Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Funny Story..

So, I just realized that I never told y'all this story, and I thought that it might entertain you! xD 

I'll start back at the beginning. The day that I read Mission Hindenburg, I saw something online where someone was upset with the identity of the Outcast. At the time, it didn't really faze me, I just went on with my life.

Then, later that afternoon, I was reading Mission Hindenburg. I left my room for a few minutes to get some food, and when I came back, I accidentally saw the back panel. 

I didn't read the actual letter, but one name flashed before my eyes.


And often, the letter at the back of the book is from a villain. So when I saw her name, a character that I loved dearly but had died, I kind of flipped out. Basically, I was thinking that Irina wasn't dead, and she was the Outcast.

Later, I found out that the letter was just her version of a will to Alek. But at the time....oh gosh. I was absolutely freaking out.

Wouldn't it have been crazy if Irina had been the Outcast? I've got to admit, that would have been a really cool plot twist. I would have absolutely died...but it would have been super cool!! That would have been probably the most shocking plot twist in the books. 

So anyways, I just thought that you all might be interested in the story of how I pretty much almost died. 


  1. Αaa I can feel you xD although I don't think Irina could have been the Outcast, that would just be the hugest plot twist! (Also: I have internet connection once again, so I'll comment a lot! :) )

    1. Yeah, that would have been waaaaay too far-fetched xD Yay, internet!!!! :)