Friday, August 14, 2015

Book 4 Theories

There are a lot of theories going around online as to what the fourth and final disaster is going to be. I actually read somewhere online that the fourth book is going to be named Mission 39, although I haven't seen that confirmed.

There's one theory that each disaster is going to be 32 years apart. That would place the fourth disaster happening in 2008. In 2008, the Clue Hunt was going on. It's possible that the final disaster could involve the serum (please no), or the Outcast could create his own disaster that would pit all of the Cahills against each other once again.

As for Mission Hurricane, the third book, one possibility is that the disaster won't have anything to do with an actual hurricane, but a mistake that was made in the aftermath of the hurricane. Didn't the Outcast say something at one point about always being able to rely on human stupidity? I'm pretty sure that he's not going the whole natural-disaster weather machine route. He seems like too cool of a villain. Let's face it, V1 was a nutjob...

I don't know. There are a number of different ways that that could go. I think that we'll be able to formulate better theories once we have more information on Mission Hurricane. What do you think?


  1. Ahhh thank goodness Hurricane isn't about a weather catastrophe! I was totally into V1's character as a villain up until Day Of Doom. Then I was sitting there rubbing my head because he just sounded like complete idiot (and possibly suicidal. After five+ chapters of explaining the sciences of the machine, I still don't understand how he was going to survive if it got turned on)

    I kind of like the Mission 39 title. It's like bringing everything back to roots of the series- the 39 Clues. But if it's not that I'll be okay. Still don't like the whole "Mission this, mission that" thing, but what can you do.

    I wouldn't mind him using the serum to pit the family against one another, so long as he doesn't start drinking it. The serum kills you people. You guys are Cahills- you should've figured this out by now. Honestly, at this point my main hope is that the last book will be long. But the last book in each series have been getting progressively shorter- Flashpoint was only 224. We need something longer than that.

    1. Gosh, another weather disaster would be awful. I loved V1 too, until then. I mean, he was SO stupid!!! I never understood that either. What's the point of destroying Chicago if you die in the process? Although wasn't he supposed to start it and then leave or something? I can't remember if I ever understood it or not.

      I'd actually kind of love it if they titled it Mission 39. It kind of ties everything together, bringing it back to the beginning. Everything would come full circle.

      As long as no one drinks the serum, I don't care. Maybe he could spread rumors between branches that so and so was making the serum again, or so and so was holding out on telling someone something, etc. Make everyone confused and not trusting each other. That would be cool. I REALLY want a nice, looooong book. That would be incredible.

    2. And I feel like we didn't get to know his back story or personality, really. Like, villains usually have even better backstories than the main characters. Something made them go down the path they did, and with V1, it was just the fact that he was born a Vesper and they could've made that a way bigger thing. I also felt kind of cheated out of a Sinead/V1 story. I mean, I hate them together but the way Ted explained it it seemed like they might've had something, and I still want to know if Sinead was just using him or if she actually grew to care about him before she left the Vespers. I just want details on him, and all we got were his lame psycho ramblings.

      Yeah, the more I hear it, the more I like it.

      The Outcast seems to be doing something with the Ekat and Lucian branches so far. I get the feeling that he's trying to get the Ekats to come out on top (darn you, Ekats, always betraying or trying to get more power), and I feel like he's manipulating the Lucians. We've heard practically nothing about the Tomas and Janus branch, so not sure what's going to happen with them, but I definitely feel like the Outcast is controlling the branches more than Ian or Amy did (like, suffocating control) and he'll easily be able to manipulate them into getting into more serum troubles.

    3. YES YES YES. I love villain backstories. What made them turn evil? And a Sinead/V1 thing would have been absolutely awesome. I'm sure that there were some feelings there. Ugh, the psycho ramblings...those were so annoying! Earth to Baldacci- no one wants to hear that.

      Yeah, the Outcast is definitely manipulating the branches, and he seems to be focusing on the Ekats and Lucians. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Lucians have always kind of been the powerful branch, and now he wants the Ekats in that position.

    4. Yeah, for all we know V1 was just dropped on his head as a baby. We should know more.

      I think she did have some feelings for him. It was hinted a lot, like when Ted said she might've liked him and when Jake said, "Nice communication you've been having with One" or something like that. Plus if there wasn't anything between them I think Sinead would've gotten it through her head that they weren't going to spare Ted or share the serum and left them sooner. I think at that point, Sinead was kind of desperate for someone to love her because she felt drowned in responsibility and realized that no one in the Cahill family could ease that burden. Maybe she wouldn't have gone to the Vespers if her parents weren't such sucky parents, leaving two disabled sons to fend for themselves…

      Yeah, the Lucians have been at the top since the beginning. Maybe Tomas and Janus branches will team up in the last book and rebel against the Outcast because they feel like the Ekats have too much power.

    5. I'm okay with psycho ramblings-- but the right kind of psycho ramblings. V1 just seemed like an arrogant, rebellious teen.

    6. Yep. He really didn't seem to be a smart villain at all. :P