Sunday, August 2, 2015

How The Series SHOULD End

I have this mini fanfiction running through my mind of how the series should end. Let's face it- it needs to be fabulous!


*Cara reveals her evil traitorous nature*

Ian: Cara?? You're with HIM?? How could you? You are the most despicable, disgusting, low down human being that I've ever met. You, Cara Pierce, are lower than the creator of the Croc.

Jonah: *walks over to Cara and shoves her down* "Not cool, dude. Not cool. Hit it, Ames!!!"

Amy: *struts in with a microphone* "I knew you were trouble when you walked iiiiiin! Now you're lying on the cold hard ground! Oh!"


Because in my mind, I Knew You Were Trouble is Cara's theme song. Hopefully, she ends up lying on the cold hard ground!

(Yes, I'm aware of the stupidity of this post. But I was more than a bit exhausted when I wrote this and I have major Cara bitterness. Soooooooo thus the stupid post. Which I more than likely will delete later when I'm a bit more sane.)

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