'm not an Amian fan I'm quite interested to see what's gonna happen in the end o.o on one hand, it doesn't seem possible that they'll keep Cara... On the other, I don't think they have enough time to reasonably pull Amy and Ian together again... I dunno XD

    Could the next quote be an Alek quote? Pleeeeaaase! *does puppy eyes* I just need to find more about him! O3O

    1. Yes, I'm back!!!! :)

      I can't wait to see how all of this ends. Right now, I don't see it ending well though. xD I don't see how they could keep Cara, which is definitely good. But I don't see how Amy and Ian have enough time either. And it would just be sad if Ian was all alone forever. Although I'd rather have him alone than with Cara...maybe they'll do an epilogue of some sort?

      Haha, I might could work something out... ;)

    2. Really though, I don't really care who Ian ends up with... okay, I do care a little but, as long as he's happy with whatever girl he choses, I am happy too:) I want all the characters (at least most of them) to end up happy, even if this means that my OTP won't last xD If Ian ends up with Amy and is happy with it, I am fine too:) if Ian ends up with Cara and is happy with her, I am also fine:) all I want is him to be happy^^

      But the epilogue idea is sort of interesting.... o.o

      Yay, thank you!^v^

    3. Yeah, I want Ian to be happy, too. I just REALLY pray it's' not Cara.....ugh...

      I'd love an epilogue!!!

  2. I loved this quote. Perfect representation of Ian and Amy's relationship at the moment, with the whole leadership drama. They were doing great in MT! This time though, to be honest, I almost felt like it was more Ian causing the drama than Amy. Like, he just got angry really quickly. I guess whoever the leader just gets really worked up, whether it's Amy or Ian.

    1. *sigh* I think that the leaders need some stress relief...THEY WERE DOING SO WELL!!!! Thanks, London...

    2. I didn't like the characterization in Sky On Fire in general. Jude did pretty well just because of experience with the characters, which is why they shouldn't have hired new people. My biggest qualms were: Hamilton being gay because what the heck that's not Hamilton; Ian having freakout explosions out of blue when usually he just gets chilly and stiff towards everyone; Dan being serious and also not…did you feel like Dan's personality was confusing in that book? Cause to me it didn't make much sense. Like, we've seen his extremely goofy side, and his dark, PTSD-infused side too, and what we got didn't feel like either of them. And then Amy didn't really do much in this book, I felt like, just kind of argued with Ian. And Cara was insufferable as usual, but then she pulled the "I'd do anything for Ian" speech out of nowhere.

      But really, the things London did were a far throw what Baldacci did. The fandom has never been lower than after DoD, and I don't think it's possible to get any lower after that.

      Sorry this is so long. Since my brain has kind of lost the excitement of getting the new book I'm getting more critical of it (when DoD first came out, I actually LIKED it. That was how excited I was)

    3. The characterization really bugged me. I mean, Hamilton- no. Just no. I hated that. THAT'S WHAT'S BEEN BOTHERING ME ABOUT IAN IN THAT BOOK!!!! Ian exploding just DOESN'T happen. I don't even really remember that ever happening, except maybe a bit in series one when he was a spoiled brat. Usually he just stops talking and shuts down totally. Dan....Dan was weird. He wasn't himself at all. He was kind of...bland, and almost a bit too much like Amy. And Amy was just there to cause tension, in my opinion. Cara was horrible, she was just there to make me gag the entire book. -_-

      DoD was the rock bottom. I would say this is a close second though.

      Haha, I can't blame you. That's kind of why I haven't been blogging as much, I'm just worn out from this past book. I don't even know what to say at this point xD

    4. I'm really curious to see how people are reacting to Hamilton. I'm sure that there'll be some people who'll be super happy because they're all for gay rights and stuff but then there's the people that aren't, and then hopefully there'll be people who dislike it because it's not Hamilton. Now that I really think about it, Ian was one of the reasons why this book fell flat. He just didn't act like Ian! His stormy attitude is one of the reasons why I like him (I'm kind of like that when I get mad, just shutting up and being angry haha), and this time he was like a short-fused toddler. *gasps* CARA'S RUBBING OFF ON HIM OMG NO.

      I liked how Dan was being smart and coming up with ideas, but I think London went a little too far with it. It lessened Amy's role in the story, you're right.

      *sighs and remembers the days when Cara didn't annoy the crap out of me*

      Me too. We told those authors not to use new authors…but did they listen? No, they did not. I know it's not 39 Clues related but have you gotten a chance to read the Hunger Games yet? (none of my friends have ever read the books I give to them, so I'm excited to know what you think about it)

    5. Yeah, hopefully people will realize that it's just not Hamilton, and that wasn't a good decision. He didn't! I kind of liked how he would always get super cold when he was angry, and he lost that in this book. He really wasn't himself at all. That's partially what's been bugging me, haha! *gasp* YOU'RE RIGHT NO NO NO NO OMG NO

      Yeah, it was good, but it was kind of like he gave all of Amy's good characteristics to Dan, and there wasn't anything for Amy to do. Making Dan smart is definitely good, but they have to develop Amy as well.

      New authors....no no no. *sigh* We tried to warn them.. I actually just finished the first book!! I loved it!

    6. Really, I'm not even blaming London that much for this book. I mean, the action was okay and everything, and the main reasons why we don't like the book is because he didn't show the character's qualities, mostly because he doesn't know the characters like the fans and the previous authors do. But he could've done more research I guess….okay, I do blame him.

      The Carian is frustrating me so much right now. The relationship isn't a functional one. Cara's not mature enough for Ian, and she's so demanding that Ian ends up caving to almost everything she wants and now her horrible, bratty attitude is rubbing off on him. And all their relationship is based off of is the fact that they have evil parents! I'm still hoping for the Cara's not April May theory, but at this point in the series I'm not sure that's going to happen, unless that's a big revelation in the last book.

      Amy basically got smushed.

      Yay! The second book is pretty widely known as the best one of the series, so hopefully you like that one too! Who's your favorite character (alive or dead)?

    7. See, that's why I blame him. He could have done more research to try to really get to know the characters. I get so frustrated by bad characterization...

      I don't know where it's going to go at this point. I'm just super frustrated in general. I really want there to be that revelation, but at this point I don't really expect it. I makes so much sense though.... She's just a really annoying character in general. She's too immature and she's changing him a bit. I don't like it. I'm hoping his change is just London, not her..

      She did, she really did.

      I really like Cinna! I'm sure he'll die, but I really love him. :)

    8. If a fan got to write the story they'd be spot-on with characterization. But if I fan wrote the story it'd probably end up as a Carian because apparently everyone in the fandom has lost respect for Amy now that she's with Jake :/

      Ah, yes, I love Cinna! He plays a pretty big part in Catching Fire so definitely read that one next? Who was your favorite tribute?

    9. Ugh. I feel like at some point I'm just going to rewrite several books on my own....

      Ooh, yay!! I'm excited!! Hmm...I really loved Rue