Saturday, August 8, 2015

Thought Process

Author 1: Hey, you know what we should do?

Author 2: What?

Author 1: We should create this really awesome ship that 90% of the fandom will love, and then crush said ship within the same book.

Author 2: Ooh, great idea! And then we should tease them with it for the next seven books, but never go into it any more ever again.

Author 1: I love it! And then, in our second series, the girl will have a new boyfriend, and the first boy will be all alone.

Author 2: Perfect! But then, we should bring in yet another boy to divide the fandom up even more, and have the girl cheat on her boyfriend with new boy.

Author 1: But...what will we do about the boyfriend?

Author 2: Oh, we'll just kill him.

Author 1: PERFECT! But let's throw in some tiny moments with the first boy every now and then, just to drive the readers crazy.

Author 2: Sounds perfect. And then, we'll bring in a new girl for the original boy that the majority of the fandom will hate, to further crush everyone's souls.

Author 1: Love it!

*high five*

*fans cry*

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