Saturday, August 15, 2015

She's Killing Me

My little sister (not the Amian one) has this thing where she adores to come up with all of these horrible endings to Amian. I'm pretty sure that it's just a hobby of hers. We'll just be eating dinner or something perfectly normal when she'll say something like, "Hey! What if Ian fell off of a cliff??" "Maybe in the last series Amy will die!!!" It's not exactly comforting.

Tonight we were having dinner, when she decides to come up with a whole new Amian scenario. And I quote-

"So, they're on an airplane, and all of a sudden, Ian and Amy stand up. And Ian's like, "Oh, Amy. I'm on the Vespers side." And then he opens up the airplane window and says, "You are lovely." And then he pushes her down to her death."

^^That is an exact quote. *facepalm*

Keep in mind that she has never read the series, and the only reason that she knows about Amian and Lovely are because I've ranted so much. So basically, she knows nothing, yet she's still torturing me. Great.


  1. I'm laughing so hard! How old is your sister? She sounds a lot like mine. I read the first chapter of Maze Of Bones to my sister but she didn't understand any of it. So I just told her all my Jamy woes (this was right after Breakaway, so there was a lot) and stuff about my favorite characters. But she confused the word "romantic" with "violent" so whenever I mentioned anything between Jake and Amy she went, "Oh, how violent." In this big dramatic voice. I think my parents were concerned that I was reading her The Hunger Games or something. *I might've told you this before, but I have such a bad memory when it comes to these things, so I apologize*

    1. Haha! You can tell she really loves me. xD She's quite a bit younger than me. She's smart, so she would understand the 39 Clues, but I'm making her wait for a while because of the intensity. Awh! That's adorable! Violent..xD That's amazing. Hahaha, I can't blame them for being concerned after hearing that...

    2. My sister's grown up some since then, so she'd probably understand it on her own, but I firmly believe that T39C series should be more marketed towards preteen-teen ages. Innocent people get killed, and I don't think third graders are old enough to read that in a mature enough way. My sis came downstairs to both my parents and just said, "Abby's books are sooooo violent." and I was just giving her facial expressions like, "Hush, child, stop talking"

    3. Exactly. They should NOT be marketed as kids books. It would upset a lot of kids that age. Hahaha, oh my gosh. I hate it when siblings do that xD