Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to School!

Hey, everybody!

Gosh, has it seriously been a week since I posted on here? Bad blogger award, I know... Sorry about that. School has officially started up for me and I've been super busy. Can I please be done with school now? *sigh* Honestly, it's been going well so far though, so I'm happy. Haha, now I just have to keep up with blogging! (Which I WILL do!! I swear!!)

Small announcement, I'm going to start back the daily quotes on September 1st, so stay tuned for that! I really could just start them now, but I'm weird about when I start things haha. I may be a *teensy* bit OCD...


Anyway, I was thinking- it's kind of funny to think about the Cahills' reactions to going back to school.....

Amy would be thrilled, and would be the girl that signs up for all of the super advanced courses, does everything honors and AP. She would probably have a countdown to when school started! She'd probably also be freaking out, hoping that maybe this would be the year she could ACTUALLY be a normal high school student and just go to school. 

Dan would be your typical teenage boy, looking forward to school about as much as a dentist's appointment. He would be constantly fighting with Amy about going school supply shopping, and would give her as hard of a time as possible. But let's face it he does that about everything.....

Ian would be trying to convince Amy that he would be much more efficient doing school online, but she would insist that it would be a "good experience" for him to go to an American public school. Ian would hate the idea of going to school with "Common Americans". He'd much rather just avoid people. Does this make me Ian?

Jonah wouldn't go to regular school, because let's face it, he would be mobbed constantly. It just wouldn't work. He'd probably do online school from the Attleboro base, and would rub it in Ian's face at every possible opportunity.

Nellie would worry, of course. She would be panicky about her kiddos going out and doing normal things. After all, anyone could be an enemy. But she would also be excited about going back to school and taking cooking classes. Plus, less time taking care of the kiddos means more coffee dates with Sammy. ;)

Hamilton would be thrilled for a break from being Jonah's bodyguard for a few hours every day, and would immediately join every sports club that he could. He would also probably scare off a lot of kids in the process. xD


How do you feel about school starting?


  1. Ugh, nooooo. I just had my orientation day and found out I don't have any classes with my best friend, so I'm not looking forward to this year. Plus I don't have any school supplies, haven't gone back to school shopping, need to get my crap together…

    Amy and I cannot relate to each other at the moment. While I'm glad to be seeing people other than my family each day, I'm not at all ready to go back to schoolwork.

    Dan would probably go back to school shopping and convince Amy to buy, like, glitter glue and other random stuff that is in the "Back To School" aisle but is never needed in school.

    Oh, this definitely makes me Ian. Though I think I'd hate doing school online. Learning is so much better when you have your friends there with you- you know, so you can moan about the work and the teacher's methods and stupid school rules together.

    Oh, I'd love to see Jonah and Ian getting into a fight over that!

    More dates with Sammy could lead to an engagement, so GO TO SCHOOL CAHILLS AND LEAVE YOUR AU PAIR ALONE.

    "Holt, tell your kid to stop beating up my kid" "This is football, live with it"

    Cara would probably be that one girl that thinks she's always right, and thinks that she's really good friends with the teacher and everyone else but in reality everyone hates her and rejoices when she's not at school.

    1. Aw, that stinks :( I'm sorry. Haha, I didn't even go back to school shopping this year...I'm kind of pathetic. xD I just reused everything from last year.

      Nope. I can't relate to Amy at all haha. I don't even mind being home all the time. I'm such an introvert, haha!

      Oh my gosh, he totally would. Glitter glue, those erasers that are super cool but never actually work, a million funny folders that he'll never need and will tear super easy, etc.

      Yeah, true. I actually take a few classes online though, and I kind of love it. I also take a few classes elsewhere, so I still get to moan about everything with friends- it works out xD

      So would I! It would be hilarious!!

      OKAY CAHILLS, THAT'S IT. GET OUT. WE NEED A WEDDING. If Nellie and Sammy don't get engaged by the end of the series, I will be very bitter...

      "Get used to it. Ham, go toughen that kid up."

      Oh my gosh. That would definitely be Cara. I couldn't figure out how to categorize her, so I just skipped her haha. I hate girls like that xD