Monday, June 22, 2015

A Quote A Day

~Into The Gauntlet

This part was so intense. I really liked how Into The Gauntlet was written..


  1. Okay, thats cool, just rip my heart out… jk but Sinead Starling honestly has a horrible time in this series. Like, she's just trying to help her brothers, but she gets caught up with the Vespers, and then turns herself into an outcast because she's too ashamed to face any of them.

    Also, has anyone ever heard from their parents? I know the Starlings are supposed to be older than Amy and Ian and that group, but still. The only time any of their close family members are mentioned is when Beatrice brings up Denise Starling, who didn't seem to be all that great of a person anyway. It seems like Sinead has kind of been running her close family on her own, which sucks.

    1. She really does have an awful time. It's pretty terrible if you really think about it. This passage in particular killed me.

      I don't know. I mean, they were only a year or two older, right? Yeah, they never mentioned parents or anything, at least not that I'm aware of. It's kind of bizarre. You'd think if they were dead or something, that would at least be mentioned.

    2. Yeah Beatrice said something about there being a Denise Starling, sister to Deborah Starling, but she was never mentioned again. Maybe their parents gave up on them after the explosion in the Clue Hunt, because they were super dedicated Ekats that were too disappointed in them or something. And if they didn't give up on them then, they probably did when Sinead joined the Vespers. I think in the current series they're 19 like Jake. So I don't think the parents are dead, I just think they don't care enough about them and thats why Sinead is always trying to fix things herself because her parents weren't there to do those things for her.

    3. Right. Hmmm...that's a cool theory. You're probably right. That's sad though, that her parents were never there.